Monday, February 6, 2012

Alternatives of foods you should never eat

Everybody wants a healthy and fit body. For a healthy and fit body, two options are there either you exercise or follow a diet plan. When we talk to a person about dieting, normally they suppose it to be about starving and not eating properly. But it is not like that. It may not be easy to control some of your vicious habits when you start but once you become used to it you will notice how good it is for you. And definitely you don't have to divest yourself of the good tasting foods.
Alternatives of foods you should never eat
It is just about a few simple replacements in your food habits, and you will surely gain a healthy and fit body. Just try the five substitutions in your food habits to get amazing benefits. And, yes it is not a compromise with the taste; you just have to be a little cautious.

1, Avoid white bread:

Basically white bread is a refined carb, which gets converted to sugar quickly by the body. It also has a minimal nutritional value. Even the diet or "lite" versions of this bread are not good enough, though they have smaller amount of calories than the regular white bread. It gets digested more quickly hence leaving you feel hungry again much earlier. So avoid white bread even in your sandwiches.

Try sprouted grain bread:

As a substitute of white bread, you can have sprouted bread. It is made up of sprouted wheat grains. It is full of nutrients and is easy to digest. They also do not have added preservatives to extend the shelf life so they are often kept in the freezer. With being healthy for the body, it tastes great. So you can make your yummy sandwiches from it.

2, Avoid fried food:

Fried food tastes wonderful! But how many times you think about your health while eating it? The fried food is the biggest enemy of health as it is full of fats and calories with a zero nutritional value. Not just avoid, but stop these deep fried food items from your breakfast, lunch and dinner. It will help you get healthy fit and of course slim.

Try baked food:

It may be really tough to stay away from your favorite fried foods. But you cannot compromise with your health. Then what to do? It is quite simple; eat your favorite fried food in the baked or grilled form. If you want to have French fries, use sweet potatoes. Add a little olive oil and sprinkle a pinch of salt and cook them in an oven. You will get your yummy and crispy French fries.

3 Avoid creamy salad dressing:

Whether on a diet or not; people regularly take salads and of course they are quite healthy too. But how many times have you worried about the creamy dressing on your healthy salad? The healthy salad soaked in the fattening creamy dressing is of no use for your good health as the dressing is full of fats and calories. Avoid this yummy yet highly unhealthy dressing.

Try vinegar dressing:

Avoiding the creamy salad dressing does not mean that you cannot have any salad dressing. Instead, you can add a vinegar-based dressing. Take some vinegar, add fresh lemon juice, salt and pepper to it. Add some dried herbs according to your taste. You can also add a small amount of olive oil. This dressing will add an amazing flavor to your salad. Also it is low in fat and calories.

4, Avoid white rice:

White rice is low in fiber and so it gets digested quickly leaving you hungry very soon. Also it is loaded with Glycemic, which will rapidly direct the body for storing fat. Hence it can make you fat and unhealthy. It even has a minimum nutritional value.

Try brown rice:

The health benefits of brown rice cannot be measured. It is a whole grain that means it has a large amount of fiber. It has thrice the amount of fiber as compared to white rice. It is full of vitamin B and other important nutrients that will keep you feel fuller for long time. So you should definitely opt for brown rice instead of that large pile of white rice.

5, Avoid sugar:

Sugar is a synonym to anti-fitness food. It is the enemy of diet. Quitting sugar does not mean that you can switch to artificial sweeteners. Here, Sugar includes the artificial sweeteners, which are really hazardous for human health. Still it is the toughest of all to avoid this sweet item. When you start working on your foods to avoid list, the first thing must be sugar.

Try fruits:

Fruits are the most natural food items for humans. Fresh fruits are rich source of fiber and also have high water content. Eat fruits that are grown in your own field as the fruits and fruit juices available in the market may contain chemicals, which are bad for your health. Stay away from dried fruit as these are high in calories.


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