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Is lucid dreaming good or bad ?

Dreams are among the innumerable mysteries of Nature. All the human beings get dreams but only some people remember it when they wake up. Dreams are uncontrollable, they simply occur. Many people experience lucid dreaming in which a person knows that he/she is dreaming. In lucid dreaming, the dreamer can control certain or all elements of the dream while sleeping. Generally, people get one or two lucid dream in their life span but with enough practice, you can learn how to have lucid dreams daily. Once you learn to have lucid dreams, you are able to control and manipulate the happenings of the dream. If you are wondering whether the lucid dreaming is good or bad, then refer the following article.

Is lucid dreaming good or bad ?
Lucid dreaming is a totally safe, healthy and natural experience similar to regular dream. It is more common in children compared to adults. It happens in the REM (Rapid Eye Movement), one of the five stages of sleep. The only difference between normal and lucid dream is your awareness that you are in a dream. In normal dreams, your subconscious mind is the architect of your dream but in lucid dreams, you can determine the characters, plot, environment, symbols and themes of your dream. You can dream anything (fantasy, adventure or mystery) in a lucid dream without any limits. Your brain will get the proper rest that it needs.

Lucid dreaming is an excellent way to increase self-control & awareness as well as to break out of nightmares and night terrors. There are different levels of clarity in lucid dreaming. A person can have a lucid dream with high or less level clarity. High clarity dream means you know that nothing is real and you understand that you cannot be harmed by any circumstances that may seem unsafe whereas less clarity dream means you are partly aware that you are dreaming and you may accept the whole dream as reality. Three main techniques of lucid dreaming are DILD (Dream-Initiated Lucid Dream), WILD (Wake-Initiated Lucid Dream) and MILD (Mnemonic-Initiated Lucid Dream).

Reasons why Lucid Dreaming is Good:

Improve Creativity

Lucid dreaming is a great way to increase creativity. The creative ideas come from the subconscious mind, so the most imaginative or creative side of us is disclosed through dream. Even the painters (Salvador Dali, Paul Klee and William Blake), composers (Mozart, Beethoven and Wagner) and authors (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) got inspiration for their amazing masterpieces in their dream. If you want to enhance your creativity, just make a declaration in your lucid dream: Show Me Something Amazing. Setting a lucid dream intention before going to sleep is another way that helps you to improve creativity.

Fears and nightmares

Most of the people dread of falling asleep due to nightmares. If you are one of them, then lucid dreaming can help you cope with your nightmares. In lucid dream, you have control so you can change elements in the dream and overcome those nightmares. Lucid dreaming also helps you to identify and defeat your fear. You can face your fears as you know that you are safe and cannot be injured. If you are afraid of heights, jump out of a plane. This will also increase your self-confidence.

Improve your confidence and skills

People who are struggling with lack of self confidence can benefit from lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming can be used as a tool to improve your confidence. You can rehearse any event or situation in a lucid dream to improve your skills and confidence. Practicing in the dream state is just like the training and preparation we do in the waking world. Rehearsals can be done for your sports game, for social events, public speaking, first date, overcome phobias, difficult or awkward confrontations, etc.

Adventure and Excitement

Lucid dream is a world where everything is possible. It provides opportunities for adventures. In lucid dream, you can enter any place you want, whether it is from a movie, book or video game. If you don’t have any place in mind, then you can discover new and exciting places within your dreams.

Other reasons why Lucid Dreaming is Good:
  • It makes you happy
  • Helps you to achieve self-control to quit smoking and alcoholism
  • Maintain a full waking consciousness in dream state by using it as yoga
  • It aids you to get relief from stress by creating a fantasy world
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