Thursday, September 29, 2011

Harmful Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen and home appliances are important part of our lives. All of us use regular kitchen appliances daily. They make our lives easier, faster, hassle-free as well as save lots of time which is the most precious thing in this hectic lifestyle. Sometimes these kitchen appliances are potentially hazardous and can cause injuries from burns to severed fingers if they are not used properly. In America, every year 1 in 10 people gets injured at home where most of the cases take place in kitchen, the most dangerous room of our house. When kitchen appliances cause injuries due to malfunctions, you can seek compensation for your rehabilitation and medical bills from the manufacturer or seller. Here are provided the harmful kitchen appliances that you should use with a little extra care.

Harmful Kitchen Appliances:


If you don’t use the toaster properly, it can be dangerous. You should never use fork, knife or any other thing to remove the toast while it is unplugged in as you may get shock. If your toaster has worn or broken cord then it can deliver shock. If you have children in your house then you should keep your toaster unplug.

Gas/Electric Stoves

Kitchen stoves are among the most useful appliances in our home. They may cause burns and fires if not used properly. Always check your stove for leaks as well as don’t leave a stove unattended. Clean any food crumbs on stovetops as they can catch fire and be sure to keep the store paints, solvents and other chemicals away from the stove.


Dishwashers are dangerous especially for kids as they have sharp utensils, metal edges, hot water, etc. So if you have small children at your home then don’t let them to sit, stand, crawl, lie or play near dishwashers. Also, don’t leave them unattended with a running dishwasher. While opening the dishwasher you should be cautious as steam that emerges will be very hot. As per recent study, dishwashers contain harmful fungus which can cause systemic disease in human and often colonize the lungs of people suffering from cystic fibrosis.

Electric Mixers

Electric mixers are another harmful kitchen appliance. You should not put spoons and other kitchen tools in the running mixer blade as these things can break and the broken pieces can hit you in the face. The blades are extremely sharp and they can cause injury. You may get an electric shock so don’t clean the mixer when it is plugged in.

Microwave oven

Microwave oven is time saving and energy-efficient appliance which is often used in the kitchen. It is also dangerous as radiation seeps out from the seal of the door. So you should not let the children to stand near the microwave while it is on. You should keep the microwave at stable and safe place where the children cannot reach.

Deep Fat Fryers

Deep fat fryer is one more harmful kitchen appliance. Every year several deep fat fryer accidents take place in the home. You should not put water or any other liquid in the hot oil as these things turn to steam and the oil will explode. Be sure that you don’t leave fryer unattended as it can cause fire.


Yes, it is true that children should keep away from kitchen and if we talk about microwave then a improper use of it also effect nutrition of food.

With a lot of children in the house people generally don't pay much heed to where they should be let and which doors should be closed to them. Kitchen is one place where very small children shouldn't be brought because of such potentially harmful appliances for them. Though I was extra careful around things like dishwashers and ovens but you have expanded my list and I am thankful to you for this.

It's true that children should keep away from kitchen because it is one place where they can harm themselves.

These type of kitchen appliances are very much in trend these days are a must have in every modern kitchen. Induction cooking is faster and much more energy efficient type of cooking than traditional electric way of cooking. The induction cooktop only heats the utensil and allows instant cooking. This way of cooking also reduces the risk of burns because the surface of this burner heated from contact with the pan. Therefore, it is a perfect option for your kitchen if you have small kids.

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