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Top Free Android Apps for Healthy and Happy Pregnancy Info

Complete knowledge of pregnancy for pregnant mother is must need to avoid some dangers and good health. Use Top Free Android Apps for Healthy and Happy Pregnancy cycle.

Moms-to-be, just download any of these top Android pregnancy apps and you can have all important info related to your pregnancy right on your fingertips! They also help to show you how your baby grows and develops in images. Nine months of your pregnancy will be exciting, but challenging too. Actually, the journey starts from seeing that positive pregnancy-test result, afterwards lots of questions keep on rising in moms-to-be mind. Pregnant woman should be careful every time, also have to follow all do’s and don'ts with full awareness. Little laxity costs a lot to mother as well as baby growing in her womb. With massive information and difference in thinking of people, it becomes hard for mother to decide actually what is wrong and what is right? Don’t worry moms-to-be, now you can enjoy this special time at your own pace by simply installing top Android apps for pregnancy in your smartphone. Babymaking option is good, but outdated. In this digital age, mobile apps are here to help you make your pregnancy a little easier. Pregnancy special apps guide you about everything from coping with morning sickness, food guide, and helpful tips to visual representation of the day-to-day growth of your baby in womb as well as finding the perfect baby name. They are fully informative. Here we have listed top Android apps for your healthy and happy pregnancy; just check them out to enjoy your special time, stress-free!
Free Android Apps for Pregnancy
1. Baby Center My Pregnancy Today

Price: Free

By nature, the mind of moms-to-be is always concerned about the condition of the baby growing in the womb. Here, 'My Pregnancy Today' from BabyCenter's would be your true companion. From the world’s most reliable pregnancy and parenting resource, this daily pregnancy app makes you track your pregnancy day by day and feel more prepared for your baby’s birth.

Get started by entering your baby’s due date, afterwards the app will turn your phone into professional guide for the exact day of pregnancy. It helps you track baby's growth and get the pictorial status of your fetus in photos and videos with medical illustrators. Daily calendar is also provided with information on the changes that the body undergoes during pregnancy. Thus, moms-to-be can find out what's safe to do, nutrition tips as well as drinks on the particular day required. Also, it awares about which foods and activities should be avoided when they're expecting. Mothers are facilitated with organizers and checklists that help to keep track of doctors' appointments. Its 'Birth Club' feature allows you to connect with another women having similar due dates, helping to build a baby-centric community to share stories, advice and experiences. Here, it is compulsory to register your email ID. You must know the last date of your last menstrual period. This can be calculated from the app too. There’s even perks like healthy recipes as well as reminders to take a prenatal vitamin.

2. I’m Expecting

Price: Free

I’m Expecting is another all-in one pregnancy tracker and source. This free Android pregnancy app from MedHelp offers lots of important health information for pregnant women. It helps in monitoring your pregnancy weight on pregnancy countdown. You can start here by entering the estimated date of the delivery, and the days left of the delivery will be calculated accordingly. You are facilitated to record weight, symptoms, mood, medicine, morning sickness, notes, and baby kicks every day of the pregnancy. And this helps you to keep a track of all the happenings during the pregnancy period, for ex. entering the weight will calculate the increasing weight on daily basis. Also, you can see how many other pregnant women had the similar symptoms like you in a given week. It is really helpful that you can get pregnancy calendar view with icons. In addition, you are facilitated to keep track of doctor’s appointments, tests and other events in calendar. With Baby Bump Photo Journal, you can save photos of your special time of pregnancy online. This offers easy-sharing.

Weekly pregnancy videos and daily updates are given to help mothers know about changes in their baby and their bodies. And with detailed guidance, tips, to-do lists, checklists, notifications and reminders, it helps Moms-to-be prepare for the big day. An online community helps you get support and motivation from big community of pregnant women and moms just like you. Even here, you get answers for hundreds of questions per hour.

