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Disadvantages of kids without siblings

Checkout various disadvantages like less social interaction, difficulty in making friends, etc. that your one and only child may suffer due to not having siblings.

Kids are miracle of God Almighty that comes in our life as a very special gift to explore completely new and happy life for us where we forget all other kinds of worries. Reasons may vary person to person that why they want to have only one kid in their life, but few basic reasons are financial problems, divorce, doubt of not giving equal time to their children, etc. Parents think that if they have only one child, they can give more attention and support to their kid that in turn will make their kid more intelligent and successful in their life. Having only one kid makes it easy for them to fulfill all financial needs of their kid without any hesitation or compromise. But, do you know raising a single child is very big responsibility for his overall growth. Without siblings, your one and only child might become arrogant and self-centered, so check out what disadvantages your kid will suffer from not having a siblings.

Happy siblings enjoying reading with each other
Disadvantages of not having siblings:

One of the biggest effect not having siblings is that your single kid becomes more arrogant, if proper care is not taken by their parents.

As only kid get full attention of their parents, he can not set his mind to share their parent’s attention on any occasion or even their toys or other things with friends.

Due to fast and small family tradition of city, single kid lives with their parents and on special occasions only they have got chance to meet their cousins. So, they feel so much loneliness while living alone in their own home. If they have siblings, then they will not feel any kind of loneliness any time.

Due to less social exposure, single kid does not want to get involved in various social activities as naturally as siblings do.

Siblings have very strong emotional bond that help them to share all kind of personal or professional issues to each other. Lack of this emotional bonding makes single child lonelier in his or her personal life with self-centered attitude.

Sometimes single kid wants to spend time with his or her age people in home as he might become bored of constant parental involvement in each work. At this moment, siblings become best friends to share their emotions.

Without siblings, it becomes difficult for only child to make friends easily as they do not have quality of sharing.

As being a one child, parents try to fulfill almost all wishes of their kid and it makes their kid more stubborn and arrogant. If he or she has siblings, then kid can easily face situation that they can not get everything they want in life.

Sometimes, parents give too much of pressure on their kid to become first in every field, that might suppress the natural physical and mental health of their kid.

As per one research, having siblings give little more guarantee to not have divorce with your partner. Because having siblings, you have already mastered the skills of solving interpersonal matters and understanding the feelings of each other.

It is always being concern of parents that their one and only child might become alone after their death. So, if he or she has siblings than they will have each other’s moral support that can help them to resolve any of the worst situations.

When single child has been raised in overprotected environment, he or she lacks the confidence to do something on their own will as they need their parent’s support. Siblings have got the skill to do even basic routine work by their own.

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