Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fruits & Vegetables that make you Stronger

Good nutrition plays a vital role in preserving and boosting your immunity. A well-balanced diet plan with enough fruit and vegetables can help in several diseases such as cancer, heart disease etc. because it contains more vitamin C, fiber, and other important nutrients. Most of vegetables are naturally low in calories and fat. Fruits and Vegetables provide energy and help to balance glucose levels by burning fat calories instead of your muscle. Fruits and vegetables are also good source of magnesium and potassium. Mostly people are not aware about the nutritious foods that make them stronger.

Fruits & Vegetables that make you Stronger

Guava plays an important role in well balanced diet. Because it helps to control heart disease and remove constipation problem. It also helps to maintain sugar level or diabetes that's why it is considered as a best Herb.


The daily use of cauliflower helps to fight against birth defects and also it helps to boost immune system as well as to strengthen bones.

Spinach has more vitamins than any other vegetables. It fights against the skin and breast cancer. The other thing is that it has no cholesterol.


Carrot has more capacity to fight against diseases and increase the immunity. One bowl of carrot contains 52 calorie as well as no cholesterol. It proves very helpful for the growth of children. It is considerd as an efficacious to get protection against lung, skin, and mouth cancer. Carrot has more vitamin A so it increases the growth of bones and fights against infection.


It plays an important role to fight against toxic substances of the body. It contains the sulforaphane that can increase the production of antioxidant enzymes. It is a blood cleanser, eye strengthener, and muscle builder. It has more vitamins and fiber than any other vegetables.


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