Wednesday, November 2, 2011

No Shave November started to raise awareness about Male Cancers

Human mind has created a different definition for every month of year in many different ways. For instance, May for blooming of trees and the ending of school, June for the burning sun and days spent on the lake and December for family and holidays. Just like that, November is known as the no shave month. No Shave November or Movember is a prostate cancer awareness campaign and it was begun in Australia in 2003. This event holds a competition for men to grow their beard.

No Shave November started to raise awareness about Male Cancers

Goals of Movember event
The main goal of this annual event is to collect the donation which will be provided to charitable organization. This campaign raises awareness for prostate cancer, testicular cancer and other male cancers by giving a charity to some social organization. This year, the donation will be provided to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.
How No Shave November or Movember works?

For the entry in this competition, first competitors need to shave their beard as clean as possible on 31st October. The competitors register at on 1st November with clean-shaven faces to enter in the competition. Shavers are abandoned for the rest of the month until the judges appraise their beard and the men will be known as "Mo Bros".

The competition includes some categories such as best mustache and most hair. It has growing rules such as mustache handlebars can not join the chin and the mustache can not touch sideburns. Competitors are supported by the "Mo Sistas, women in their lives." Mo-sistas traditionally attend Movember events, support their men and recruit mo-bros. The Mo Bros of Movember raise funds through seeking sponsors for Mo-growing efforts. The Movember will award prize drawings to contestants who raise money. The funds raised at Movember will support research for prostate cancer and other male cancers.

‘No shave November’ ending is celebrated with a ritual hair removal and festivity.

Movember becomes a global movement which has inspired above 1.1 million men, since the 1st movement started in Melbourne, Australia. There are formal campaigns of Movember in Australia, U.S., New Zealand, UK, Canada, the Netherlands, the Finland, South Africa, Ireland and Spain. Movember also have participants from Rio de Janeiro to Mumbai, Hong Kong to Antartica, Russia to Dubai, and everywhere in between.

With the support of more than 64,500 Mo Bros and Mo Sistas, Movember of 2010 has raised 7.5 million US dollars.


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