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Tips for How and what To Try To Get Pregnant

Trying to get pregnant? Just follow these pre-pregnancy tips and boost your chances of getting pregnant quickly and naturally.

First of all, congratulations on your decision to conceive! Now that you’ve decided to start a family, you may want to conceive as soon as possible. However, don’t get upset if it takes time. Some women get pregnant immediately while for others it might take a few months. There are still a couple of things that you can do to maximize your chances of getting pregnant naturally. Some of the best tried and tested Periconception tips are given below. Follow these tips to increase your odds of conceiving and having a healthy baby.

Tips to get pregnant faster

Tip 1: Go for a Preconception checkup
Before you start trying to conceive, it is highly recommended to go for a preconception checkup. This will not only help you to figure out whether it is the right time to conceive or not, but also your physician will make out if you have any underlying medical issues that need to be controlled for safe pregnancy. Plus, your doctor will guide and ask you to avoid certain things that might be hindering your conception. In this way, you can get your body ready for a baby.

Tip 2: Eat healthy
Couples trying to conceive must consume a healthy diet, containing plenty of fresh & green leafy vegetables, fresh dry fruits, sprouts, foods rich in fiber, fresh fruit juices, foods rich in vitamin C and vitamin E. This will not only reduce oxidative stress levels significantly, but also provide a stress-free environment for gametogenesis. To have a successful pregnancy, it is also equally important to avoid fatty and processed foods.

Tip 3: Get to know your cycle
Understanding your menstrual cycle well can indeed help increase your odds of getting pregnant. Some women have longer menstrual cycles whereas some have relatively smaller menstrual cycles. Now, the time of ovulation will depend on your menstrual cycle. If you’ve a regular (i.e. 28-days) menstrual cycle, then you’ll ovulate anywhere between Day 13 - Day 15 of your cycle. And, if you suffer from irregular menstrual cycles, then you can use the basal body temperature method, study your previous menstrual cycle, and count the days to know the ovulation duration. To improve your chances of conception, have intercourse 2 days prior to ovulation.

Tip 4: Have regular sex
No doubt, your most fertile days are the 2-3 days prior to ovulation and the day of ovulation. However, this does not mean that you should have sex only during the ovulating period. Some people believe that men should refrain from sex in order to increase their sperm count or to “save up” their good sperm for the right time of the month. But in reality, daily sex can actually boost a man’s fertility by improving his sperm quality. Another benefit of having regular sex is that it will reduce the stress levels in both the partners. In short, the more sex you have, the greater are your odds of conceiving. So, try to indulge in sex as regularly as possible - at least three times a week.

Tip 5: Do not rush to the Bathroom
To prevent the sperm from leaking out of your body, avoid rushing to the bathroom right after sex. Experts suggest that simply lying on the bed for 10-15 minutes after intercourse can increase the chances that the sperm will make their way to the egg. You can also try putting a pillow underneath your pelvis & lower abdomen to tilt your pelvis up; this will help the sperm travel up your body more easily.

Tip 6: Have a morning Quickie
Do you know that men’s testosterone levels are highest in morning? Actually, this is the reason why guys sometimes wake up with an erection or prefer to have sex first thing in the morning. So, if you’re eager to get pregnant then take advantage of your partner’s playful mood and have a morning quickie. His sperm count will be somewhat higher at this time of day, and hence will add a little spontaneity to your baby-making routine.

Tip 7: Don’t worry about the positions
Some people unnecessarily worry about the right position. When trying to conceive, one of the most important things that you should do is not to worry about the positions. There are several myths regarding the best positions for getting pregnant. But there is no scientific evidence which proves that a specific position is better than the other for conceiving. However, avoid certain gravity-defying positions like standing or sitting, because having intercourse in these positions can prevent the sperm from moving up.

Tip 8: Ditch the Lubricants
It’s common knowledge that lubrication is essential for enjoyable and comfortable sex. The body naturally provides great lubrication (especially around the time of ovulation), but sometimes some women seek help from artificial lubricants. Now, if you’re trying to conceive then make sure to avoid these artificial lubricants (like Astroglide or KY Jelly) completely. Several studies have found that many of these artificial lubricants are harmful to sperm. When mixed with sperm during intercourse, they are said to affect sperm quality and lower the chances of conception! However, the good news is that some lubricants available in the market are specially designed to be sperm-friendly. These include ‘Conceive Plus’ and ‘Preseed’.

Tip 9: Do not use Vaginal Douche Products
If you’re trying to get pregnant, then drop the habit of douching as it can wash out the sperm that has just entered your body. It has been found that women who used vaginal douches were thirty percent less likely to get pregnant when compared to women who don’t douche.

Now, if you’re douching to get rid of pungent vaginal odor or strong fishy smell, then it is advisable to see your doctor. Because bad vaginal odors could be a symptom of vaginal infection, which in turn can be another potential cause of decreased fertility. Moreover, douching has other negative health issues like higher risk of pelvic inflammatory disease, vaginal infections, and ectopic pregnancy. So, stop douching.

Tip 10: Check your Mucus
For those who don’t know, cervical mucus is nothing but the slippery stuff you sometimes notice in the lining of your underwear. Everyone knows about indulging in sex around ovulation, but what only few people know is that having sex on the days you see fertile mucus is more crucial than timing intercourse with ovulation. Researchers at the University of North Carolina have found that no matter when the woman ovulated, if she had indulged in sex on a day when she had fertile cervical mucus, she was more likely to get pregnant.

Tip 11: Stop smoking and taking alcohol
Leading a healthy lifestyle is very important at the time of conception. For this, the very first thing that you should do is quit smoking, stop drinking alcohol and taking drugs. These dangerous things are said to have negative impacts both on male and female. Various studies have shown that smoking 10 or more cigarettes a day can have a harmful effect on egg production. While in men, cigarette smoke negatively affects sperm quality, reducing both sperm count and sperm movement.

Coming to alcohol, it can affect hormones and lower estrogen levels in women. Plus, it increases the risk of having miscarriage and fetal malformations. And men who consume alcohol are found to have lower sperm counts and decreased fertility.

Tip 12: Be at your optimal weight exercise
For women, both being overweight or underweight can reduce their chances of conceiving significantly. So, visit your GP (General Practitioner) and check if your body weight could be a barrier to get pregnant. And accordingly, gain or lose weight to maximize your conception chances. However, if you’re overweight then no matter how quickly you want to conceive - make sure that you never starve yourself. And to stay fit, the couple should also do exercise on regular basis - at least 1-2 hours of exercise every day.

Tip 13: Cut the stress out of your life
Try to keep a positive attitude towards pregnancy. Avoid being stressed while trying to conceive as stress can lead to hormonal imbalance which is unhealthy and must be prevented at all costs. To reduce your stress levels, you can try out yoga, meditation or exercises. Anything that help you relax and de-stress will eventually help you increase your odds of getting pregnant.
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