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10 Unhealthy Dating Patterns and How to overcome from them

Are you a victim of Unhealthy Dating Patterns??? If yes, then here you can know the reasons behind them as well as the solution to overcome these Unhealthy Dating Patterns. Lack of knowledge in relation to dating leads you to the unhealthy romantic patterns. Many people commit a common mistake of dating their first crush. It is not always true that the one, who is good looking, tall, dark and handsome, will be good at heart, lovable, loyal and concerned for you. Similarly, each and every one smart, good-looking and glamorous girl may not be full of good qualities, all the times. Next step, after choosing a perfect girl or guy to date is the correct way to date. Let’s have a look on some serious issues regarding Unhealthy Dating Patterns.
10 Unhealthy Dating Patterns and How to overcome from them

10 Unhealthy Dating Patterns and ways to overcome them


Fantasy is such a sensation that can’t be controlled, nevertheless one has command over his or her feelings. Fantasies are only for immature kids who love to play with toys. Therefore, it will be wise to think practically while choosing your perfect spouse for date. When you place someone on a platform and live in a fantasy world, it generally ends with disappointments. The simple way to overcome this problem is to be realistic and not lighthearted. It doesn’t mean to be hopeless only, you have to be less demanding. Stop dreaming about your idol boy or girl and wake up to see the reality. Never slip on to the charming personnel, try to look up for good-hearted person.

Investigate about the person

First of all; try to know the person whom you are willing to date. Examining the person is the very important step before dating him/her. It does not mean that you have to investigate like a police. You must treat him/her like a friend. As you inquire about a friend, similarly, you should inquire about your date. Sharing of the events occurred in both of your lives will be proved helpful to both of you to be friendly with each other.

Dating successful men of your field in place of being successful

Dating your senior in the company where you work is the unhealthy way of dating. This may obstruct your progress. You should not forget that you’re still in competition with them. You should not blindly believe your partners as you have not been assured that he/she also deems you. The consequence of your stupidity can spoil your career.

Waiting for your spouse to call

The major reason behind the fights of the couples is their self-esteem. It compels them to wait for the next one to call. Egoism is the mere hindrance in making your relationship strong. Apologizing for the fight or calling your partner first can help you to hold your relationship tightly. However, it is believed that forgiveness is the best way to sort out obstacles in the affairs. Hence, never wait for your date to call you; this is the only way to overcome unhealthy Dating Patterns.


Never be possessive for your lover; initially it may not affect your relationship but later on, this grub can harm your relationship. Showing concern for your beloved is healthy but crossing the boundaries is unhealthy.


All the times, try to be honest in front of your beloved. Never try to show-off, because it may hit your ever lasting relationship. Why to be dishonest to the one with whom you are willing to date? Share the happiness as well as the troubles of your daily life with him/her. Don’t misunderstand it, you are not supposed to open all the pages of your book; simply share the relevant information.


Many of you relay on your date without knowing their profile. The most important rule is not to relay on your date as he/she may ditch you anytime. Don’t start dreaming to lead your whole life with your date unless you get confirmation from them.

Break ups

Stop creating hype, when somebody ditch you. Mainly, females get more stuck by such messy situations because of their emotional character. Break up is the serious matter that hits people badly. Many people get engaged with the person whom they are dating and when the moment of break-up comes they collapse. They get disappointed from their life due to which they disengage themselves from all the matters. The best remedy for this is to forget the ex and move further.

Sustain Relationship

The preferable way to sustain relationships is to be trustworthy and frank with your partner. Try to know about each other’s likes, dislikes, desires etc. The usual practice done is to tell your opinions. Instead of being dominating, try to consult him/her.


Try to change your bad habits due to which you face Unhealthy Dating Patterns as it affects your profile and spoils your image. God has given all of us some strength and some weaknesses. It’s our duty to polish our strengths and convert our weaknesses to our strengths.

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