Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Saving Tips for your Christmas Beauty Expenses

The festive season is in full swing so here are some ways that help you to save money on beauty expenses this Christmas.

The festive season is just around the corner knocking at our doors, so it’s time for celebrations, decorations, bonding with friends & family and buying lots of stuffs. It’s also that time of year when the expenses spiral out of control. In fact, Christmas is among the biggest expenses of the year. Cutting costs wherever possible is the best way to stay within budget. This Christmas, you can look more beautiful without spending a fortune. Here are some money-saving tips for your Christmas Beauty Expenses.

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Ways to save on Christmas Beauty Expenses

Beauty School

Instead of paying high prices at normal salon, try beauty schools for your makeup, haircuts, manicures, facial, spa, etc. and have quality work done at a great price. Beauty schools charge up to 50% less than the salon, as the services they offer are part of their student’s training. Other benefits of getting services done at a Beauty School are student works under the watchful eye of experts and use the latest techniques.

Vouchers and Discounts

Before buying beauty products or going to a salon, make sure you search the web for special offers and discount coupons or codes to your favorite beauty retailers/drugstores/salon. There are also many beauty stores and websites that provide beauty products at discount or offer great deals on makeup. This will help you to save lots of money and lower your beauty bill.

Lay Off Department Store Brands

Lay off department store brands and buy beauty products at Drugstores. Drugstores not sell all those high end beauty products like department stores but you can get good quality beauty products for a fraction of the cost. Drugstores offer reward programs, frequent sales and money-back guarantee so that you can look great without breaking the bank.

Ask for a Sample

Free beauty samples are a great way to save money on beauty. Marketers give free samples to customers for trying their new products and fall in love with them. You can search for free beauty samples online or ask for the sample at drugstore makeup counters or the beauty counters at your local malls.

Buy Beauty Products on Sale
Take advantage of further reductions by purchasing your favorite beauty products ranging from cosmetics to skin care on sale. You can find those pricey beauty products at affordable price on sale.


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