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7 Proven Ways to Slim Your Belly Fat

Never take belly fat casual or light; however, there are many people who still unaware about the dangerous effects of belly fat on their health. You will be surprised to know that, the dangerous condition of extra fat can increase the risk of heart attack, heart disease, stroke, breast cancer, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, colorectal cancer, gallbladder problems, sleep apnea, and many more. Considering the list of these deadly diseases, you will be afraid of your belly fat but don’t worry, this is not a way to behave, try to know the reason behind it and get treatment for being free from this scary belly fat. Stressful life, poor eating habits and lack of exercise are major reasons for the excessive fat. Moreover, this article will surely help you to get rid of your belly fat by considering the seven easy points given below.

best way to get belly slim
With the help of a simple measurement step you can know whether your belly consists of excessive fat or not. Take a measuring tape and measure the circumference of your waist. If it would be below 39 inches, most likely, you are not at very high risk. But if it’s over 39 inches or it is approaching 39 inches, then don’t wait any more. To live a happy and healthy life, you must take some steps to remove this hazardous and unnecessary fat from your belly.

Belly fat is equally unhealthy for both men and women. If you intake comparatively more calories over than your body burns, then all these unnecessary calories get stored in the form of the fat. A large portion of fat can be stored in your body underneath your skin and over your muscles. Some people have the tendency to store the fat mainly in their hips. They are at low risk for diabetes and heart attacks. But those people who store fat primarily in their bellies are at higher risk for diabetes and heart attacks. These people are very unlucky as the excess abdominal fat will make them look ugly, in addition to their deadly health risks.

Depending on where the fat is stored in the belly, it can be divided into two different types. The stomach consists of band of muscles known as abdominal muscles or abs. The fat stored on the outside of the abdominal muscles is known as subcutaneous fat. In this case fat is found just beneath our skin. And when the fat is stored inside the abdominal muscles they are known as visceral fat. Here the fat will be stored in and around your organs which is more dangerous to our health. Among two types, the visceral fat is more dangerous.

Now, we see how this fat affects one’s health. The unnecessary fat in your belly results in storing the excessive fat in your liver which significantly disturbs its functioning. The main function of liver is to remove insulin from your bloodstream after it completes its task of driving sugar into cells. When your blood sugar increases after having your food, it is the responsibility of your pancreas to release enough insulin to prevent the blood sugar from rising too high. When your cells cannot respond to insulin effectively, you will be called as insulin resistant and the blood sugar will go up. This increased sugar level will cause the sugar to stick to the cells permanently. Ultimately they are converted into a poison named as sorbitol which destroys the cells, damage nerves, arteries and other tissues throughout your body. Excess insulin can also affect your arteries to cause heart attacks and on brain to make you eat more.

Many people live in a big misconception that one can lose their belly fat by doing some hard core exercises everyday. But in reality, the unwanted fat stored in your belly can be removed only with the combination of some important factors like healthy diet, rest, hydration, exercise, etc.

Here, the seven best way to get belly slim for you to get rid of your belly fat. Just follow them and Be Light and Feel Light throughout the life.

7 Proven Ways to Slim Your Belly Fat

1) Drink plenty of water:

The most easy and simple way to get a flat belly is to drink plenty of water. Majority of the metabolic process in our body takes place in presence of the water. This means higher amount of water leads to higher metabolic rate which makes the body capable to burn the fat quicker than ever before. Also, the water help in digesting the food easily and in proper manner. As a result, there would be no extra fat to be stored in belly. At the same time, the water also acts as a cleansing agent, to clean your body systems. Cleaned systems make the body free from various biological toxins as well from fat inducing liquids. Make sure that you drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day to get a slim and flat belly. Add some quantity of lemon in your drinking water because this help your body in melting away the extra fat of your body easily and rapidly.

2) Healthy diet for flat belly:

Don’t starve to get a flat belly, instead of, make habit to eat smaller meals frequently throughout the day. But keep in mind that your meal must contain sufficient amount of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fat. To avoid excessive fat, don’t stop the intake of fat completely because healthy fats are vital for good health. You can get them through almonds, olive oil, walnuts, flaxseed, and natural peanut butter. The protein rich food will help you to rebuild the muscles after workouts and more muscle means less fat. You can also get complex carbs from some cereals, fruits, vegetables and grains.
Make sure to eat plenty of vegetables everyday to get fiber content and this fiber make you feel full for longer time. Take Omega-3 fish oils to lower the blood sugar level after meals also it helps to keep your heart, brain and joints healthy. Green tea also helps in burning of the fat. Include the following food in your diet to burn those extra fats in your belly: lean cuts of meat, Whole grains, Olive Oil, Low-fat dairy products, Tuna and salmon, Eggs, Beans, and Oatmeal.

