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How to tighten up a loose vagina after baby birth?

Suffering from loose vagina problem after child birth? Try out these fast and effective ways to tighten your vagina quickly after baby birth.

Vaginal looseness is quite a common complaint among women after child birth. It is true that during child birth, a woman’s vaginal opening enlarges to make room for baby’s head to pass through. And this eventually results in loosening of the muscle of female genital areas. For some women, it will gradually shrink back to its normal size within a few weeks of delivery. However, some women, especially those who had big babies or those who had multiple births vaginally, may find it difficult to get back the normal tone and strength of their vaginal muscles even after several weeks of delivery. This condition can be really disturbing and stressful, since it affects the sexual pleasure of both the partners. If you’re also going through the same problem, then don’t be upset as there are quite a number of ways to tighten your vagina!

Natural ways to tighten the vagina

Vaginoplasty, sometimes referred to as vaginal rejuvenation or tightening surgery, is considered to be one of the most effective methods to tighten a saggy vagina. This surgery helps get back the tone and strength of the muscles of vagina, and thus improves the sexual performance of women. It is usually performed under general anesthesia, and also carries several risks and complications like infection, pain with sexual activity, and incontinence. Hence, if you decide to undergo this surgery then make sure to choose a qualified and reputable surgeon. And remember to inform your surgeon about your past as well as present medical history and all the medications you are taking.

Besides Vaginoplasty, there are many other clinical ways of tightening your vagina but it is much more advisable to prefer natural methods as they are much safer in long run. Yes, there are many natural ways to tighten vagina. Given below are some of the most effective ones. Try them out and see how it solves your problem and improves your life naturally.

Do Kegel exercises

Doing Kegel exercises on regular basis can indeed help a woman restore her vaginal stiffness. For those who don’t know, Kegel exercises involve contracting the groin muscles, and then relaxing them after about ten seconds. For optimal results, try to contract and relax your groin muscles for at least fifteen times, and repeat it for up to 4 sets every day.

Alternatively, you can try contracting your pelvic floor muscles (i.e. groin muscles) while urinating. Hold back the urine for a few seconds before continuing, and do this until you finish urinating. Repeat the procedure every time you urinate.

The best part of these exercises is that it is completely natural and painless. They can be easily done in the privacy of your own home.

Do other exercises as well

Not just Kegel exercises, do explore some other forms of workouts too, like Yoga and Pilates. Make sure to incorporate some pelvic floor muscle exercises and core strengthening workouts in your daily routine. This will help keep your groin muscles tighter for long time.

Use Vaginal Cone

Using vaginal cone is yet another common effective method to tighten loose vagina. The vaginal cone is a cone-shaped device that looks like a regular tampon, but has weights attached to it. You can start by inserting the lightest cone into your vagina (with the weights hanging off the end), and trying to hold it in with the use of your muscles. Repeat this for a couple of times every day for at least 15 minutes. Then, gradually increase the weights as you progress.

Have an Orgasm

During orgasm, the pelvic floor muscles contracts and releases. That means, the more you orgasm, the more you strengthen your pelvic floor muscle. And vice versa with stronger pelvic floor muscles, your orgasms will be stronger.

Do Leg Ups

This simple exercise is a great way to tighten your vaginal muscles naturally. To perform this exercise, all you have to do is lie down on your back on the floor, and raise your legs upwards one after the other. Just see to it that you keep your legs totally straight while lifting and lowering them. You can also bring a slight variation to this workout by moving your legs laterally away from your body while keeping them straight. Continue doing this exercise for around ten minutes, and repeat it for at least five times everyday for optimal results.

Herbal Creams

There are many herbal creams available in the market for tightening a loose vagina. You can apply it over your vaginal opening as well as inside the vagina to treat the problem of loose vagina. Choose a cream only after consulting your physician. Although these creams are not harmful, they may contain certain ingredients that can lead to some allergic side reactions. So, make sure to pick up a cream that would provide you with maximum benefits, but with minimal or no side effects.

Home Remedy

There is a home-based remedy that can really help make your vagina tighter naturally. Just boil a few fresh gooseberries in water, and store the resulting solution in a bottle. Now, apply this solution over your vagina while taking bath everyday. By doing so, the solution will definitely restore the elasticity and strength of your vagina muscles in a few days.

Have Healthy Diet

Besides regular exercise, eating a healthy diet is also equally important to ensure correct growth and repair of body muscles. So, make sure to have a healthy balanced diet that is full of wholegrain organic carbohydrates, fresh organic vegetables & fruits, organic lean animal protein, and keep your vaginal muscles healthy and strong.


Vaginoplasty, probably the most common of vaginal rejuvenation procedures, tightens the walls of the vagina via suturing—usually after repeated childbirths have loosened them.

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