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Latest Bikini Trends in 2012

There is a myth that only celebrities are prone to wear Bikinis but it’s not true; even sporty girls can startle everyone by wearing Bikinis. There are varieties of swimsuits that can match your image if you belong to the group wearing Bikinis. Every year variety of swimsuits enter the market and many gets confused with the best quality and well-suited swimsuits for them and there are some ladies who have the attitude that swimsuits will not suit them. Are you planning a trip to somewhere near beachside? Then include some well-designed and comfortable bikinis in your brief-case. But here are given some great quality latest swimsuits of 2012 that can fit all the ladies - may be the celebrity or even those who wear bikinis.

Latest Bikini Trends in 2012

Bikini with trendy Bird Print

Bird Print is more demanded in bikinis. There are threads to tie at the back as well as strips of the neck. The bird print is on the top as well as bottom. The back hips cover is medium sized so not uncomfortable. You can enjoy the nature and swim at the beach after wearing this swimsuit. Get this bird print at; where the top and the bottom of bikini will cost $29.50 each.

Bikini with Athletic spirit

Enjoy your swim by wearing a sporty two-piece bikini that makes you confident. The sporty black and blue bikini gives the cool athletic look on the beach. It gives comfort during the swim. The high pony suits well with this sporty bikini. This bikini will cost $125 at

Historical Tribal Print Bikini

Different colors can be combined easily in the tribal print to create the innovative combination. The tribal print is an enduring swim design that has been well-known for swimsuit. This swimsuit with tribal print has totally lined design. The top of the bikini has a back closing strip and a detachable strip. The bottom has a necessary covered stuff. The tribal print bikini gives you a sensual look. Visit to buy the colorful tribal bikini at $194.

Bikini with Patchwork

Bikini with patch work makes your mood funny. The look of the bikini depicts the retro style wonderfully. The top as well as the bottom of bikini has the design of patchwork polka dots. This bikini also has the top with detachable shoulder strips. You can get this bikini at worth $195.

Apple Print on Swimsuit

An Apple print bikini gives a young look because of its heart shaped print. The top of the bikini is availed with the removable pads as well as hook on the back. The bikini comes with the bottom printed with the same apple print. Look out for the Apple print bikini at The top and the bottom can be bought separately for $10.80 and $9.80 respectively.

Latest Bikini Trends in 2012

Bikini with cool Neon panel

This Neon paneling bikini has pink and blue printed microfiber with yellow border. It is strip less as well as has tie at the back. The bottom of the suit is multi-colored same as the top with yellow border but the distinguishing feature is the full hips coverage provided in the bottom. The swim suit is available at affordable price. You can get this stylish bikini at The top and bottom costs $85 individually.

Layered Ruffle Print on Bikini

The Ruffle print has a unique frills layered at the underwire cups. The strips provided with the top are separable, so can be used according to your comfort. Top has buckle closure at the back and changeable spaghetti bands. The bottom contains the same print and has a usual look. Now you will not have to search out for this bikini as you can buy it from The top and the bottom of this swimwear are available separately. The top and the bottom is priced $110 and $93 accordingly.

Orange Crush Bikini

The orange crush bikini has a triangle cups with strips to tie at the back and spaghetti strips to tie at the neck. The bottom of the swimsuit also contains the threads to wear at the sides. The print of the bikini gives the graceful look to you. You can get the top and bottom separately at for $98 and $91 respectively.

Glamorous Bikini in Black and White

The black and white color combination of the bikini gives the sporty, bold and glamorous look. It has a scuba gear’s smooth appearance. The top of the bikini has cups without pads. It further has a zip shown at the front and boning at the sides. The black and white swimsuit is incorporated with stylish cuts and tightly fitted outlines. This sporty and sensual bikini can be grabbed from for $395.

Latest Bikini Trends in 2012

Retro Style Bikini

The two-piece lovely bikini with floral print on it looks really beautiful. The design of this bikini is of retro style. After wearing this bikini, you will have a positive attitude as it is comfortable and delivers comfort to enjoy the swim at beach. The bikini is also easily washable. The top and the bottom will cost around $50 and $40 respectively, if you buy it from

Geometric Print Bikini

The triangle top with geometric print and a knot to tie up at the neck and back are more comfortable to wear. The top has removable pads, so you can use it according to your preference. The bottom has the open sides. You can catch this geometric printed bikini at The top and bottom of the swimwear is priced $70 and $68 respectively.

Fashoinable Bikini

Hang on to the stylish bikini with sea-side print. The strips available with the top are stretchable. The bikini has a retro style look. This kind of bikini was seen at Coney Island beach. The attractive strip of the top seems like jewelry. The overall appearance of the bikini is very fashionable. You can catch this bikini at The top and the bottom of the swimsuit costs $69.83 each.

Bikini with Floral Print

The floral printed bikini has detachable strips. Two sets of strips are provided with the bikini. The top has soft padded cups. The bottom has required coverage at the back. You can buy it online from The top will cost $62 and bottom will cost $58.

Latest Bikini Trends in 2012

Photo Print Swimwear

The bikini with photo print has very unique design, and available in different prints like toucan print and palm leaf. The top has smooth cups fitted with pads. The back of the top has a yellow colored zip and strips. The bottom is stretchable, so fits the body. It is available in small, medium and large sizes. You can directly shop this bikini from for $207.

Bikin with famous Hawai Print

Hawaiian bikinis are well handcrafted and hot bikinis of high quality, which are also available in different sizes and colors. The top has a triangle cups with the Hawaiian design. The string is availed at the neck and the back. Pads are inserted in the top along with the lining. The bottom has minimum coverage. The overall look of the bikini is stylish. The top will cost around $29.50 at


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