Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dangers of eating white bread

Stop eating white bread to stay away from all dangers like digestive issues, excess mucus production, negative effects of bleaching ingredients, and diabetes.
From morning breakfast of toasts to sandwiches, we consume white bread. Many people are fond of white bread, but only few people know that every ingredient in white bread is toxic in nature with fragile nutritional values. White flour used to make bread contains very less vitamins and minerals. Even it has been proven by scientific research that people who have white bread in their daily meal suffer more with various health hazards like vitamin B deficiency.

white bread slices

Health risks of eating white bread increases at higher rate due to bleaching ingredients used in process like oxide of nitrogen, chlorine, chloride, nitrosyl or benzoyl peroxide. After processing with one of the above mentioned bleaching ingredients, flour produces alloxan that causes diabetes. Manufacturing process of white bread leaves all good traces of husk, bran and goodness of grains that leads to several health issues.
Dangers of eating white bread or ‘dead bread’ are described below:

Acidity: The whole grains such as wheat are acidic in nature. After going through the refine process, wheat flour becomes more acidic. Daily consumption of white bread leads to acid-alkaline imbalance in our body. This imbalance in our body counter attacks blood stream and increases the growth of bacteria, yeast, fungus, and molds. It starts rotting you from inside to outside, and damage tissue and cellular activities.

Mucus: One another big problem related to refined wheat grains is mucus. Mucus is considered as natural defense against acid. Eating more acidic food leads to excess mucus production, and causes poor digestion, nasal congestion, asthma and continual throat cleaning. Excess mucus coats the large intestine, kidney, and reduces their functioning power.

Harmful Microforms: By storing grains for long period of time, it starts fermenting in only three months. Refined wheat starts fermenting in less than 90 days period. So, if by mistake we eat old breads, then it damages our body with the harmful mycotoxins and microforms. It leads to several types of internal health problems.

Digestive illness: White flour is very sticky in nature, so when it is consumed in excess amount, it gets stuck on the lining of stomach. Due to sticky nature of white flour, it stays in stomach for long period of time. It starts fermenting in stomach, and makes colony of dangerous micro bacteria. This condition leads to different types of digestive problems.

Nutritionally Deficient: When grain flour is refined, it burns out all the nutrition in it. What remains is unhealthy nutrient deficient white flour. So, it is not at all healthy to eat. Quick list of vitamins and minerals that gets lost during the refining process are as follows:
  • 50% calcium
  • 80% iron
  • 50-80% B vitamins
  • 70% phosphorus
  • 98% magnesium
  • Vitamin E
  • 50% unsaturated fatty acids
Bleaching: Bleaching process of grains increases the toxic level of white flour. These bleaching ingredients are toxic in nature, and effects negatively on our overall health. It severely damages kidney and digestive system.

Flavorings: Artificial sweeteners and salt are added in the white flour to make it tasty. This artificial ingredients also effects negatively on our health.

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