Tuesday, May 6, 2014

How to cancel Weight Watchers Mohtly Pass?

Cancel your weight watchers monthly pass by sending your personal information via mail or visiting weightwatchers.com to cancel monthly pass online.

In the market, you will find out different kind of science based products that can help you to loss weight and maintain it. Different companies offer various kinds of products that help customers to loose their weight without following strict diet or hard core exercise by simple changes in diet and light exercise. Weight Watchers is an International company that offers various weight loss and management products to their customers. They offer monthly pass for their customers to use various services. If you want to cancel using weight watchers monthly pass due to any reason, then follow the below given steps.

Weight Watchers Mohtly Pass help to maintain your weight

About Weight Watchers:

Weight Watchers is one of the international companies that offers various products to loose weight and maintain it. They have primary plan to not compare any requirements directly and no strict food limits. Point plus system helps to keep an eye on calories intake. Users can use the Weight Watchers framework to evaluate the quantity of food they need to consume according to their diet from the vast range of food choices. They offer various services at their official site weightwatchers.com.

Ways to cancel your monthly pass:
  1. Login:Simple and easiest way to cancel your monthly pass is to log-on to your weight watchers account and visit “help” menu or “Account setting”. Follow the instructions to cancel your monthly pass.
  2. Email:You can also email at cancelmonthlypass@weightwatchers.com or visit Monthly Pass cancellation page on official site to stop subscription of your monthly pass.
  3. Write:Even you can handwrite one piece of paper with subject of canceling/stopping your monthly pass to: Weight Watchers North America, PO Box 307, Jericho, NY 11753.
Information that you need to include while you choose to stop your monthly pass service of Weight Watchers by email or mailing method:
  • Your complete name
  • Residential address with contact number
  • Pass ID number
  • Reason why you want to stop your monthly pass service
Note to remember about refund:
  • If you cancel your monthly subscription in the first half of your subscription month (monthly period), then you will not get any refund for that month subscription
  • If you cancel your monthly subscription in second half of your subscription month (monthly period), then you might have charged for upcoming month. So, you will get refund that you have charged for the upcoming month.
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