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Yacon Root Syrup - Health Benefits of this Natural superFood

Switch to natural sweetener Yacon root syrup to get different benefits such as weight loss, promote digestion, increase calcium and magnecium abosrption, etc.

Today, everyone is so much conscious about their diet. People are following healthy diet plan including superfoods in their regular diet, more to stay away from any unwanted health issues. One of the most prior thing that people are thinking and following for their diet is to consume low calorie food that have high nutrient values. A super food -Yacon roots, which gets its French name “pommes de terre” that literally means “Apple of the Earth!”- acts as a natural and healthy option of sugar. It is natural sweetener that you can use in your daily meal as any other artificial sweetener. It is nutrient rich and also controls sugar level in your body. So, let’s find out various benefits of Yacon Root Syrup.

Organic yocan root syrup bottle

About Yacon roots:
Yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius) is a perennial plant which is known for its tuberous roots. It is traditionally cultivated in the Northern and Central Andes from Colombia to Northern Argentina. Roots of Yacon are sweeter in taste and act as natural sweetener. Many companies are producing useful products such as yacon syrup and yacon tea for diabetic people and dieters that acts as superfood.

Benefits of Yacon root Syrup:
Reduce weight: One of the main uses of yacon syrup is that it helps to reduce some pounds of weights naturally. It is natural sweetener that lets you eat tasty food without worrying about calorie intake during exercise routine.

Useful for diabetic person: Yacon root’s syrup contains fructooligosaccharide, which helps to reduce the breakdown rate of sugar molecules. It helps to diabetic patients to control their sugar levels after meal. It is natural sweetener, so it does not have any side effects.

Improve digestion: It is nutrient rich natural sweetener that helps to improve working of digestive system. Some of the beneficial bacteria present in the yacon roots help to resolve the problem of intestine or stomach and improves digestion.

Useful for obese pre-menopausal women: Yacon root syrup is rich in fructooligosaccharide, which helps to all obese women to control their increasing weight during the pre-menopausal time period. It will also reduce chances of having diabetes in obese women.

Prevent cancer: Yacon is rich in compounds that reduce the growth and reproduction of cancer cells in your body. On other hand, it also reduces early death of cells in your body. Daily consumption of yacon root syrup will increase your immunity system.

Resolve problem of constipation: Daily use of yacon root syrup will resolve the problem of constipation. Undigested FOS will work as soluble fiber and reduce the problem related to excretion process.

Strengthen bones: Yacon root syrup is rich source of FOS. Fermentation of FOS by bacteria in colon encourages the absorption rate of calcium in bloodstream. It increases the concentration of calcium and improves your bone health.

Increase health of liver: Mixture of yacon and silymarin improves the cholesterol and blood sugar level in your body. Regular intake of this mixture lets you stay healthy and fit by guarding you against the various health issues.

Induce sleep and mood regulation: In today’s hectic life, our mood swings many times and it also effects negatively on your sleep quality. Yacon roots are vital source of antioxidants that helps to reduce the cell damage. Tryptophan and amino acid with yacon root’s antioxidant properties induce deep sleep also increase the mood regulation.

Help to prevent osteoporosis: Besides calcium, it also increases the level of magnesium in your blood and reduces the chances of osteoporosis. Daily consumption of yacon root syrup reduces the chances of having osteoporosis in the old ages.

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