Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Food to store in Fridge & Pantry during Christmas Season

Get ready! Christmas is not much far, so holidays are just coming up. In these days, everyone is engaged with the tight schedule of preparing for parties and shopping lists. There is also a necessary to get reminder of staying healthy by eating well, with this busy schedules. Huffington Post Canada conversed with three dietitians Doug Cook, Natalie Brown and Cindy Black. They gave information about foods which you must have to store in pantries and fridges in this holiday season. All dietitians agreed that pre-planning for foods, using leftovers and buying in bulk are simple ways to stay on budget. The top ten food items which you must have to acquire for the months ahead are given here.

Food to store in Fridge & Pantry during Christmas Season

Frozen vegetables and fruits

Frozen vegetables can be utilized widely in many meals and canned fruits are ideal for desserts like smoothies or apple crisp. It comes in already chopped condition and this is another advantage of frozen food. So, buy canned fruits and frozen vegetables which are on sale or in season.

Canned Beans

Chickpeas or canned beans are leading ones for simple lunches and dinners. Try to purchase grocery store brands, if you want to save canned beans. According to a registered dietitian Natalie Brown, no name products can contain actually low calories, salt or fat.


By adding herbs, both Greek and plain yogurt can be turned into a dip easily. You can use both Greek and plain yogurt to make smoothies for a healthy dessert or snack. Addition of frozen fruit to smoothies is also recommended.


Eggs are not only nutritious, but you can also use them in many dishes. According to a Halifax dietitian Cindy Black, eggs are quick foodstuff for baking and meals.


Cheeses containing milk fat below 20% are ideal for holiday snacks when added to sandwiches, pastas or salads, or paired with crackers. If you want to save on expenses, buy cheese blocks rather than pre-packaged grated cheese.

Root Vegetables

Root vegetables are very nutritious and they provide many different options. You can try one-pot meals such as casseroles, soups or stews by use of them.


Rice is a chief foodstuff during the holidays and for many cultures.  Rice can be used as a main dish or side dish. It can also be used in casseroles. It can be used in addition to many meals.

Deli Meats

Keep fresh deli meats in your fridge. It is the average option for quick finger foods and sandwiches, dinners and lunches. If you want, then buy sliced chicken and turkey specifically, as recommended by Brown.

Canned Tuna

According to Cook, Tuna is one more healthy topping for salads and sandwiches. Tuna and crackers are starters for casual get-togethers or even forever popular snacks for kids.


Oatmeal is a tastier and healthier option than store-bought stuffs, in case of baking. Black says; try to make fruit crisps or muffins, rather than high-calorie desserts.

Source: huffingtonpost.ca


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