Wednesday, July 9, 2014

DIY Nail polish tips to Stop manicurist Expenses: Infographics

Now no need to waste time and money on a manicurist! Here’s an infographic showing how to make your nails look professionally painted at home.

It can be quite irritating to visit your manicurist week after week just to polish and paint your nails. But you don’t need to spend a fortune and time in beauty salons to make your nails look fabulous. You can now give your nails the same professional effect at home! Madeline Poole, a NYC based popular nail artist, has revealed her special technique for making do-it-yourself polish look totally professional. For easy understanding, an infographic has been created in which Miss Poole’s method is broken down into simple steps. So check out the infographic given below to learn how to paint your nails at home, without making a mess.

Infographic showing how to paint nails

Madeline Poole is a very popular nail artist from Los Angeles who is known for creating hot and exclusive nail looks for a number of boldface ladies ranging from Michelle Williams and Chloe Sevigny to Miley Cyrus. In an interview with Refinery29 (an American-based fashion and style website), Madeline Poole pointed out that although many women may covet for the eye-catching nail arts worn by celebrities, getting that look without going for a professional manicure can be a bit tricky. The polish may dry prematurely, spread everywhere or simply it may lack a finished look. She further explained that the nail polish is a tricky substance. It dries out rapidly and so it tends to get goopy if you mess around with it for too long.

The technique used by Miss Poole involves even distribution of polish and avoid drying out the brush. The first step is of course to file your nails. Miss Poole recommends filing the nail in one direction with a foam nail file so as to avoid feathering. Next, she suggests applying softener before gently pushing back the cuticles and buffing the nail. Then comes the trickiest part: the brush stroke. Her advice is to go for three strokes in a single direction - first paint a strip in the middle and then one on each side. And to make your nails look picture perfect, she says that dipping an angled brush in nail polish remover and tracing the edge of your cuticle can help remove any excess polish before the final step i.e. application of a clear top coat to pull everything together.

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