3. Baby Bump Pregnancy Free

Price: Free

This would be your complete choice to have everything required for safe, healthy, and happy pregnancy. It offers forums, pregnancy countdown, contraction tracker, and calendar view with icons. Every week, you are given with Schematic embryo picture of your baby, informing you about your baby's size, weight and development. It is necessary for mother to be aware of common symptoms, cravings, and bodily changes, and all of these are provided in detail every week. Every day, you can track mood, energy, appetite, cravings, morning sickness, weight/waist measurements in lb/kg or in/cm or a mix and other notes. Besides photo journal, slideshow mode is offered to create slideshow of your growing baby bump with e-mail function.

The app is even useful for planning about the name of the child with BABY NAMER, containing database of more than 24,000 baby names with gender, origin, and meaning. It allows you browse by origin, popularity, meaning, and beginning and ending sounds. If you collect selected options, then you can make favorite list of boy and girl names, also e-mail your list to friends or family members. Using kick counter in Kick session, you can start kick counting and record kicks with automatic stop button. If it is your first pregnancy, then you can get here info about BABYBUMP SHOP to purchase the best pregnancy and baby products with expert viewpoint and review of all products.

4. Happy Pregnancy Ticker

Price: Free

Happy Pregnancy Ticker is included in the list of "Top Pregnancy Apps of 2014" by Like above mentioned apps, this app is your complete pregnancy app with all useful features like track dates, weight stats, weekly embryo status, random facts, daily reminder, and more. Reminder option is very helpful option when you are pregnant. You are allowed to set reminder for pills, doctor, blood diagnosis, and any custom reminder. The good part about the app is that it provides in depth information about pregnancy status on the basis of due date entered.

You can get statics info for Trimester Info, Fetal Age, Pregnancy Weeks, Baby drawings and Pregnancy stage. Due Date Calculator, Discussion forum, Pregnancy weight gain estimator, and Ovulation Planner for women are great attraction of this app. Every week, the weight can be entered and tracked, also graph has been provided to see changes. You are also allowed to schedule Doctor Visit, Scan, Blood diagnosis, etc. And best of all, you can make it appear in the app widget as your home screen. It helps you get back up of your baby kicks as well as contraction timer data by the way of sending it your email. Common Health Problems option makes you aware of the list of common health problems, which occur in pregnancy.

5. Pregnancy Assistant

Price: Free

The name itself suggests what the app is about. And, it works great as your pregnancy assistant. To start, you just have to enter last menstrual period, afterwards you will get estimation for the size of your baby each week, also how much he or she weighs considering the expected delivery date. It helps in tracking baby’s development day by day with fine-looking images and information on the size and abilities of baby. This one is a very popular app available in the Android market.

6. Pregly Pregnancy tracker

Price: Free

One more pregnancy tracker is here with all necessary things like food guide, baby name suggestions, forum, tracker widget and pregnancy facts and tips. Its due date club allows you to connect and chat with women due in the same month. Moms to be can get cute baby drawings every week, along with info about herself, baby and for the daddy too. As improved, it allows original Pregly members to request access to the original’s group to enjoy a few extra perks like private forum, and more.

7. Pregnancy by Bounty

Price: Free

This one is from Bounty, the UK's best loved parenting club who have been supporting mums for more than 50 years as well as endorsed by Tommy’s the pregnancy charity who support women to have happy, healthy pregnancies.

It informs about everything that pregnant women should know about like what is happening with your body, your baby’s development, and much more! Outlining such important information, daily articles are provided on week by week basis. It allows you to keep track of your personal developments including exercises, mood, baby movements and cravings in your own personal journal as well as you can view graphical charts of all results. You are also allowed to share these with friends and family. It has unique Album feature to take and share photos of your latest developments, baby bump, and more. Here are given helpful articles and videos from Persil & Comfort Pure. All your questions throughout your pregnancy are answered with great insight into things to be aware off, and tips and suggestion on maternity style, clothing, skincare, also with a guide for Dads!


Unbelievable apps. I downloaded all and all are unique and very helpful for a to z pregnancy information, tips and doctor's like guide.

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