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Top 10 foods to add in Diet for Boosting Love Life

Enhance your love life by consuming energetic foods. There are many such foods that built-in a feeling of love in you that helps you to make your love life strong. Love is the necessity to hold an everlasting relationship. Whatever you eat plays a key role in your love life. If you won’t concentrate on your food habits, then the carelessness may spoil your love life. Don’t hesitate to carry your love life a step forward. Try to share every bit of your life with your partner. Well, all these matters may be given a start from your dining table. Ladies can reach to the heart of their partner by following their tummy.

Top 10 foods to add in Diet for Boosting Love Life

There are some specific foods that make your work easy to fascinate your partner. The usual problem faced by most of the couples is the laziness, hesitation, fear to face partner and other such negative feelings. This is the most important part of the relationship. If you will not pay any attention to the sexual life, then it is possible that you and your partner will live incomplete life. As well, there are many such problems that arise in future. Adding the below mentioned foods in your daily diet will make both the partners sexually active and energetic.

There are some fruits and vegetables that enlighten the passion of love in you, which will help you to love your partner. The young generation is giving importance in different ways to spark the passion of love in them. Food is the most applicable way to socially activate the desires for closeness. If both of the partners enjoy their meal together by complimenting each other with privacy, then it is sure that they will come closer. So have a look at some preferable foods.

Foods to motivate your love life:

Nuts to enhance your love life

Nuts are highly efficient to boost sex life. Necessary Fatty acids are mainly present in Almonds that maintains healthy sex hormones. Nuts are chief source of selenium, which is a type of vitamin that keeps sperm cells healthy. Adding groundnuts, walnuts, pistachios, almonds and others in your daily food consumption will result into high energy levels and stamina in both the partners. It is known that Stamina is the necessity of sex life. Nuts are very essential to relax the blood vessels of males that play a key role to improve your love life and to raise the passion of love in females.

Avocados to improve your love life

Avocados increase the lust in both men and women. The folic acid present in Avocados helps the body by providing metabolic proteins and energy. Vitamins present in Avocado manage the hormones production in men. Whereas, the potassium rich Avocados boosts the female love feeling by regulating their thyroid gland.

Develop love in your partner by serving Oysters

Non-vegetarians may definitely consume oysters. Oysters contain zinc in high quantity, which is needed by the body to produce testosterone. Foods high in zinc like oysters, pumpkin seeds and pine nuts are important for healthy sex life. Oysters and other sea foods influence your sex desire. Fatty acids present in such foods help the metabolic process of your body and keep you healthy and cheerful. Oysters also help in the maintenance of healthy sperm. So, Oyster is favorable for all the conditions required to boost your love life.

Watermelon - a juicy love fruit

Watermelons with juicy taste are suggested to enhance your sex life. This is cool refreshing enjoyable fruit that contains citrulline amino acid. These amino acids are helpful to relax the blood vessels that can increase the love desire. Not only the love life, but it is also healthy for your heart. Get in the mood by sharing this fruit with your partner.

Right choice of Vegetable oil to enlighten your love life

Vegetable oil and Sunflower oil contains the linoleic acid, which is essential for the production of sperm. This supports the spontaneity in love life. Your life will be filled with lots of excitement and a strong relation between both the partners.


Tomatoes boost your sex life. The health benefits and Lycopene substance present in tomatoes makes you sexually potential. Due to the love enhancing quality of tomatoes, it is used frequently for this purpose. Tomato is rich source of vitamin C that is useful to balance your love life. Therefore, Tomato is called 'love apple'.


Just like the sweetness of the chocolates; they fill your love life with more energy and passion. Chocolates can be considered as love medicine. Adding chocolates to your daily diet will definitely bring you closer to your partner. The amino acid present in the chocolate raises the anti-depressants of the body that keeps both of you relaxed. Chocolates also increase the flow of blood to the necessary parts of your body so as to boost the love aspiration in both of you. Dark chocolate and Cocoa are more beneficial to add sweetness to your love life. Also, there are many anti-oxidants present in the chocolates that intoxicate your body and strengthen your immune system.


Figs can have a great impact on sexual stamina of both males and females. Shape, sweet taste and juicy flavor of this fruit surely create a lust of love in your mind.


Garlic contains allicin in more quantity that can increase the flow of blood in sex organs. This is extremely helpful herb to enhance lust of love.

Brown rice

Brown rice is rich source of selenium. It is the crucial mineral required for the production of healthy ovum & sperm. Brown rice is a helpful source for love life.

Eat Dessert for better love life

Come closer to your partner by sharing delicious dessert with him or her. Ice-cream is the best way to improve your love life. The bowl of ice-cream passes on the calcium that makes your sex organisms powerful and controls ejaculation so as to contract properly. The smell of vanilla relaxes men, which decreases the worries and hesitation.


Asparagus is fundamental nutrient that can boost your love life. Vitamin E is the sex supporting nutrient. Asparagus contains folate, which is essential for histamine production required to reach the sex orgasm. Asparagus is a finger food that will offer the motivation for love to your partner. Asparagus plays a key role to increase the blood flow towards the sex organs. Asparagus promote the cheerful mood and sperm production.


Bananas are perfect to provide you stamina when you are engaged with your partner. Vitamins present in the Bananas transfer carbohydrates into energy that helps in the production of sex hormones such as testosterone. It is advisable to eat banana before few hours of sex to be energized.


Pomegranate can bring both the partners together. This fruit possess various anti-oxidants that raise the blood flow to all the parts of the body including genitals. This will bring an appreciable change in your love life.


Basil improves the sex drive in both the partners but is more likely favorable for female productiveness. Basil is most favorable for love feelings because of which it is a symbol of love for the Italians. This herb has a lot of remedial properties.

Consume the given vegetables, fruits and food items to fill your love life with all precious moments, happiness and a strong & everlasting relationship.


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