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How to get rid of dark lips naturally?

Don’t get embarrassed of your dark lips; you can get your rosy lips back again by applying selected home remedies given below. It contains everything from lip-scrubs, lip-serums, lip-packs to improve the lush and feel of your lips.

Natural is natural, after all. You may apply lip balms or lipsticks regularly to look lips luscious and healthy, but healthy pink lips have their own charisma. People may dress up good, have beautiful eyes, attractive face, and a good sense of humor…everything; but unfortunately, they are cursed with dark lips. Beauty is incomplete without rosy lips; as they add glamour to the face and make your smile even more beautiful. Dark lips become a common problem. Many people frustrate you by pointing out for dark lips; even you, yourself, feel a little awkward and gauche. No need to face all these, if effective natural solutions to lighten darker lips are available. Dark lips are genetically inherited also most commonly found in dark complexioned people. However, rough lifestyle is a huge contributing factor for dark lips. Exposure to sun, UV rays, smoking, allergies, use of low-quality cosmetics, too much caffeine intake, hormonal imbalances and age affect our lips and darken them. Don’t buy expensive products or treatments, their results are just temporary. Try these effective natural home remedies at home to lighten your lips and achieve the results you want.
remove darkness of your lips naturally
Sometimes, little care helps you a lot. To get rid of dark lips, try to consume fruits and vegetables that are red in color like tomatoes, strawberries, watermelon, etc. as they help drop the color in the skin, making lips pink. Using cheap and low quality lip products damage the natural beauty of your lips and cause severe pigmentation. In place of it, use herbal lip products. Also, you should lower your tea and coffee intake for better results. You can try lip-serums, lip-scrubs, lip-packs, and more, to lighten your dark lips. Just get all your right ways in right manner here:

Lemon juice:
Lemon is known for its natural bleaching properties. So, it is considered to be the most effective natural home remedy to lighten dark lips. Lemon juice works to exfoliate your lip’s skin and helps it get new tone on your lips. Squeeze a lemon, and then massage its fresh juice over your lips. It is good to apply fresh lemon juice every night before you sleep. Also, you can rub the squeezed lemon directly on lips.

Beet Root:
The deep purple color ingredient of beetroot has natural properties to lessen darkness of your lips slowly and so cleanse and lighten your dark lips. Slice a red beetroot and store them in refrigerator. Now, massage your lips with slices in your free time. This will remove tan from the lips naturally and color up your lips too.

It has ‘catecholase,’ a naturally occurring enzyme that works great for reducing skin darkness. Just cut a slice of potato, and rub it on your lips. Using this repeatedly will make your lips look naturally pink soon.

Apply Glycerin on your lips with a cotton bud before going to bed and let it stay overnight. It helps to keep them moisturized. Also, try mixture using Glycerin and other ingredients. Mix ½ tbsp of glycerin, ½ tbsp of lemon juice, and ½ tbsp of castor oil nicely. Apply a coat of this mixture on your lips, and leave it overnight.

Rose Petals:
Rose Petals are great for getting back rosy lips. Crush the rose petals and blend it with butter to make a paste, apply it on your lips and scrub a little. Do this twice a week for endeavoring results. In another way, soak 4 - 5 rose petals in raw milk for few hours; grind them to make a paste. You can even put in few drops of both glycerin and honey. Apply on your lips and let it stay there for 15 minutes, then rub it off using milk. Try this for two times a day to get rosy and pink lips. You can even use few drops of rose water with honey, also mix crushed rose petals with little amount of castor oil and glycerin to lighten your dark lips.

Cucumber juice:
Cucumber is the best skin friendly product; they not only provide moisture to your skin but also lighten your skin tone. Also, cucumber juice helps you to lessen the darkness of your lips and make it pink, also make your lips soft. Apply cucumber juice daily on your lips to make your lips rosy. You can rub a slice of cucumber on lips and let the juice soak on. Do this for 5 minutes every day and see how you can lighten your dark lips to a beautiful pink color.

Mix a few strands of saffron with fresh cream, yogurt, and butter. Apply the mixture on your lips, and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse it off. You can even mix saffron with crushed rose petals and glycerin to reduce the darkness of lips.

Aloevera helps you cure lips tanning caused due to sun’s harsh heat. Another best remedy is to make use of berries like strawberries and raspberries with pure honey and aloe vera juice. Mix well, and make a paste. Apply it on your lips and leave it for at least 5 minutes. Wash it off, and apply a natural lip balm.

