Friday, October 4, 2013

Navratri Health Tips and Food to remain energized

Check out the health and food tips that will make you more healthy and energetic during the nine nights of Navratri to let you play garba with full of energy.

Navratri is a vibrant and most energetic Indian festival that is loved by all, especially youngsters. For nine divine nights of Navratri, people play “Garba” for late night and this may lead them to different kinds of health issues due to less sleeping hours and long hours of playing garba that leads to tiredness. People also do fasting in Navratri days to following our ancient tradition to worship Goddess Durga also for cleansing, detoxifying and getting their bodies rested. This is the main reason that Navratri is also known as festival to follow internal cleansing, physically and spiritually. So, check out some health and food tips that helps you stay healthy and full of energy during nine nights of Navratri.

Health and food tips for Navratri, Drink fruit juice to stay healthy in Navratri

In today’s most advanced world, we play garba in big party plots by wearing very heavy traditional dresses. Here, we normally eat fast food that effects negatively on our health. So, check out the different health and food tips that you should follow during Navratri to stay away from any kind of health issues.

Drink coconut water: Every night when you go to play garba, drink one glass of coconut water. It will give you more energy to play garba for long duration of time without feeling tiredness. It will also maintain level of glucose in your body to reduce chances to fatigue due to loss of sugar and water from body.

Eat green salad more: Consume more green salad as it will act as a best supplement to provide you all nutrients to keep you healthy during Navratri.

Soak your feet in hot water: Soak your feet in hot water if your feet are aching after you play garba for long time duration. It will reduce the pain and make you feel relax.

Drink natural fruit juice for real energy: Avoid any artificial energy and soft drinks. Drink natural fruit juice of orange and apple to stay more energetic during the Navratri.

Sleep well: Once you play garba till late night during the Navratri, you have to take good sleep in morning to stay away from fever, pain in hand and feet and other problems that occur due to less sleep. So, sleep well for staying healthy during and after Navaratri.

Use rose water for eyes: During the Navaratri, your eyes might feel irritating and become red due to less sleeping. So, put cotton on your eyes dipped in rose water to feel cool and make your eyes relaxed.
Take bath with warm water: After playing garba to your home, do not just go to sleep. Take bath with the warm water to reduce effects of your tiredness and to protect your skin from the diseases that occur due to lots of sweating.

Flush out toxin: You might eat junk food as you do not have any other option, so drink all fruit juices and lots of water to flush out extra toxin from your body.

Keep aside the frying pan: During Navratri, do not consume lots of fried, oily and heavy foods that increase your fat. Such food makes you get tired early. Try roasted, grilled, boiled and steamed food items to stay healthy.

Drink butter milk: You can also drink butter milk instead of water to make you more energized. It will fill the absence of water in your body and provide other nutrients.

Do exercise: Start doing exercise before the Navratri; as this will reduce chances of body pain, joint pains that caused due to sudden increment in your physical activities in days of Navratri.

Drink lots of water: Besides all other liquids, do not forget to rehydrate your body in small interval times when you play garba in Navratri. More water you drink, more you will feel fresh and energetic.

Eat almonds and raisins: To boost up the level of minerals in your body during Navratri, eat lots of almonds and raisins.


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