Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How to Enjoy Summer without fear of Sun Heating

Summer, a dreadful but still charming season, is gradually moving toward us. Actually, it is the time to have a fun by going out with friends, but most people prefer to stay indoors whole day due to the fear of Sun Heating effects on the body. Summer is a pleasant season of year and it also has its own charm; so just because of Sun Heating fear, we can't afford to stay indoors throughout the season. Want to enjoy this summer fully without the fear of any sun heating problems??? Go through this article and follow the tips to get your pleasure from the summer.

How to Enjoy Summer without fear of Sun Heating
1, Consider Three Essential Treatments:

Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing are these 3 treatments. All of 3 are diminutive yet essential treatments that our skin requires daily, more significantly during the summer. Cleansing removes impurities and dead cells from your skin, toning tightens your skin, and moisturizing makes your skin soft and supple. During the summer season, make sure to use a lighter, oil-free, water-based moisturizer rather than heavy cosmetics. As well as, replace your heavy eye cream with a lighter serum.

2, Switch to Sunscreen:

In summers, it is very essential to take a proper care of our skin. Whenever you’re going, don’t forget to apply a good water-resistant sunscreen having at-least SPF 15, for protecting your skin from detrimental UV rays emitted by the sun. Apply sunscreen on dry skin for about minimum 15 minutes ahead of going outdoors, as well, it should be reapplied after swimming or perspiring.

3, Opt For Water Proof Make-Up:

Obviously, no one like that the mascara is running down on her cheek along with her perspiration! Would you??? This is a common summer problem but you can’t evade the make-up products because of this minute problem, particularly if your profession insists you to wear make-up! So ensure to opt for some good water-proof kajals, eye-liners, mascara, and lip sticks.

4, Prefer Anti-Frizz Serum for Hair:

Summer knocks the door with some common hair troubles like split ends and hair fall. Want to keep your hair stylish and healthy even in summer??? Make sure to use a good shampoo, conditioner and especially an anti-frizz serum and maintain your hair chic and healthy even in summer.

5, Cover Yourself Properly Whenever You Escape In the Sun:

The time between 12pm to 3pm is the hottest time during a summer days. It is most important to cover your body properly whenever you go out in hot summer days.
  • You should cover your head with wide-brimmed sun hat which prevents hair from being damaged and at the same time provides shade for your face.
  • Wear sun glasses to prevent eyes from the blistering heat and to evade facial exposure to the sun.
  • Make habit to keep an umbrella in your bag during summer; it help you to avert your body from de-hydration and to protect your skin & hair. You can opt for a fancy one and even match it with your outfits.
6, Keep Yourself Hydrated:

Try to increase your liquid intake during summer because our body loses plenty of water during a hot summer days. In the summer, do not wait to get thirsty for drinking water. Drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water in a day can help you to keep your body hydrated. You can also include fruits and veggies in your diet that contain good amount of hydration, such as cucumber, water melons, and coconut water. They all are valuable during summer for preventing dehydration. Hydration is beneficial in preventing skin from drying up.

7, Go for Cotton clothes:

Cotton is a most ideal fabric for summer. Cotton capri or pant with a cool tees is an ideal clothing for collegians. Smart linen pants teamed with checked or striped cotton shirts and make comfortable formal clothing for summer. Ensure that, you have also brought a pair of airy cotton shorts for your casual attire.


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