3) Take out some time for exercise:

Concentrating on diet alone can reduce your weight but most likely it won’t change your body shape. For this, you have to do some exercises daily. Even if you can not take out 1-2 hours on a whole for the exercise, then no problem you can divide it into small time sections and perform it throughout the day. Do some cardio exercises to elevate your heart rate which results in the increased consumption of oxygen and this finally leads to fat loss. Regular heart-pumping exercise is one of the best options to get a flatter belly.

Another option to burn fat is to get on a treadmill. Running on it for about 25-30 minutes would definitely help you. And for better effect, try to run on the treadmill in a slightly inclined position. Make your body burn unnecessary fat faster than ever before by trying the interval training. In this method, run on treadmill at a high speed for about thirty seconds and then stop for about forty-five seconds and then continue again. Repeat this for at least 15-20 minutes.

4) Have adequate sleep:

Don’t compromise with sleep at any cost. The body must get at least 8 hours of sleep. Lack of sleep can raise the stress levels which can actually make your body to put on some extra weight. The increased stress could release more of the hormone named cortisol. This dangerous cortisol will cause the dangerous visceral fat to build in the belly. So keep in mind to have enough of sleep and look great with perfect body shape.

5) Avoid drinking alcohol and fruit juices:

Alcohol and juices are high on sugar and calories because too much sugar is quickly converted into fat. Always try to take fruits in their natural form rather than in the juice form. Juices give less essential fiber content to the body and also concentrated sugar in it, so, not good if you are aiming for a flat belly. Consumption of alcohol will directly impair the functioning of liver which in turn affects your metabolism of fat. Your body will have a greater tendency to use calories from alcoholic beverages while fat calories will get stored in your belly which will also elevate your risk for various diseases. You have to turn away from alcohol and fruit juices to remain fit with a fabulous body.

6) Say no to junk food:

The main reason for increasing number of people having belly fat is the junk food. Most of the junk food consists of refined sugar and carbs. On consuming them the blood sugar level raises instantly which leads to increased amount of fat. Also these junk foods boost up our appetite in result, we will yearn to eat more than the required amount and make the fat. Remove all type of junk food items like chips, sweet, cookies and other similar products from your kitchen. Because, if you see all these items at your home, frequently, you would be more tempted towards them. Lower down the intake of coke, fanta or other similar cold drinks along with junk food and lead a healthy life. Consuming the junk food in little amount is tolerable but if you aims to get a superb flat stomach, then fresh foods and vegetables must be your top priority.

7) Be active:

The best way to keep one healthy is try to be active throughout a day. Minimum of 30 minutes walking could compensate the exercise and effectively help to remove those extra fats in an easier way. You can also enjoy this method by walking with a friend, dog or even an iPod. By bringing some small changes in daily routine like using stairs instead of lift or elevators, by parking your car in the far end of parking area so that you will do a little walking, not using the remote for changing your TV channels, etc. would definitely bring some effect in losing your belly fat. Running or jogging is even better choice to burn your body fat. Swimming is also as effective as previous options. Swimming can build lot of muscles in your upper and lower body, making your fat invisible.


I would like to add that metabolic syndrome defines a clustering of major cardiovascular risk factors, in association with (central) obesity and excess weight, which includes at least two of the following four risk factors i.e.; raised blood pressure, low HDL cholesterol, raised triglycerides and glucose intolerance. The root cause of the metabolic syndrome is thought to be insulin resistance.

It's just a matter of what you called "discipline", you can really get that slimmer and beautiful body if you are aware of do's and don'ts for your health.

is it really effective??????

Thank you for this I've been working out for a year now but I haven't considered all of this I want to get ready for foot ball and other sports also I plan on join in the marines

Wow....I never knew all of this could affect my weight, thanks!

Slimming the belly fat is one of the toughest thing in this world.

Exactly This seven Tips will help to burn belly fat Abdominal Rejuvenation

Sad to say, no matter how you avoid it, belly fats are there as our age adds up. It is caused by our natural Human Growth Hormone or what experts call HGH. It is a hormone responsible for aging and it is the reason why people get white hair, falling hair for some and wrinkling skin. And the worst case, gaining weight as well as fats loses more HGH in the physique. The issue here is that if there are more fats, more HGH is being compromised. If there is less HGH in our physique, the body tends to age faster and the weight that is gained worsens the case. People who are overweight lose a lot HGH every year compared to the young adults who are not overweight.
Lose belly fat quickly without exercise

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