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Surprising things about Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy is a topic which has created numerous papers, books, theories and many more on the basis of research and discoveries from years to years. If you are going to be a first time mom then you would definitely be excited to know the facts associated with pregnancy and how it will affect your body, mind and your entire lifestyle. During the pregnancy, women experience a number of altered states. Scientists have hypothesized certain surprising discoveries about pregnancy, which really does not presumed by woman when she is expecting. Perhaps, people will not tell you about these strange things which take place during pregnancy. Do you want to know that surprising things? Just continue reading…

Surprising things about Pregnant Woman

1, Intuition of Expectant Mother about Her Baby's Gender Likely to Be Right

If a pregnant woman gets the dream about whether her baby will be a girl or a boy, or else she gets a strong feeling about the gender of her baby, then she is likely to be right. Science supports the sixth sense of women.

2, Slimmer the Women - More Probability to Have Daughter

There is a more probability of having daughter if the woman is slim. Many studies have revealed a minor but statistically noteworthy difference in the gender ratio of baby among women who are normal weight and underweight. The reason behind this myth is that the female embryos are more rigid than males so they are likelier to stay alive in a less hospitable environment - bringing about more female births amid the super-skinny women. This is only a surveillance, which has been discovered on a population level and it is not a trustworthy method of gender selection. Starving oneself can put the fetus in danger.

3, More Vivid the Nightmares - Faster the Deliveries

There is a link between vivid dreams and a labor period. The labor period becomes shorter by approximately an hour on average in women who have experienced vivid dreams during pregnancy than those non-dreamer women. Moreover, the dreamer women who got unpleasant dreams (nightmares) in 3rd trimester had even faster deliveries and a lessened possibility of postpartum depression than those who got good dreams only. The rationale of dreaming may be to assist pregnant women to process new information by resolving internal conflict, which causes psychological awareness for the birth of baby.

4, The Cells of Baby Stay in Women for Lifetime

During the pregnancy period, the cells slink across the placenta, and the cells of mother enter the baby and the cells of fetus enter the mother - and reside there for lifetime. The cells of baby often stay for a lifetime in spinal cord, lungs, liver, gallbladder, cervix, thyroid gland, intestine, spleen, skin, blood vessels and lymph nodes of mother. The fetal cells may also take residence in brain and heart of mother. Fetal cells not only get involved in health and disease, but it may be also accountable for some mind-shifts, which take place in motherhood.

5, The Breasts Grow Larger If Woman Carrying A Baby Girl

There is a popular belief that the shape of pregnant woman’s abdomen, basketball or watermelon - gives the idea about the gender of a baby. But in actual, it does not reveal anything about the gender of a baby. But the breast size of women during pregnancy might reveal it. The breasts of woman expecting a baby girl grow larger during pregnancy in contrast to those who are expecting a baby boy. The reason behind this is that the male fetuses generate testosterone, which may hold back the breast growth.

6, There Is No Need of Eating For Two in Pregnancy

It is widely speculated that the woman require to gain all the possible weight to give birth to a healthy baby. However, the truth is that the majority of women require only an extra 300 calories in a day, which is equivalent to about half a bagel and one serving of yogurt. Most women require gaining of just about 25 pounds during their entire pregnancy.

7, The Subtle Body Odor of Expectant Women May Affect Her Partner Subconsciously

The sweat of women in the 3rd trimester of her pregnancy includes new chemical compounds called pheromones. The definite cause behind the appearance of these chemicals in 3rd trimester and the disappearance of them shortly after delivery is still unknown. However, there is one speculation that arouse of these chemicals may assist the newborn baby to identify her mommy. Guys having highest levels of prolactin at the time of the baby birth are more fostering than guys having lower levels of this hormone.

8, The Sense of Odor Gets Better In Pregnancy

The sense of smell in pregnant women increases drastically, same as the sense of taste. This is for helping the expectant mothers to stay away from eating small levels of toxins, which might not be harmful to her but could be noxious to a fetus.

9, Pregnant Women Looks More Glowing, Attractive and Sexy

A lot of expecting mothers believes that the pregnancy makes their look less pretty and less attractive. The majority of men oppose this. In one study, 27% of guys articulated increased sexual desire for their spouses, and 60% of guys keep up the same level of sexual desire. The glowing skin is a very common and real thing in women during pregnancy period. The amount of blood in body rises by 50% during the pregnancy period. The extra blood exhibits via the skin in many areas, especially the cheeks. Ahead of this, hormones root the oil glands for becoming more active, which lead to a shinier, softer appearance. When the raised blood flow comes together with shine, it results in a noticeable glow.

10, The Feet of Expectant Mother Can Grow up to One Full Shoe Size

There is a wonder that the feet of pregnant woman will get very big, that is because the excess pressure on her feet coupled with relaxed ligaments of her body. As the pregnancy grows, the body starts to liberate the tightness of its ligaments to assist with the process of birthing. Unfortunately, her feet begin to lose their arch and subsequently stretch out on the sides. The wider, flatter shape of her feet will perhaps be for short-term, but if they grew excessively, the alteration could end up by being permanent.


a woman has a boy baby, will it affect her hormone levels more than if she has a girl baby, during her pregnancy?

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