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Diabetes Treatment using Natural remedies

Diabetes is a chronic nutritional disorder in which the body cannot utilize the glucose completely, resulting in elevated sugar levels in blood and urine. The lack of insulin or no insulin in the body is responsible for this fatal disease. The condition is common in people who are obese and lack in physical activities. Diabetes is a fatal disease, means once an individual gets this deadly disease, he will have to suffer for the whole life. That’s not all; it can also be a precursor to several other types of health disorders like cardiovascular diseases, obesity and chronic illnesses of the eye. So, it is very important to keep the diabetes in control by regulating the sugar levels.
Diabetes Treatment using Natural remedies of India

The majority of diabetic patients rely upon the medications for controlling the sugar levels. Though it is a very imperative way to manage the cases where diabetes seems to have turned into a deadly condition, but it is always better to look for natural treatments and home remedies. The reason is that the natural remedies don’t have any side effects, which are allied with stronger medications, plus they are also practically verified to be highly beneficial. Check out some of the most effective Indian Natural Remedies to cope with the Diabetes.

1, Aloe Gel – A Very Good Blood Sugar Stabilizer for the Diabetics

As everyone knows, the aloe vera gel is an excellent home remedy for minor burns and some other skin conditions. Besides this, aloe gel is also proven beneficial as a natural diabetes remedy on the basis of some studies. A number of clinical studies have been performed, which reveal the antidiabetic properties of aloe gel. There are a number of active phytosterol compounds present in the aloe gel, which are shown to aid in decreasing the blood glucose (sugar) and glycosylated hemoglobin levels. As well, it stimulates the insulin production which is necessary for the sugar control in the body.

Aloe gel also provides blood circulation enhancement effect by reversing the "sludge blood", and this effect further strongly benefits the diabetic patients who are suffering from peripheral neuropathy (numbness of hands and feet). Aloe gel is believed to boost the antioxidant defenses of body that is often impaired in diabetics.

How to Take It as A Natural Diabetes Remedy?
  • The patients can simply gulp a teaspoon of the aloe juice two times every day. Consumption of aloe gel for three months put a significant drop in hasty blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. It also lowers the cholesterol levels.
  • You can also make a natural concoction, which is very effective for diabetes. Add 1 tsp of turmeric in a few tsp of ground Bay Leaf (Tejpatra), and blend this mixture with an equal amount of aloe gel. Take this concoction every day, before lunch and dinner.
2, Fenugreek Seeds – A Most Efficient Natural Remedy To Ease the Typical Diabetes Symptoms

Clinical and experimental studies have shown that Fenugreek Seeds or Methi seeds are most efficient in alleviating the typical diabetes symptoms. The credit for the antidiabetic properties of fenugreek seeds goes to an alkaloid trigonelline, which helps in lowering the blood sugar level, as well as, nicotinic acid and coumarin. It has been proven by the studies that the daily consumption of fenugreek seeds can significantly lower the blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetic patients. If the diabetic patients take an efficient dose of Methi seeds daily, they can diminish the reactive hyperglycemia. The seeds can be taken by the diabetic patients in different ways.

How to Take It as A Natural Diabetes Remedy?
  • The patients can simply swallow a teaspoon of the Methi seeds with water two times daily.
  • Soak the seeds in water for a night and then dry the soaked seeds at morning. Make a powder of this dried seeds. Take one teaspoon of this powder two times daily.
  • Soak the seeds in water overnight and consume this water concentrated seeds’ juice on an empty stomach early in the morning. You can make this natural concoction stronger by grinding the seeds and filtering them through a filter paper or cloth.
  • Mix 100 gm Fenugreek seeds with 50 gm turmeric and white pepper, and grind them. Consume 1 tsp of this powder with a glass of milk two times every day.
3, Chapattis – An Incredibly Useful Routine for Managing the Diabetes

A daily routine of taking a lot of fibers in the natural form is one more beneficial way to manage the diabetes. It has been found that the fibers play an important role in controlling the diabetes. Consuming the chapattis on a regular basis is a best way for getting fibers in the natural form. You can even raise the fiber content in your chapattis, for increasing the worth of them in managing your diabetes. For that, mix the refined wheat flour with a combination of flours obtained from various cereals, which are high in soluble fiber. For example, the flours of barley and lentils like soya bean and gram (Chana Dal).

