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Tips to Eating Curd to get benefits and stay away from its Dangers

Do you know that all the dairy products are loaded with hordes of nutritional values and supply a lot of health benefits? That is not all, they also add flavor if used in the preparation of other food items. Hence, the dairy products are considered as a significant part of the diet of human beings. Curd or yogurt is one kind of such dairy product, which has loads of nutritional values and provides numerous health benefits. The stomach problems are increasing gradually day by day owing to the fast food dependent life of today’s generation. As curd has zero sugars, zero carbohydrates and zero trans fats, it is a healthy alternative to the fast foods and junk foods if you want to avoid them. People bothered with the stomach problems can get better by taking curd in appropriate amount. Regular consumption of curd is very beneficial to thwart many therapeutic conditions. Curd contains friendly bacteria, which benefits our body in many ways.

Tips to Eating Curd to get benefits and stay away from its Dangers
Curd is prepared from milk by the process of fermentation and it is a rich source of vitamins, proteins and calcium contents. It is believed that the curd is loaded with more nutritional values than the milk. It is very beneficial for strengthening the immune system, improving the digestive system, coping with stomach problems, dealing with osteoporosis, reducing the risk of high blood pressure and coping with high level of cholesterol. It is very helpful for purifying blood & for keeping digestive system healthy. Consumption of curd is proven beneficial for individuals suffering from dysentery and vaginal infection. Due to the 20% calcium content, it assists to get strong bones.

Though there are lots of benefits of curd, it is also essential to take some caution in the consumption of it to get the maximum benefits and to stay away from its dangers. Go through the tips provided in this article and if you will try to consume curd by bearing these tips in mind, then it will prove as elixir for you.

How eating Curd can be advantages instead of disadvantageous

1, Keep in mind that the curd should be used fresh always because stale curd can cause a range of troublesome side effects including diarrhea, vomiting, and abdominal cramping. For the best preservation of curd, store it in the refrigerator.

2, Avoid the consumption of curd along with beef because they are considered as contrary foods, and not good for health.

3, By daily consumption, the impact of it provide pacification to our body, and it is very beneficial.

4, If you want to eat curd at night, then it must be taken with pepper, salt, sugar or honey.

5, If you have taken curd at night, then you should brush your teeth because some of the acid and bacteria in curd can produce a certain amount of damage on teeth.

6, Having buttermilk made from curd after the meals is proven as advantageous in the digestion of food.

7, Curd is considered as stool binder for the patients of diarrhea, so eating curd is beneficial for them. But on the other hand, it is also regarded as constipation generative food in the normal aspects, so do not take in excess amounts.

8, Always give a fresh curd to your kids as it is proven to eradicate the stomach-related disorders in them.
9, Avoid eating curd if you are suffering from fever, tonsils, cough or asthma.

10, The diabetic patients are suggested to forbear on the consumption of curd.

11, Prepare and consume the lassi of curd, when the hot winds blow in summer. It alleviates paucity of water in body and provides energy.

12, You should consume curd very cautiously, if you are suffering from any skin disease.

13, If you are taking any antibiotic, then taking it along with curd is very beneficial as it decreases or thwarts the incidence of antibiotic-related diarrhea.

14, The patients of piles are advised to avoid the consumption of curd.

15, Taking one or two cups of curd per day is appropriate for the health, but taking too much curd can cause hyperacidity, resulting in reduced appetite, disturbed secretion of digestive enzymes of gastric mucosa, and bothered electrolyte balance of human body.

16, If you are trying to lose weight, choose low-fat curd made from cow's milk.


Excellent info sir. I have just started consuming curd made of pure milk, and I can already notice its benefits for my body and stomach. However, I have a doubt. When I take curd, my mind tends to become inactive or heavy for sometime. Why does it happen? Is it normal that way?


I also started reducing my weight

@Gaurav: Curd is actually good for mind. Most south Indians end a meal by eating rice mixed with curd. In the West, yoghurt is a dessert usually eaten frozen or with fruit, and yoghurt made from low-fat milk is a health food. Yoghurt's tartness makes it a perfect matrix for sweet banana slices, fresh or frozen berries, grapes and pineapple slices.

Curd, more so made from Cow's milk, is very good for human health. It strengthens the immune system of the entire body specifically the digestive system. When digesting is good so many ailments like Diabetes, Cholesterol, high B.P etc do not strike the body. In South India Rice with Curd is fed to children right from age one. It is so good, natural and beneficial.

sir ,iam living in maldives,here cow milk curd not available,so we r making curd by using milk there any negativ effect for this?

Faaak! I have piles and my doctor told me to eat curd for my diarrhea. What the faaak! I am conflicted.

My son 3 yr old has bed wetting problem I HV started giving him curd at night with salt and pepper mixed.....avoiding milk at night which I used to is OK??? Its been 4 days DAT he control at night


Giving curd at night with honey, pepper is okay. It doesn't create any problem, But if you are worried about bed wetting and avoid to give milk then I suggest one special home remedy that cure bed wetting.

Natural home remedy using milk, fennel seeds and sugar to cure bed wetting

1. Take 1 glass warm milk
2. Add 1 tsp fennel seeds
3. Take 4 tbsp of sugar
4. Add 1 glass of water to this sugar
5. Heat this mixture till it becomes a thick syrup
6. Add 2 tbsp of this sugar syrup to the milk
7. Mix well
8. Drink this everyday

What time of the day one should take curd - Mornining, Noon or Evening?

In empty stomach, before lunch, with lunch or after lunch?

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