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Live in relationships vs Marriage: Pros & Cons

Live in relationships, also called as ‘cohabitation' is an alternative for marriage, by which two person of same or different sex can live together without any legal rights against each other. However it is more common in western countries than in India. It is a pure form of modern adultery which is formed purely on the pillars of fashionable and individual life style. Youth generation of today is more interested in cohabitation by which they can get a more friendly approach to their relationship. Youngsters accept cohabitation to flee from responsibilities and commitment or to explore each other’s life before marriage. Usually, it is accepted by the high classes’ society people.
Live in relationships vs Marriage: Pros & Cons
A proverb “marriage is happening in heaven” gives a very deep meaning of marriage. Marriage is one of the religious rituals by which two person of different sex gets committed for lifelong. Marriage can reinforce the family system and is very well accepted by the society. In Marriage system, even at the times of squabble, the couples are cooperated with each other. Due to the strong tradition and culture of India, it has the greatest family system all over the world as compared to the western countries. There is a very few good families in America, because they usually change their partners like changing clothes daily.
Live in relationships as well as marriages both have their own pros and cons.

Pros of Live in relationship over marriage

  • Freedom: This is the prime benefit of Live in relationship. In this, any of partners neither has to accept any obligations nor has to give up any rights. There is no commitment like marriage; relationship lasts longer if both of them are happy with each other. Live-in relationship offers personal freedom to partners compared to Marriage.
  • Responsibility: There is a very less load of responsibility as compared to marriage. Married people have to manage all the responsibility of family while cohabiters have only their own responsibility.
  • Easy to break-up: It takes a lot of effort and money to dissolve a marriage because it is a very strict and unassailable arrangement. Partners have to equally divide debt and family assets, to pay Lawyers and to make arrangements with respect to the children. But cohabiters can break their relation easily.
  • Rehearsal for a married life: Live-in is the perfect rehearsal of a married life. Partners know each other’s common interests and views on money, sex, religion, and politics.
  • Easy to change the partner: If partners could not satisfy or get bored seeing the same face every morning, then they can pack their bags any day and move out without doing any legal procedure.
  • No legal hassle: There are absolutely no financial complications, complex negotiations or legal hassle like marriages. The arrangements are similar to a dream come true, like have physical relations, live together, and move out when getting bored.

Pros of marriage over Live in relationship

  • Legal and Social recognition: It is the main benefit of marriage. Marriage is sheltered by the law and the society respects the relationship. While in Live in relationship, partners can not get this benefit and they don’t have their clearly defined obligations and rights. It is not fragile like live-in and can not dissolve at any point.
  • Emotional support and commitment: Married people give devotion and fidelity to their partners and they can share all their secrets with each other and also share their savings to buy possessions for the family. Live in relationships can not match the legal rights, social recognition and emotional support that provided by a marriage.
  • Unconditional sacrament: In Marriage, Husband and wife are compliant to each other and they prepare to die for each other so the depth of love is supreme. While Live in relationship is conditional compared to marriage.
  • Children’s development: If parents are cohabiting, then children’s emotional development is poorer compared to married ones. This is literally due to the high risk of parent’s break up. If they break up, the situation becomes complex with respect to their responsibility and custody of children.
  • Physical and sexual abuse: According to some estimates, aggression is at least two times more common among cohabiters then married, so cohabited women have to suffer more from physical and sexual abuse than married women.
  • Relationship with parents: Live in relationships may affect relations with parents. All parents give more support to marriage than the cohabitation. Many Cohabiters loose the support of their parents and family because some families consider that it is morally wrong.
  • Economic equality: Married couples are better in case of economic equality while cohabiters always try to protect their financial futures with separate bank accounts, personnel properties etc.


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Everything in the pros of marriage can be attained through a live in relationship, except the first point and the sixth point. The seventh point is completely false, you can't say that ALL cohabiters have separate bank accounts because they don't, I liked this post until it got up to the marriage part which is not specific to marriage and false facts. You let ma down John Clain.



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