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Importance Colours to wear on Navratri 2014

Celebrate Navratri festival 2014 for nine days by dressing up in attractive colors each day and worshipping Goddess Durga, doing the dandiya dance, and enjoying good food.

Colors hold special significance in any festival, and the popular Navratri festival in India also has an interesting ritual for the women who wear 9 various colors during the 9 days of the festival season. This auspicious festival is celebrated with great zeal and devotion all over the country, and people offer prayers to give honor or respect to the different forms of Goddess Durga, enjoy feasts, dance and music, and celebrate the victory of Good over Evil. Furthermore, the color themes are mostly followed by the men and women of Gujarat and Maharashtra, and on every day of festival, the devotees offer a specific colored saree to the Goddess, and each color has an importance of its own and represents different forms of the Goddess. Do you know the 9 colors used during Navratri festival for 2014? If you don’t know, then go through here the list of those Navratri nine colors to wear or dress up and share the spirit of joy and happiness.

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Which color to wear in Navratri 2014?

Day 1 - Ghatasthapana / Pratipada - Yellow

September 25

The first among nine Durgas is Shailaputri Maa, who is the daughter of Himalaya, holds trishul in the right hand and a flower in the left hand, and wears Grey saree. The color to wear on the first day on Navratri for devotees is ‘Yellow‘.

Day 2 - Dwitiya - Green

September 26

The second day is dedicated to Maa Brahamcharini ("Brahma" means "Tapa"). The idol of this Goddess is supposed to be very beautiful delivering a message of love to the whole world. She is full with high spirits, has rosary (mala) in her right hand, Kamandal in left hand, and decorated with an Orange colored saree. Devotees can wear Green color on this day.

Day 3 - Tritiya - Grey

September 27

The third day signifies Maa Chandraghanta, who establishes justice universally and wear crescent moon on her forehead. She is dressed in a White saree, exceptional image of bravery, and seated on Lion. Wearing Grey color on this day would be auspicious for the devotees.

Day 4 - Chaturthi - Orange

September 28

The fourth day of Navratri is contributed to Maa Kushmanda, who is said to be the creator of the universe. This form of Maa Durga is dressed in Red colored saree. This day represents the source of offering basic requirements to all. Devotees should wear Orange color on this day.

Day 5 - Panchami - White

September 29

The fifth day is dedicated to Maa Skanda, who provides the gift of differentiation between right and wrong to the globe. The Goddess is draped with Blue colored saree. Wearing White colored clothes would be very fruitful for the devotees.

Day 6 - Shashti - Red

September 30

The sixth day of Navratri festival signifies Maa Katyayani, who firmly battles against the evil and deceitful entities. The Goddess is dressed in Yellow colored clothes. Red color should be worn on this day.

Day 7 - Saptami - Blue

October 1

This day is contributed to Kaalratri, who is one of the fiercest forms of Goddess Durga and her appearance itself evokes fear. She is known to be the destroyer of all demon entities, and is dressed in Green colored saree. Wearing Blue colored clothes would be very fruitful for the devotees.

Day 8 - Ashtami - Pink

October 2

The eighth day of Navratri festival signifies Maa Gauri aspect of Goddess Durga. Durga Ashtami Puja is held in several parts of India. Maa Gauri wears Peacock Green color on this day. Wearing Pink color would be auspicious for the devotees.

Day 9 - Navami/Dashmi/Dussehra - Purple

October 3

This day is dedicated to Maa Siddhidatri, who showers knowledge that intends in making each soul pure. She is dressed in Purple color and is known to have great supernatural powers. In 2014, Navami and Dashmi are on the same day. Devotees should wear Purple color on this day.


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