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Foods to eat and Avoid for Flu Patient

Are you confused about the foods to eat and avoid during Flu? If yes, then solve your query by getting the complete information. It is well said that prevention is better than cure so prevent yourself from Flu before it hits your health. During flu season, many people suffers from dehydration, weakness, fever and cold as they intake a regular diet, which finally is not digested by the body. So as to avoid such situation; you should eat the selected foods that would help to save you from unwanted toxins that are responsible for flu. If you are the one who is already suffering from flu, then no need to worry as you will come to know the foods that will help you to recover as early as possible.

Foods to eat and Avoid for Flu Patient

Good health is maintained by proper nutrition for which we just have to make the list of foods that can offer you more immunity and energy to fight against Flu. Your diet plays a vital role to help for speedy recovery when you fight against the flu symptoms for longer time. It is very essential to know about the foods to avoid during flu along with the foods to eat because if you add even a few calories of the unhealthy food in your diet then you will have to pay more for that. The perfect intake of necessary vitamins and minerals will help you to overcome the symptoms like body aches, cough, headache, fever, etc. Take a look at the foods that are the most advantageous for you as well as foods that you should avoid during flu.

Foods to eat in flu:

Citrus fruits

Winter is the perfect time to fill your body with citrus fruits. Citrus fruits are rich source of vitamin C that can lower the cold symptoms by 23 percent. Simply 1 to 8 grams of vitamins can recover flu, which is mostly obtained from citrus fruits. Those who cannot digest high amount of vitamin C may consume it in very small quantity. When you are suffering from flu; you may not like to eat something. But by consuming orange and grapefruit, you will feel better and refreshing. So eat vitamins and antioxidants rich citrus fruits in flu season.

Garlic and Onions are better choice in Flu

Garlic flavors all the foods due to which it is mostly used in every processed food in many cultures and regions. It enhances the immune system and has many remedial benefits. Garlic contains high amount of phytonutrients that has antiviral and antibiotic properties to cure the flu symptoms. Garlic is most probably added in the spicy foods like Indian foods but if you don’t want to consume spicy food then you can use the fresh garlic in the salad. Whereas, garlic is advantageous when cooked so use its small quantity in soups, casseroles and such other foods. Decorate the crispy bread with cooked garlic rather than using butter or cheese. The allicin compound present in Garlic has anti-oxidant properties that can prevent cold and reduce the life of flu. Proper quantity of garlic supplements as a medicine, cooked garlic, dry garlic powder, garlic oil or ripened garlic extract are different methods to use garlic, which is effective and safe to prevent Flu.
As well, Onions and Leeks are widely used all over the world. They are common ingredients used in almost all processed foods as well as variety of salads. The flavonoids present in onion works in combination of Vitamin C to kill harmful bacteria.

Green Tea makes you fresh

Green tea is very useful beverage to fight bacteria causing sickness and viruses. Green tea contains caffeine so studies have found that consuming 200 to 300 mg of this substance is beneficial for health while more than that may also harm. Green tea is the rich source of polyphenols that advances your stamina to fight against any kind of disease especially Flu. During winter season, green tea is very good to relax your body. Relaxing will also help you to fight flu.

Ginger - an excellent tool to kill bacteria

Ginger is the natural remedy for many diseases. This is mostly used to reduce usual pain and fever. It has the soothing property that helps you to rest when you are sick. Ginger has sesquiterpenes, which is the chemical that can eradicate rhinoviruses - most common cold viruses. Ginger will help you a lot to overcome the flu fever. Drinking tea with few tablespoons of shredded ginger root will also help you to fight flu. Chewing raw or salted ginger helps a lot to improve your digestive system, which also reduces all the problems related to your health. Fresh ginger root can fight cough and fever, which are the main reasons for flu and cold.

Chicken Soup a starter

Chicken soup is the fluid that you can enjoy and even fights flu. Chicken soup decreases the inflammation, which causes cold and flu. It is found that other soups and fluids are also as helpful as chicken soup to beat flu. The mixture of all the vegetables and chicken in the soup blows away the symptoms of flu. When you suffer from flu, the most irritating symptom is the blockage in chest, nose and throat. Soups are the most advantageous fluids to defeat these symptoms; whereas chicken soup is especially useful to slender the mucus secretions. If you add more vegetables in the soup then the consumption of such soup boosts your energy level. Salt is also the vital ingredient in soup as sodium can stabilize the quantity of fluid in the body as well as supports hydration in your body.

Honey - a sweet remedy for flu

Honey is used as a remedy for different kinds of wounds and burns. It has a natural antiseptic property that has a cooling effect to cure the wounds. The antimicrobial and anti-oxidant properties of honey can overcome bacterial infections, viruses, cold as well as flu. Honey can decrease cough by calming and covering an irritated throat. Using honey instead of sugar is also a preventive way to ignore cold and flu.

Vitamin C rich foods

Vitamin C is very essential source to fight against flu. Vitamin C is not preserved in the body, but can be obtained from foods rich in vitamin C. Flu can be cured by eating appropriate amount of vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables daily. Vitamin C enriched foods include leafy greens, kiwi fruit, citrus fruits, strawberries, potatoes, green peppers, broccoli, cabbage, black pepper, pineapple as well as green chilies. The other yummy fruits that are rich in vitamin C comprise banana, frozen blueberries as well as orange juice that can be used in smoothies for breakfast or else if you wish you can use blueberries in yogurt and enjoy it. These are easy ways to intake vitamin C that enhances your immunity.

Foods to avoid during Flu:

Flu patients feel hungry during the recovery period and they make a mistake of eating harmful foods to satisfy their wish of eating spicy and junk foods. This slows down the recovery and encourages the symptoms of flu, which increases the risk of affecting again. So it is better to avoid such foods that can affect the recovery from flu:
  • Stop consuming extremely sweet items like sugar
  • Ignore the junk foods that are deprived of calories like soda, candy, etc.
  • Dehydration occurs due to beverages like alcohol, coffee and usual tea
  • Congestion in nose, throat and chest is caused due to milk and products of milk like cheese, butter and other dairy products
  • Spicy and fried foods are not digested during flu
  • Too much of salt should be ignored so as to ignore dehydration
  • Don’t consume meat suddenly after recovery as it can affect you again with flu
Following these steps will definitely help you recover from flu and cold soon.

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