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Causes in a drop of sex drive in men

Is your desire for sex vanished? Once you figure out the right cause behind the decreased sex drive, you can take action to get it back again.
Stereotypically, there is a notion in the society that men think more about sex and feel sexual desire more often than women, also men who have complexity of maintaining an erection (erectile dysfunction) generally have a normal, or even high sex drive. However, about 1 in 5 men experience loss of sexual desire at some point in their lives. It is often assumed that men lose interest in sex as they get older, but that's not always the case as there are many other reasons of low libido in men. Lack of sex drive is caused due to several physiological, emotional, and lifestyle factors from depression and stress to excessive alcohol intake.

low libido in males
Even in this advanced era, couples have some myths regarding sex that are reflected in their ways while dealing with a drop of sex drive issues in men. Couples rarely talk regarding men's lack of sex drive as men find it embarrassing to their masculinity if they discuss libido problem, while women feel they may be sidelined as an unpleasant or their partner might feel they're not able enough to arouse their passions. An occasional fall in sex drive in men is quite normal, while chronic hatred to sex is a serious matter. Once any underlying factors are identified for a waning sex drive, the problem can be resolved by adopting proper treatment measures.

Answer the below questions in True or False as it will help you know the early warning signs:
  • Sex is mechanical and usual.
  • You no longer look ahead to sex.
  • You have sex 1 or 2 times a month at most.
  • Touching takes place just in the bedroom.
  • You don’t get feelings of connection and sharing during intercourse.
  • Always one of you is the initiator and your partner feels pressured.
  • You never have sex ideas or fantasies about your partner.
If your answers to most of the above questions are True, then you could be on the path of losing sex drive. So, your first step is to find out the appropriate cause.

Causes of Low Libido in men:

Low testosterone
Testosterone is the hormone of desire, perhaps for both men and women. Low sex drive is often caused due to low testosterone levels (a hormone imbalance). Testosterone levels in men peak around age 20-30 and then drop by about 1-2% a year as they age. Testosterone is produced by the body in the testicles, and is liable for stimulating sperm formation and sex drive, plus building muscles and bone mass. When production severely falls or ceases as men age, different symptoms and complications can take place. Men with low testosterone will have less energy, poor concentration and decreased libido.

Medical problems
Major medical conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases can negatively affect sexual desire. Some medicines are known to affect sex drive including medicines used to treat high blood pressure, such as beta-blockers and diuretics; medicines for depression, including SSRI antidepressants; medicines for seizures (fits); etc. If you are concerned that medication you are taking is responsible for your decreased sex drive, then it is best to check with your GP. Your GP will tell you regarding an appropriate alternative medicine for your condition that may have less impact on your sex desire.

Drugs and alcohol
Taking too much of a drug and/or alcohol in the long run can take its toll on your sex desire. Excessive consumption of alcohol can weaken your nervous system and lead to fatigue, making it hard to become aroused. Other drugs can also drop off your sex desire like marijuana works on the pituitary gland, which controls the formation of testosterone. If your sex drive is decreasing day by day, then you should take steps as fast as possible to boost your sex drive. You can arouse your sexual desire by eating a healthy diet, and doing right amount of exercise.

Stress and depression
Stress, anxiety and exhaustion due to heavy work load can have a major impact on your happiness. Stress can decrease your libido by disturbing you and taking your mind off sexual drive. If you’re constantly feeling tired, stressed or nervous, then its time to make some lifestyle changes or speak to your GP for suggestion.
Depression is a serious illness in which you feel extreme sadness that can last for a long run, so it’s harder to feel sexual in this condition. These feelings are severe enough to interfere with your normal day-to-day activities, thus your depressed condition will put your sexual interest on hold.

Relationship or family problems
Relationship problems can be included in the list of most common causes of low sex drive. When a couple is fighting or feeling distant from each other, it will negatively affect their sex life. If there is any tension in the family, or unhappiness in your relationship, then it will ultimately show up in your sex life. One other important thing you should note is whether the problem is a performance matter that makes sex complex or unsatisfactory. For instance, several men have ejaculation problems or erectile dysfunction, and women have painful sex or vaginismus (the involuntary tightening of the outer part of the vaginal muscles that makes vaginal penetration hard).

Other causes of low male libido:
  • A number of people lose their sexual interest as they get older, mostly because of age-related health problems, falling levels of sex hormones, or the side effects of medication.
  • Being overweight that falls in the range of obesity can often raise many health problems interfering with problems of low libido.
  • When you have an unhealthy body image or when you're feeling unattractive or when your self-esteem is low, it’s hard to feel sexy.
  • When your nose is running and you need the pile of tissues beside your bed, at that time you won't be feeling too sexy.
  • Proper rest and sleep are extremely important, as it directly affects sexual health. A lack of sleep can raise cortisol levels, which even leads to reduced sex drive.
  • Men are very emotional creatures, although they don’t reveal it. Their bad sexual experience, failure, accidents, childhood trauma, etc. directly affects sex life.
Solutions for Low Libido in Men:
Couples must know the fact that sex drive variations are a part and parcel of every relationship and they're not alone in this issue, so both of them should focus on strengthening the bonds with each other and showing more affection in bad times. Spend more time with each other, take proper sleep, kiss a lot, hug each other, and develop a deep bonding. Moreover, couples should not compare their sex life with others, as like everything in life, every couple is different.

Women should clearly understand that men need to feel loved, and their need for this kind of love is through sex. When man’s sexual drive is low or loses his erection, its responsibility of woman to give him full support. When it comes to increasing the sex drive in men and women, there are gender differences and medications and suggested treatment ways could differ for both genders owing to diverse hormonal structure. Issues related to low sex drive or pertaining to biological or psychological problems are treatable, so consult doctor as he can suggest different treatment plans to men. Indeed, a number of natural libido enhancers are available to improve this condition.


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