Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Dangers of Neknomination

Check out details of the social online drinking game – Neknomination and its dangerous effects to society that even includes death of 2 Irish teenagers.

Teenagers and craze are like two sides of the coin that go hand in hand. Bike stunt craze, tattoo craze, night out craze, etc. are the most popular crazes in teenagers that they normally post on their social networking sites. Many teenagers get motivated by such dangerous craze and follow the same pattern that becomes viral trend and sometime leads to dangerous conditions. One new crazy trend has started in the teenagers, called as “Neknomination”. This trend is spreading tremendously and many young people are died due to the large amount intake of alcohol based drinks.

Teenager participating in Neknomination by drinking neck large alcohol
What is Neknomination?
Neknomination is also called as Neck nomination. In this game, you have to nominate your friend or relative to pass on the game. At first, drink “neck” large amount of alcohol; after drinking alcohol, nominate any two people by recording your video.

24 hours time is given to complete the task by drinking “neck” large quantity of alcohol in one breathe and to nominate other person.

What are the dangerous of Neknomination?
Being responsible citizen, everyone have to keep an eye on all those crazy trends that are harmful to teenagers in one or other way. Teenagers are considered to be the future; and if the new generation is addicted to various crazy trends that lead them to nothing but darkness and death, then we must stop it in one or other way.

Access consumption of alcohol is already one big issue of teenagers. Many young girls do not know with how many and how many times they get physically connected to boys. When they come out of the effect of alcohol; they find them selves pregnant but don’t know the person, with whom they were last night. To handle this stress they again turn towards alcohol that ruined their career, family life and even their own health.

On other side, many young boys drink and drive. In the full volume with lots of anxiety, they lost balance and lost their lives. It leaves behind their old parents, sister and relatives, who love them. Just fake hallucination of happiness and lots of dumbness lead them to dark future of family and country.

When any people become a part of the Neknomination, they increase the rate of homicides, rape prostitution, road accidents, unnatural deaths due to illusion, unconsciousness also reduce the health level of teenagers due to the kidney failure.

Unexpectedly, ample amount of alcohol consumption damages your brain and you lost control on various basic movements of your body. So if you are standing near to edge of bridge or driving a vehicle, then chances increase that while doing your Neknomination task you loose your body’s control that leads you to death.

Recently, two people are died in Ireland while performing their necknomination task. A teenage Johnny Byrne, who has not even celebrated her 20th birthday, died after jumping into the River Barrow in Carlow on Saturday during taking dare into the Necknomination social craze. And one DJ, who is 22 year old, found dead at his home. He had participated into the silly drinking game of necknomination in night and he found dead on the next morning.

It is told that person has to be strong by their will power not only by his body’s strength. So, do not become foolish and never lead your will power down by becoming a part of hilarious and craziest social drinking nomination game – Necknomination.
Image source: 15minutenews


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