Thursday, February 6, 2014

How to eat Burger in Public? Perfect Trick to Eat Burger

Check out the perfect way of holding a burger so that you can enjoy a yummy, juicy burger without spilling anything.

We all love those juicy and delicious burgers, but it is also true that they are quite full and messy to eat. Of course, many of us have been in that awkward situation where we bring a burger to our mouth to take a bite, and the whole burger falls apart into a massive mess on the plate. But now you can avoid this entire awkward scenario with one easy trick and i.e. by holding it correctly! A Japanese TV show called ‘Honma Dekka!?’ hired three experts in fluid mechanics, engineering, and dentistry field, to figure out the perfect way to hold a burger. After four months of research, they came up with a perfect solution. They have revealed the ‘ideal’ way of holding a burger that avoids spillage.

A yummy burger along with fries

The researchers did a 3D scan of a burger to understand how the different particles interacted when it was held in different ways. A majority of people hold a burger with their thumbs on the bottom and fingers on the top. But the Japanese scientists have discovered that this particular technique is completely wrong. Instead, they’ve found that the perfect way to hold a burger is to place your thumbs and pinky beneath the burger, and the remaining three fingers on the top. According to scientists, holding a burger in this way would avoid spillages. Because, when you adopt this technique, the burger will be divided into equal parts, and if the burger is held uniformly then there’s no chance of contents spilling out of the burger’s backside.

A burger held in a perfect way

The scientists have also warned that one should not squeeze the burger too tight. Because doing so might cause the buns to be crushed, and this in turn would result in contents spilling out of the burger. Moreover, the dental expert has recommended that, before eating a big burger, people should warm up their mouth muscles by opening and closing it for a few times. Above all, if you’re using the ‘ideal’ way of holding a burger, then make sure to eat your fries before or after eating the burger. As you’ll need both your hands to hold the burger, it’s pretty impossible to have burger and fries at the same time.

A boy holding a burger in an ideal way

Some useful tips to consider when having a burger in public:
  • Place a napkin on your lap, instead of collar of your shirt.
  • Take manageable size bits. Eating small bites will avoid getting ketchup all over your face.
  • It’s better to wrap around the lower portion of the burger with some sort of napkin or wrapper. This will prevent juices and condiments from coming out of the bottom of the burger.
  • Chew slowly and with your mouth completely closed.
  • Try not to talk in between bites of burger.
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