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Gray hair myths and facts

Are you confused with different myth of gray hair and want to know truth behind it? Read the below article to know the truth and tips for reducing gray hair.

Beautiful hair is considered as a naturally gifted ornament and we want to make it looks shiny and black always. But due to daily interaction with harmful chemicals, improper diet, stress and other causes; our hair starts graying before the old age. So, there are some of the myths that are speeded up from mouth to mouth and generation to generation for early graying of hair. Yes, there are some truths in such myths but not in all of them. It might lead you towards the wrong path to take care of your hair. So, find out the “Truth” of every “Myth” about the hair graying as described below and take good care of your hair.

Gray hair myths and facts

Myth 1: If you will pluck one gray hair, then it will cause more gray hair to grow from that follicle.
Truth: It is absolute wrong. Plucking gray hair will only make you bald after the some period of time, if don’t stop plucking. Our hair follicle have only place for one hair strand, so it is impossible that at the same point more than one gray hair will grow.

Myth 2: Best way to cover gray hair is only a permanent color treatment.
Truth: It is not at all right. How you can cover your gray hair is depend on the percentage or number of gray hair you have on your head. You can cover small percentage of gray hair with the semi-permanent or demi-permanent blend that does not contain any harsh chemical.

Myth 3: Smoking makes your hair gray.
Truth: Yes it is true that smoking makes your hair gray. It is proved by J. G. Mosley of the Leigh Infirmary in Lancashire that smokers have four times more chances to get gray hair than nonsmokers. With graying your hair, smoking also accelerates the hair loss. So, do not smoke and stay away from graying your hair in early stage of your life.

Myth 4: One can reverse the process of graying of hair.
Truth: It is partially true as there are some of the methods that stops graying process of your hair and also reverse the process of graying. It is still not confirmed by scientist, but some people have get benefits by drinking lots of carrot juice.

Myth 5: After any frightening incident or trauma, your hair can start graying early.
Truth: It is totally false. Any experimental proof is not present that can support this myth. It is not at all needed that your hair will start graying if you come across any scary or trauma event.

Myth 6: Long term use of hair gel might induce premature hair graying.
Truth: It is pure myth. There are many people out there who regularly use hair gel to make their hair look more stylish. So, do not have faith in this myth. But yes, you have to use branded gel to avoid any other hair problems such as baldness.

Myth 7: So much sun exposure can make your hair gray.
Truth: It is also partially truth. As access sunlight can reduce the shine of brown and red hair. It looks light in color due to sun exposure. But any medical report is not present that can support this myth. If you want to reduce the lightening of your brown or red hair, then you can rinse your hair with vinegar or wear hat to stop direct sun exposure.

Myth 8: Gray hairs are wiry and very difficult to manage all day long.
Truth: It is negative statement or pure myth. Your gray and black hairs both are made up of same texture. So, it is not true that your gray hair is more wiry or difficult to style. It is your own negative thinking that makes you to think like that. So, don’t believe it.

Myth 9: Hair color will make gray hair duller.
Truth: No it is not at all true. Many hair color kits are available that actually moisturizing and give you back your hair shine. It also makes your hair look healthier and nourished.

Check out some of the most useful tips to stop your hair becoming gray in early age:
  • Prepare homemade hair pack made from the Indian gooseberry and henna. Cover your all hair with hair pack to make your gray hair black.
  • Take one bowl and boil water with one spoon of tea. After boiled water get cool down, apply it in your hair and leave it for some time. Rinse with cool water.
  • Prepare homemade hair oil by mixing coconut oil and Indian gooseberry. Boil it and apply it twice in a week to strengthen your hair to get back colored hair back.
  • Include curry leaves in your diet or prepare chutney of curry leaves and eat it. It will slowly reduce the number of gray hairs naturally.
  • One Indian herb “ban pushp” is helpful to make your hair black. Apply juice of it to make your gray hair black naturally.
  • Mix Indian gooseberry with almond oil and massage it in scalp to reduce the number of gray hair.


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