Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tips to remain safe while using Escalators

Escalators are the best and most efficient mass transit system which helps the people to travel up and down floors safely. Escalators are used in shopping malls, offices, airports, condos, etc. They are safe but accidents can happen if they are not used properly. Small children and old people are at higher risk of escalator accidents so it is very important to help them while on an escalator and have knowledge of their actions while riding. Mostly escalator accidents take place with small children but over the past decade, there is a major increase in elder accidents. So here some Escalators safety tips mentioned for you.

As per U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in 2007 around 11,000 escalator related injuries occurred in which 10% are due to the trapping of feet, hands or shoes. Children get injured due to escalator because they remain standing on the escalator rather than stepping off. For people who are wearing flip-flop sandals or soft-soled shoes as well as children below 5 years, escalators can be dangerous. Common escalator injuries can be life-altering so always take proper care while using an escalator. Mostly these fall injuries results in soft-tissue injuries.

Escalators Safety Tips

Wear Safe Clothes and Shoes
Wearing long sweaters, mittens, long skirts, untied shoelaces, drawstrings in waistbands or sweatshirts, wide pants, scarves and soft-sided shoes are very dangerous as they can get stuck in escalators. So remove these types of things during your escalator ride to protect yourself from an accident.

Always Hold the Handrail
Handrails are designed to keep you in place while moving so always hold them. Handrails decrease the risk of slipping and tripping accidents. While the escalator moves, they will help you to remain on place.

Always Face Forward
When standing on the escalator, always face forward on the middle of the step. Also keep the feet somewhat apart and don’t touch the stationary sides. Facing forward will also help you to take necessary actions if the person riding in front of you falls by accident.

Keep Space
Always keep space between you and the person riding in front of you to decrease the chances of injury. To avoid injury, just wait for some steps to pass over after the person riding the escalator in front you climbs on. This will also avoid crowding at the exit of the escalator.

Don’t Put Children in Strollers, carts, or walkers
During an escalator ride, never use walkers, strollers or carts as they can create danger for you and other people. So before climbing on an escalator, remove babies and toddlers from walkers, strollers or carts.

Always Secure Children
When riding on escalator, allow children to stand on the same step or in front of you so that you can easily reach to them in case of an emergency. Also hold hand of your children and don’t let them to play, jump or sit on the steps as even a simple fall can cause cut on the jagged metal steps.

Avoid the Edges of Steps
When riding on the escalator always avoid the edges of steps where entrapment may occur. All the escalators are designed to show the edges where you may entrap. To avoid entrapments, there are yellow lines on the sides of the escalator steps which show where you have to keep your feet.

Know Emergency Shut-off Buttons
You should know where the emergency shut-off buttons are placed in case you want to stop escalator. Generally, these buttons are at the top and bottom of escalators on the right side when facing the steps.

Other Escalators Safety Tips

  • Don’t ride on escalator with barefoot.
  • Never ride in the opposite direction of the escalator.
  • People who are wearing bifocals should pay particular attention.
  • Watch the direction of the moving step while climbing or exiting the escalator.
  • Always hold small packages tightly in one hand and hold the handrail with other hand.
  • Make your kids aware of how to get off and on the escalator by verbal commands and modeling the action with them.
  • Never allow the children to use an escalator unattended as well as don’t let them to drag their feet on the sides.
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