Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sweet Benefits of Bitter Neem

Neem tree, also known as Margosa tree, is a native of India and it is India's best kept secret from very long time. Neem tree is very popular in India and also in all over world owing to its great medicinal benefits and other beneficial effects which have been acknowledged centuries ago. The botanical name of Neem is Azadirachta indica and it belongs to the family meliaceae. Neem tree is a part of everyone’s childhood stories as it is used to relieve itchiness while kids are suffering from chickenpox and also used to ward off mosquitoes by burning neem leaves. Yellow fruits and fresh green leaves of neem tree in front of the residence is a real blessing to each house as it defends the residents from any bacterial or viral attack by disinfecting the air.

Sweet benefits of Bitter Neem

This incredible bitter tree has abundant sweet benefits in the medical field as well as in food preservation, cosmetics, agriculture etc. Neem is known as magical tree from past 5000 years and is therapeutically utilized for the treatment of numerous skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and ringworm. It has antimicrobial and immune-boosting properties which is helpful to stimulate the growth of hair; so it is also used in the treatment of hair loss.

Sweet benefits of Bitter Neem
  • Make the paste of neem leaves by crushing it and apply on the face. It makes the face charming.
  • Mix 1 spoon neem leave’s powder, 1 spoon sandal powder, 2 spoon honey and rosewater with 1 bowl wheat flour. Application of this paste on face and neck is very helpful.
  • Neem is useful for the effective treatment of Eczema. Application of Neem leaf extract or neem oil on the affected area gives relief from the common symptoms of the eczema such as redness of the skin and itching.
  • Neem is helpful to cure pimples; which is the most common problem of young generation. Make a paste from equal amount of neem leaf, myrobalan and peel of pomegranate by grinding with milk. Application of this paste on pimple will effectively cure pimples.
  • Drinking of water which is previously boiled with neem leaves gives a cooling effect in body. It also helps in removing acne, marks and dark spots of face.
  • Daily intake of neem juice can protect you from health conditions like blood pressure and diabetes.
  • Face pack of neem is very useful to remove the marks and dark spots from face. Apply paste made from 4 to 5 crushed fresh neem leave, one spoon Fuller's earth and rosewater on your face daily. Wash the face with warm water after drying of it.
  • Bark of neem tree is also very useful. Cleansing of teeth by it removes bacteria from mouth, eradicate reek of mouth and also makes the teeth strong.
  • Placing of neem leaves in the container of grain protect the grain from pantry pest and other small insects.
  • Neem oil is the best medicine for treating psoriasis and chicken pox as per the ayurveda. Daily bath or drinking of water previously boiled with neem leaves is helpful to treat chicken pox and psoriasis. The neem leaves are also placed under the bedsheet of person suffering from chicken pox.
  • Neem oil can also be used to treat wrinkles, dry skin, itchy skin, dandruff, itchy scalps and other skin problems like ringworm, scabies, and scrofula.
  • Massage of neem oil on scalp is also useful to prevent the hair loss and dandruff due to its fungicidal and insecticidal property.


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