Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Indian Tips for Healthy Memory Power

Nowadays, everyone is harassed due to their habit of forgetting. Many times people cannot memorize their relative’s address or telephone number; they forget where they left the book yesterday. Weakness of memory power is a common problem nowadays due to unhealthy diet. Many mothers have grievances that their kids obtain low marks in the exam due to the trouble of weak memory. Every one wishes to get success in this fast growing world. You can live more wealthy and satisfying life with strong mind. If you are suffering from this problem, then don’t be upset because plenty of simplest tricks to relieve this sickness are given in Ayurveda. You can improve your memory by following some interesting but very simple tips given below.

Indian Tips for Healthy Memory Power
Indian Tips for Healthy Memory Power
  • Mix the powder of cinnamon with 10gm of honey and lick it. This is a good medicine for weak mind.
  • Moist 7 pieces of almond overnight and crush it at morning after removing the peel. Boil this paste in at least 250 gm milk up to three effervescence. Then add 1 spoon ghee & 2 spoon sugar and drink it after cooling. Following this procedure up to 15-20 days gives a best improvement in the memory power.
  • Taking a mixture of coriander powder and 2 spoon honey daily is useful in improving the memory power.
  • Crush the moisten almond with Blackpepper and take it by chewing. Drink slightly warm milk after taking it.
  • Eat one apple daily.
  • Take one teaspoon Sankhapuspi powder with milk or sugar-candy daily up to 4 week.
  • Walnut is very helpful in improving the memory power. Take 20 gm Walnut with 10 gm raisins daily.
  • Insulin is very important to keep our mind sharp and active so minimize the use of sugar in diet as much as possible. Due to this reason, fish is very useful diet in improving the memory power.
  • Brain exercises are also helpful to boost the memory. You can exercise your mind by playing brain challenging games like Chess, Crosswords, Scrabble, Puzzles, Word puzzles and Video games, by reading, by watching thought-provoking movies, by learning to play a musical instrument, by learning a foreign language etc.
  • Sleeping is the easiest way to improve memory. Sleep helps to keep brain fresh and as a result, one will able to memorize more things than before.
  • Healthy diet is a key factor to keep the brain sharp.
    1. Green tea: Green tea is full of antioxidants which are great for a healthy mind.
    2. Fish: Fish is an ultimate brain food; for a healthy mind, eat fish few times a week.
    3. Fruits, veggies and Whole grains: This all are very important to keep mind active.
    4. Omega-3: Omega-3 amino acid which is mainly a content of fish oil is one of the best brain supplements.
    5. Soy protein: Soy proteins which are found in soy products and soy beans help in brain functions.
    6. Superfoods: Goji berries and blueberries both are superfoods. These are the greatest foods to eat for the most dietetic punch.
    7. Vitamins: Vitamin B complex supplements, Vitamin E or Vitamin C containing food is the ultimate brain booster.
    8. Water: Staying hydrated profits your brain by keeping you oxygenated and detoxified, so drink heaps of water.


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