How to Take It as A Natural Diabetes Remedy?
  • Consume the chapattis made of wheat, barley and gram or/and soya bean on a daily basis, and get a plenty of fibers in natural form to manage your diabetes.
4, Indian Blackberry – Unbelievable Diabetes Remedy By Means Of All the Plant Parts

Indian Blackberry or Jamun is one of the extraordinary plants where almost all the plant parts, including berries, leaves, and seeds are supposed to aid in controlling the blood sugar levels. These purple fruits have incredible properties to cure the diabetes, and they are found beneficial in reducing the blood sugar level and enhancing the blood circulation.

How to Take It as A Natural Diabetes Remedy?
  • Crush the blackberry seeds to make a fine powder. Take one teaspoon of this powder along with water on empty stomach every morning to control your diabetes.
  • Take the powder of blackberry seeds and mix it with the powder of bitter gourd in same proportion. Taking one teaspoon of this powder along with water at both morning and evening will surely work wonders.
  • You can also make tea of Blackberry leaves without adding sugar for benefiting your diabetes. This tea neutralizes the sugar levels, as well as, cleanses the system.
5, Banaba or Jarul Powder – A Most Potent Herbal Powder to Regulate Blood Sugar

The herbal plant Banaba is being cultivated in only a handful of nations along with India. The plant extract of Banaba or Jarul is very beneficial for the diabetic patients. The plant is abundant in the most potent biochemical compound Corosolic acid, which helps in regulation of blood sugar levels and insulin levels by stimulating the faster glucose metabolism. Ultimately, it helps in combating the diabetes.

How to Take It as A Natural Diabetes Remedy?
  • Make an herbal tea by using the herbal powder or herbal extracts of Banaba plant. Daily consumption of this herbal tea is advantageous in battling with the Diabetes.
6, Bitter Gourd – A Bitter Veggie Packed With Sweet Benefits
No one likes the bitter things, but it is better to take a veggie rather than medicines. Bitter gourds or Karela are found to have efficiency in regulating the high sugar levels, which can prove lethal for diabetics. Bitter gourds are loaded highly with antioxidants and many rare micronutrients, which make them worth for controlling the diabetes.

How to Take It as A Natural Diabetes Remedy?
  • Mix 15 gm of Karela juice in 100 gm of water, and take it three times a day to control blood and urine sugar levels and curing the disease. This should be done for 3 months.
  • Consume the Karela cooked in ghee for a period of 3 months, and your diabetes will be brought down by a significant amount.
  • Dry the bitter gourds indoors and make a powder from them. Take 6 gm of this powder daily to combat diabetes.
7, Neem, Tulsi and Bel Patra leaves – Incredible Household Herbs with Many Therapeutic Values

All of these three herbs have a lot of medical values. Besides improving the body immunity, all these household herbs are also helpful in the glucose oxidation process and easy insulin secretion, which aids to combat with the diabetes.

How to Take Them as A Natural Diabetes Remedy?
  • Drink a glass of water along with ten neem leaves, ten tulsi leaves and ten belpatras on an empty stomach in the early morning. It will help to keep the sugar levels under control.
  • You can also boil all these leaves together for enhancing their potency. Drinking the filtered extract of the boiled leaves is found more potent and more beneficial.
  • You can simply chew seven leaves of neem on an empty stomach early in the morning with water.


Very simple techniques yet effective. Diabetes is a chronic disease, in which the body is unable to convert food into glucose(sugar). Glucose is needed for energy and growth of the body. Food is broken into glucose with the help of Insulin secreted by the Pancreas. In Diabetes, the body is either unable to produce an adequate amount of insulin or becomes resistant to the levels of insulin in the body.This causes glucose to build up in the blood instead of moving into the cells.

Diabetes can be overwhelming and debilitating illness if left untreated. It can cause complications like retinopathy (affecting the eyes), dermatopathy (affecting the skin) and neuropathy (affecting the nerves).

The multi disciplicary approach is a combination of dietary supplements, herbs and insulin, DNA and pancreatic sarcodes. This combination supports the pancreas in acheiving optimal structure and function by balancing the five elements and their functions in the body with herbs, supporting the normal structure and functioning of the pancreas and glucose metabolism with dietary supplements and coaxing the pancreas to produce insulin optimally by using pancreatic sarcodes and DNA insulin.

Some of the frequently used remedies are Hyponidd tablets, BS balance, OM 8, Brittle DNA insulin, SGC glucogen, C19 DNA insulin, etc.

Diabetes is widely spreed among people who cross 40 year.If a person have it ,It is not fully cured but we can lead a happy life if we controlled our food.Here describes some of the natural food which is easy to collect and cheap but more effective than valueable medicine.This is the best natural remedies for this silent killer.

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