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Easy Ideas to Look like a Celebrity

Celebrities are very glamorous and stylish personalities who have great influence in common people’s life. Being glamorous is one of the best compliments for a woman. But there exist a misconception among many people that being glamorous is defined as fashionable, wearing expensive jewelries and wearing designer clothes, so only rich people can be glamorous who have enough money to buy the glamour. But being glamorous is possible even without any expensive stuff. With the help of some interesting changes in one’s life style, anyone can become attractive and stylish like a celebrity. Check out here some easy ideas for looking like a celebrity including dressing tips, makeup tips and hairstyle tips.
Easy Ideas to Look like a Celebrity
There are quite a few things that will help you to become stylish and gorgeous:

Dressing tips

The dress you select must be well-proportioned to your body and must suit you. Always stay away from oversize dresses which will hide your body features. You don't have to carry on everyone's style, keep your own style! Be yourself!!!! Keep in mind the following points while dressing to feel good and glamorous:
Easy Ideas to Look like a Celebrity
1). No need to buy very expensive outfits to look glamorous. But they must be of good quality. Try to be unique and stunning. For this, the best thing is mix and match, so never buy whole set of outfit and instead try different colored jackets, tops and pants.

2). Always do altering of clothes according to your body shape.

3). You can accessorize the outfit with the help of a smart pair of sunglasses, stylish and big bangles, big earrings, colorful scarves, cute necklaces, etc. A huge handbag can also enhance your glamour.

4). If you don’t have enough money for a branded shirt or a top, don’t worry!!! Just buy a plain v-neck t-shirt and wear a long necklace to get the same branded look in low budget.

5). A knee high boots would be a perfect choice with a pair of jeans and a top along with a jacket.

6). Grab the attention of all people present in a special occasion like parties, by wearing a flowing skirt or a strapless black or angelic white dress along with a footwear with high heel or flat sandal.

Makeup tips

Makeup can enhance your beauty but never do over makeup. To get the effect of makeup, always keep your skin clean by washing your face twice a day and remove the dirt along with black and white heads by scrubbing at least once in a week. And don’t forget to moisturize your skin every night. Always choose the beauty products according to your skin type - a normal skin, oily skin, dry skin or sensitive skin.
Easy Ideas to Look like a Celebrity
For face:

The basic make up things for face are foundation, concealer, blush and powder.

1). Foundation: Choosing the right shade and method of application is the most important thing. Foundation must be changed with the changing seasons as your skin color changes. Foundation must be applied with finger tip or sponge of triangle shape to reach even the corner of eyes and nose. Foundation can also do the job of eye shadow by improving the lid’s tone. Be careful while using any liquid foundation, always use after shaking it nicely. Use primers moisturizer to make the fine lines invisible and also for smooth application of makeup.

2). Concealer: The main aim of a concealer is to hide the dark area under the eye. It must be applied with the help of a brush or a wand and you should not rub it with your hands as it may cause irritation. Be sure to look natural by maintaining your skin tone. And cover all dark spots with it, by blending it with your ring finger.

3). Blush: Always use blush to show up the shape of your face. It depends on one’s skin tone as well as the width of the face. For a wide face, use bright colors on the cheeks and brown or bronze color on the rest of the face to highlight the contours. For a oily skin, use blush with creamy texture. And with dry skin, use normal powder blush.

For eyes:

Eyes can be made bigger and attractive with eyeshadows, mascara, brows, pencils and liners.

1). Eyeshadow: Never use eyeshadow that matches your eye color, instead use contrast color to get a stunning look. Application is done with an eyeshadow brush. The shades which are best suited for light eyes are brown, taupe and bronze, while for dark eyes, suited colors are blue, purple, green and gray. Method of application differs for a day and for night time. In day time, the eyeshadow is applied from lash line to crease and blend the shade into crease and slightly above it. While for evening, draw a dark line with a pencil close to lash line and sweep a light shadow from base of lashes to brow bone. Then blend them after applying a deeper shade in creases.

2). Mascara: Use mascara to make your lashes long and attractive. Always apply coat of mascara on top lashes rather than lower lashes to get a casual look. After applying a regular coat, use one extra coat on the upper lashes to get a stunning look. During the day time, brown and black-brown is best suited for a casual look. At the same time, black or very black is best for a striking look and it can match with most of the eye shadow color. If you want your natural lashes to shine more, go and opt for the clear one.

3). Brows: Choose the brow pencil color that suits your hair color. For example - honey colored brown pencil is best for red heads’ brows, light brown pencil is best for blondes brows.

4). Pencils and liners: The color of the liner and pencil must be chosen according to the color of eyes. For brown eyes, dark brown or cocoa colored liners are best suited and for blue eyes, brown or navy liners are best. While for green eyes, light brown or a camel colored liner must be used.

For lips:

An attractive pair of lips is very important to make you look beautiful. The selection of color plays a vital role in this. The basic make up things for lip are lip liner, lip balms, lipsticks and lip gloss.

1). Lip liner: Your lips can be made of attractive shape by drawing an outline perfectly with a lip liner.

2). Lip balms: By using a lip balm, you can keep your lips smooth and soft. It can also give you protection from sun. Beauty experts suggest using of lip balms daily to keep them moisturized.

3). Lipsticks: After drawing a perfect outline on lips, add an amazing shade on it with lipstick. The color must be chosen such that it suits your skin complexion.

4). Lip gloss: You can give a grand look by applying lip gloss on your lipstick. It also nourishes your lip.

Hairstyle tips

To look glamorous, you must keep the hair clean by washing and conditioning them regularly. Make sure that hair is always hydrated and not dried completely, so the light bounces off it. The hairstyle must be selected according to your facial width and shape. Take a look on some trendy hairstyles for you to look glamorous:
Easy Ideas to Look like a Celebrity
1). Curl hairstyles: Wet the hair with a texturizing spray and then blow dry while shaking out your hair with fingers. Make a center part and back comb slightly at the very top of your head. Take the lower part of a one inch section with styling spray and wrap around a large curling iron, now hold for a few seconds so that the curl is set. Repeat the process by taking alternate curl direction in back and on the sides. Lastly run fingers through hair to break up the curls.

2). Bobs: Apply small amount of styling lotion on the wet hair. Blow dry in 2-inch sections using a vent brush to lift roots and the building volume. With the help of a small round brush, curl 2 inch sections of hair, alternating each time. Apply a dab of pomade on your fingers to pinch the ends and make a piece-y texture. Finish with a light hairspray for the holding of hairstyle.

3). Straight hairstyles: Wet the hair with a small amount of lightweight styling lotion. Blow dry in 2-inch sections of hair with the help of a round brush, turning it many times to add slight roundness to the length. Then make a side part. Apply some drops of shine serum onto your both hands and then run your palms over your hair to smooth the surface and eliminate the crisp curls.

4). Layers: Blend a small amount of leave-in conditioner and straightening cream along with some drops of shine serum apply on the wet hair. Blow dry in 2-inch sections straight with a paddle brush. Then apply some drops of shine serum onto your hands and then run your palms over the hair to smooth them and eliminate crisp curls.

5). Braids and Twists: Wet the hair with a texturizing spray and then blow dry them. Along your hairline, make a three strand braid by taking a three inch wide section from one side and pin them. Remaining hair is gathered into a tight updo. And the last step is to hairspray, to hold the hair style.


Yes, I'm one of those people who would want to look like their favorite celebrity at one point of their lives. It's good to know what these celebrities are using and to also know the alternative if you can't have them.

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