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Good foods for better mental focus

Distraction from work has become a problem for every next person in this generation. Generally the mind of an individual might wander in number of different places while working due to stress and work load, which finally results in low mental functioning and less work productivity. The diversion of mind from the work to different personal matters is the result of less mental focus and disorganized mind. The problem of distraction can be solved by stimulating the body with healthy brain foods. There are some foods that can be consumed daily to increase your mental focus.

Good foods for better mental focus

The power of the mind to focus on a particular object or think about particular incident is called a mental focus. Sometimes, many things come simultaneously in the mind which mess up the mind and creates disturbance and stress in mind. In day to day life, mental focus is the necessity to perform our daily work efficiently and if the mind gets disturbed then it becomes difficult to handle the daily life smoothly. Whether you work at office or prepare for examination or even do household works; mental focus is the key requirement to carry out the work effectively. Mental focus is the activity of brain that can even help to increase the brain ability. So, it is important to consume such foods that can improve the effectiveness of brain.

Add foods to increase the mental focus in daily diet

Whole grains

Vitamin B6 and B12 enriched whole grains namely popcorn, cereals, whole-wheat, brown rice, etc. are the very good source to enhance mental focus, memory and function of brain. Brain depends on the blood flow in the body; by eating whole grains the flow of the blood is balanced and the brain runs faster. Regular intake of whole grains in breakfast helps to improve the mental attentiveness and also essential flow of blood. Eating cereals with milk and whole-wheat with eggs benefits more to increase the focus of mind.

Green leafy vegetables

Green vegetables comprise folic acid that is essential to increase the concentration of mind and keep away the mental diseases. Green leafy vegetables like spinach defend the oxidative stress from attacking brain. Broccoli is full of vitamin K that can boost brain functions. It is good to start a day with green vegetables. The study has proved that those who eat green vegetables daily, especially leafy, have a mental focus equally efficient to their five-year juniors. It is suggested to add a plate of salad during lunch time and some fried spinach at dinner, which will increase the mental strength.


Yogurt is rich in protein. It contains tryptophan in very less quantity whereas this element is present in more quantity in most of protein rich foods. Tryptophan is amino acid, which has ability to make anyone drowsy. Yogurt is the best option to cool your nerves as it is low in Tryptophan and also low in fat. Even Yogurt controls weight.

Gum - boost memory

By chewing a gum stick, one can decrease stress and nervousness. Gum can speed up the mind to perform the work and increase the mental concentration. A single stick of the gum can refresh the breath due to which mind works faster. Consuming a single stick daily can save an individual from a visit to doctor for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The scientific research found that munching frequently helps psychologically.


Coffee can make the mind more energetic. Caffeine specially works to reduce the aging process and boost the short-term memory. It also reduces the risk of heart diseases. People those who consume caffeine in the form of one cup of coffee possess improved attention, high decision making power and analytic skills. Caffeine is capable of refreshing the mood and influences the mind.


The process of reducing the free radical damage which takes place with increasing age helps to enhance memory and it is possible by adding Anti-oxidants in the diet. The finest antioxidants that improve memory are mostly found in berries like strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. The other memory enhancing foods which hold anti-oxidants are oranges, avocados, beets, brussel sprouts, spinach, plums, tomatoes, soy, cherries and red bell peppers. Different colorful fruits and vegetables have various antioxidants that are able to nurture and guard the brain.

Fatty acids

Fat is one of the important components of the brain, which is essential for appropriate nerve function. Omega-3 fatty acids are the main part of the fats present in brain that helps to perform the activities of brain properly. Omega-3 fatty acids are present more in walnuts, olive oil, fish, beans, nuts, flax seeds, etc. One should add at least 2% of calories from such foods in their regular total calories consumption. Brain functions to produce supplementary neurons and try to join itself for which Omega-3 is needed in good quantity.


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