Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Yogas to Stop Hair fall: Hair loss Prevention at home

Practice Yoga and stop hair fall naturally at home. Here are some yoga poses that can help you control and beat hair loss effectively.

Nowadays, hair fall has become quite a common problem for both men and women of all ages. Stress and hectic life is definitely one of the major causes of hair loss. Other factors that contribute to hair loss include hormonal disorders, genetic problems, pollution, bad eating habits, excessive use of styling products, smoking, etc. A number of products or medications are available in the market that promises to control hair fall, but these artificial products do not prove to be as effective as they’re promoted. Once you stop using them your hair starts falling again. So, instead of opting for artificial methods to prevent hair fall, it’s highly recommended to try an all natural method - yoga. Regular practice of some Yoga asanas can indeed help in combating hair loss. While it may not stop hair fall altogether, it will definitely reduce it to a great extent. And the best part is, doing these yoga poses will not only stimulate your hair growth but also rejuvenate your entire system - physically and mentally. Here are some effective asanas you could try to curb hair loss and improve hair growth.

Girl hair fall


Pavanmuktasana (also known as the wind relieving asana) aids in digestion and release of gas out of the body. And with a clean digestive system, you can rest assured that your hair will not fall out. The best part of Pawanmuktasana is that it is very easy to perform.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Foods that Make your Teeth like Iron

Make your teeth stronger by including some tooth-friendly foods in your diet along with your basic dental care.

Teeth not only help you in chewing food, but also give a perfect look to your face. That beautiful, million dollar smile on your face is a result of the perfect set of teeth you have. So to keep your teeth healthy, you follow basic dental care: brushing twice a day, flossing and visiting the dentist twice a year. But along with this basic oral care, a healthful diet is also an important factor that makes your teeth healthy and strong. There are certain foods that prevent cavities, tooth decay and bad breath as well as keep plaque at bay. Instead of limiting bad foods, try to include some tooth-friendly foods to your diet for optimum dental health. Here are some superfoods for teeth that make your teeth white and strong.

Superfoods for strong healthy teeth

Foods To Keep Your Teeth Strong

1. Cheese

Cheese is very beneficial for teeth. Cheese is loaded with calcium and phosphorous which replace minerals leached from the teeth through acidic damage. Casein, a protein found in cheese forms a thin layer on the tooth surface and thereby prevents damage. Cheese increases saliva production that helps to clear away food particles from your mouth. It also increases plaque-calcium concentration around the teeth as well as neutralizes plaque acid in the mouth. Consuming Cheddar, Swiss, Blue, Monterey Jack, Brie, Gouda, and processed American cheese after a meal and sugary drinks/snacks helps to prevent tooth decay.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fresh foods you should never keep in the refrigerator

To make food storage easy for you, simplify your confusion that which food needs to be refrigerated and which does not with scientific reasons in this article.
When your mother comes back from the grocery store, she starts to differentiate all fruits and vegetables at one side. From all those food items, your mother will put some of them in refrigerator and others in kitchen at room temperature. Have you ever thought or questioned your mother that why she doesn’t put all veggies in the refrigerator? So, let’s finish your curiosity about why every food is not stored in refrigerator. Some of the foods are needed to store in natural moderate temperature to increase its life and they do not need refrigerated temperature. Let’s find out the reason that why some of the veggies and fruits are needed to store in room temperature?

Fresh foods that you can store at room temperature

Tomatoes do not need to be put in refrigerator. Storing tomatoes in refrigerator effects on the ripping process and dilutes its taste. Real tart taste of tomatoes gets disturbed in cold temperature of refrigerator. In the moderated room temperature, tomatoes can stay fresh and edible for week long period. If you want to keep your tomatoes in refrigerator, then take out them from refrigerator before one hour to improve taste.

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