Massage with ice cube:
Rubbing your lips with an ice cube for a minute or two proves to be a great way to lighten the dark color of your lips. Then, pat with a towel and apply moisturizing cream on them. Here, ice massage increases the blood flow to your lips, giving them a red appearance. It also helps to remove the dirt and lighten your complexion.

Toothbrush exfoliation:
It is very simple way to exfoliate your lips. At first, apply some petroleum jelly or olive oil on your lips to moisten your lips and use soft toothbrush to smoothly exfoliate them. Rub the brush on your lips in gentle circular motion for about 3-4 minutes. Then, wash your lips with some warm water and apply some desi ghee on them to keep them moisturized.

Raspberry scrub:
Raspberry has vital minerals and vitamins that can make your lips vibrant and bubbly. Mix raspberry with aloe vera and pure honey, and make a paste. Now, massage and scrub your lips with it, and rinse it off after 10 minutes. Later, apply a homemade lip balm on your lips to improve your lips gloss and give them pink color.

Sugar and lemon scrub:
Another method of exfoliation, take some sugar, add a few drops of olive oil and lemon, and mix. Now apply this paste on your lips. Gently massage your lips in soft circular motion to exfoliate them. Once all the sugar dissolves, just wash away the overload with normal water.

Pomegranate lip scrub and lip pack:
Use Pomegranates to get clear pink lips. Crush the Pomegranate seeds, and mix some cream or butter to make a paste. Apply it on your lips. Scrub it for a while before leaving the paste on your lips. Clean it with a soft washcloth. You can even add few drops of milk and crushed rose petals in the pomegranate juice, and then scrub your lips with this paste. It will give you the startling results.
Grind a few pomegranate seeds, add some milk cream or malai to the paste and apply it on your lips. Allow it to stay for a few minutes and wash it off with normal water.

Turmeric and lemon pack and scrub:
Make a great pack for lighter lips with healing properties of turmeric and the bleaching effect of lemon. Take 1 tbsp of turmeric and add the juice of half a lemon, mix well and apply this paste on your lips. Leave it for 10 minutes, and then wash it off with water.

Even, use turmeric to make a scrub. At first, make thick turmeric paste and mix milk to it. Wet your lips with water, and rub off your lips softly with a flexible tooth brush. Apply a bit of the turmeric paste on all over your lips and let it remain for not more than 2-3 minutes. Again, exfoliate your lips gently with the soft tooth brush. Clean your lips with soft towel, and apply homemade lip balm of your choice.

Sugar scrub:
Take 3 tbsp of granulated sugar and 2 tbsp of butter to create a thick paste. Rub this on your lips once a week to repair your natural lip color or shine. You can also mix 5 to 6 drops of olive oil with 1 tbsp of sugar, and rub this mixture on your lips to exfoliate your lips. Here, sugar removes the dark layer of the lips while butter helps to raise the lip color and moisture them and turns it to pink. Try this scrub two or three times per week for lighter lips.

Natural Lip balm:
You can use honey as a natural alternative in place of harmful, artificial lip balms. Honey moisturizes lips and helps to give a nice shine on your lips.

Strawberry Lip balm:
Get naturally pink and smooth lips with Strawberry Lip balm, for this, mix 1 spoon of strawberry with 2 spoons of petroleum jelly. Apply this as a lip balm daily to get glossy pink lips.

Lemon & Honey serum:
Make a serum using lemon with honey to make your lips pink and smooth. Mix the same amount of lemon juice and honey, apply serum on your lips, leave for an hour, then wipe off with a soft wet cloth. This helps remove tan and pigmentation with smoothness. You can use it many times a day or before going to sleep. It is good that you can refrigerate this serum, so it can be used for a week long.

Almond Oil:
Before bedtime, apply almond oil on your lips to reduce discoloration. Also, you can use the goodness of almonds with honey to change the color of your lips. Mix almond oil with honey in equal quantities and apply it to your lips. Apply this pack for about thirty minutes, and wash it off with plain water. You can try this for 3-4 times a day for best results.

You can also use olive oil, mustard oil, tea tree oil, and clove oil, to cure dark and patchy lips. Among these, Olive oil is the best as it does not have any harmful effects. Apply any of these oils onto your lips before going to sleep.

Keep your body hydrated:
Topical treatments mentioned above are not enough to achieve perfect result. Also, it is necessary to take care of your health to get rid of dark lips. Keep your body hydrated by drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water daily in order to stay away from dehydration. Dehydration can cause lack of luster on lips, so drinking lots of water as well taking juices with vitamin C hydrates the body enough, nourishes the skin and aids new cell growth.


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