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Interesting Facts to know about Flu before it hit your Stomach

Gastric problem is termed as stomach flu. This problem initially hits the stomach but gradually attacks intestine also. Gastroenteritis causes nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal cramps. In short, it is the mother of all the diseases. If gastric problem is caused frequently then it is viral due to which it is named as Stomach Flu. Don’t connect it with influenza viruses as they are not resulted from gastroenteritis. So, it would be advisable for you to know about the details and important facts about symptoms, causes and other related information of Stomach Flu before it hits your stomach.

Interesting Facts to know about Flu before it hit your Stomach

1, Are you aware about the true name of Stomach Flu?

The real name of stomach flu is Norovirus. Stomach flu is the group of viruses that can spread from person to person. This especially spreads in crowd. The crowded places include schools, day care centers, hospitals and other such public places.

2, Do you know about the causes of Stomach Flu?

Causes of Stomach Flu are viral as well as bacterial. The common causes of stomach flu include food reaction, toxins, pain killers, etc. It is caused due to bad food habits, contaminated water, infected floors and other surfaces. If you prepare food by bare and untidy hands then also this norovirus hits your stomach. As well, if you don’t wash your hands properly then you will be affected by this flu.

Norovirus also spreads if you eat with unwashed hands. All such untidy habits of yours can trouble you with the attack of this disease. Untidy house, unclean vessels, dirty clothes and all such untidy things can help the bacteria of norovirus to enter your body. It is sometimes caused due to lack of sufficient sleep.

3, What are the symptoms of Norovirus?

Norovirus has an extreme effect on your stomach. If you get infected by this virus then you will undergo vomiting, indigestion, nausea, diarrhea as well as tremendous stomach pain. Dehydration continuing frequently for many days is the dangerous symptom of Norovirus. You will feel exhausted and weak if infected by this virus. Body pain, loss of appetite, fever as well as congestion are some other symptoms of flu. If you find any of the symptoms, you should contact doctor.

4, Is Norovirus infectious?

Most of the gastroenteritis are infectious including Norovirus as their causes are viral, bacterial and parasitic. But if the virus is caused due to food infection or toxins, then it will not be infectious.

5, Plain Water may not help you

Avoid drinking plain water during the infection. Ignore the beverages like tea, coffee, juice or any other which contains sugar. Drinking water without the addition of electrolytes dilutes the electrolytes already present in your body. Many have a misunderstanding that if they drink lots of water then they will overcome dehydration which is not correct way.

6, Who are at a greater risk of stomach flu?

Stomach Flu is very common disease found in most of the people in their daily living. Some people are at higher risk of this virus while some are at lower risk. Most probably, children, adults and sick people are at higher risk of this flu. It is difficult for growing children to fight against such viral infections as their immune system has not been totally developed. Their body is more at the risk of dehydration. However, adults can recover faster than the children.

Those who are already suffering from any other diseases like asthma, cancer, kidney disease or heart disease and undergoing any other medication should concern doctor at the early stage of the flu as this virus can harm their immune system. Even the pregnant women who are not hydrated sufficiently in their daily routine are at higher risk of stomach flu. Pregnant lady as well as her baby suffers dehydration, which can result into electrolyte abnormalities, shock, kidney failure and fetal death. Those who work at crowded places like schools, public places, care centers, etc. are at higher risk of infection.

7, When the doctor should be called?

Norovirus normally can be recovered without calling a doctor. However, if the person faces the problem of dehydration and is not able to recover by following home remedies then medical treatment is necessary. If this stomach flu lasts longer along with fever and increase in dehydration, then consult the doctor urgently.

Symptoms of dehydration:
  • Dry skin or mouth
  • Unable to produce tears
  • Weak body
  • Giddy head
  • Fall in blood pressure
  • Dry mucus membrane
8, Remedies for Stomach Flu

Antibiotics are not going to help you to relieve flu. There is no other treatment for stomach flu other than giving time to your stomach and following home remedies to overcome symptoms at home. You will be helped by Over-the-counter remedies containing Bismuth Subsalicylate for simple diarrhea. Good hydration is the best way for safer and faster recovery at home. Many health practitioners suggest no specific treatment for gastroenteritis as many drugs have unfavorable effects on the patients. Thus, doctors advice only proper hydration to the patients.

If you suffer from diarrhea and other small symptoms, then Anti-diarrheal medications may help you. However, you should avoid such medications under worst situations like high fever or bloody diarrhea.

9, What to do during gradual recovery?

Don’t start enjoying heavy meals and more glasses of water after you stop vomiting and recover from dehydration as this may again push you into the same pit of stomach flu. Obviously, you will feel hungry after the recovery of the disease but give some time to your stomach so that it may become capable of digesting your yummy feasts again. Till then take smaller meals and drink fluids in smaller quantity. Always remember to stick to light diet and hygienic lifestyle, which will prevent you from stomach flu.

10, Tips to prevent Stomach Flu

There are many simple steps that can prevent you from being the victim of stomach flu:
  • Try to stay away from direct contact with infected people as much as possible
  • Stop the intake of unfiltered or unpasteurized fluids e.g. milk
  • Don’t eat or drink unprocessed foods or unwashed foods
  • Consumption of undercooked foods like untreated meats may harm you
  • Always wash your hands before eating anything as well as after any contact with infected person or different items
  • Wash your clothes daily that may spread bacteria
  • During any visit or travel, avoid outside foods and uncovered water; consume only sealed bottle products
Although it is not possible to completely avoid disease but if we follow the safety measures then we can reduce the chances of being infected.

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