Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Monsoon Hair Protection Easy Tips

Monsoon has arrived and so it’s time to take extra care of your hair. Follow these simple tips and tricks to keep your tresses healthy and bouncy this rainy season.

No doubt, the monsoon showers have given us the much needed respite from the scorching summer heat, but beware! Constant drenching and increased levels of humidity can wreak havoc on your hair and scalp. That’s why, it is very much important to give your hair a little extra care and attention during monsoon. Otherwise, you may end up with various problems like sticky scalp, smelly hair, dandruff, hair fall, and rough & dull hair. To keep all these problems at bay and to preserve the quality of your hair this monsoon season, just keep in mind the tips given below. These amazingly simply and easy-to-follow tips will make sure that your tresses look beautiful and healthy all through the monsoon!

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Oil your hair
Oil massages can work wonders for your mane during monsoon season. Simply, pamper your hair with a good oil massage twice a week. This will not only nourish your scalp with essential nutrients but also strengthen the hair roots. Although you can use olive oil or almond oil for hair massage, coconut oil is the best choice - at least for this season.

Hair wash and conditioning

Excessive humidity means more of sweating, and a sweaty scalp easily attracts dirt, dust and other pollutants. That’s why, it is recommended to focus more on keeping your scalp & hair clean during monsoon than in any other season. Wash your hair regularly (2-3 times a week) with a mild shampoo. Also, remember to apply a conditioner after the wash. Shampoo will wash away all the accumulated dirt and pollutants, whereas conditioner will retain the shining and smooth texture of your hair. However, be particular about the shampoo you use as frequent application of harsh shampoos will damage your hair significantly.

Avoid hair treatments
Never straighten, curl or color your tresses at the time of monsoon. That’s because, the high level of humidity in the atmosphere will make your hair go limp & greasy, and thus spoil your hairstyle. In monsoon season, it’s best to keep your hair trimmed and short as it will become easy to clean and manage them. Also, try to always keep your hair tied-up neatly. But see to it that you don’t tie up your hair too tight as this could lead to trapping of rain water in your hair and the resulting humidity will make your hair even frizzier. You can try a loose bun or a loose side pony tail.
Wet or damp hair is exceptionally delicate and fragile. Tying them up could lead to various problems like hair breakage, dandruff, dirty scalp and split ends. So, if your hair gets wet in rain then tie them up only after they have been dried well.

Stay away from styling products

It is advisable to avoid using styling products like hair mousse, hair sprays and styling gels during this season. All these artificial chemical-based products would make your hair excessively greasy and sticky. And if you have to use them while going out, make sure you wash it off as soon as you return home.

Dry your hair properly

Rain water is not pure but rather contains pollutants and dirt. So if you want to minimize the damage it brings to your hair, then you must pat dry your hair whenever you get chance. That’s why, it is suggested to carry a soft dry hand towel at all times - in your car, in your bag or in your workplace drawer. Also, never comb your hair vigorously when it’s wet, as they tend to break very easily.

Avoid hair dryers
Of course, you should keep your hair dry during monsoon, but avoid using hair dryers for this as they will damage your hair badly by over-drying. The best thing you can do for your hair is letting your hair dry naturally. Still, if you’re in hurry and you need to use hair dryer, then don’t forget to apply a small amount of hair serum after drying. This will provide much needed conditioning to your hair.

Protection is the best measure

Perhaps the best way to keep your mane healthy & beautiful during the monsoon season is to protect it from rain. Keep an umbrella or a hooded raincoat with you every time you step out. You can also use a scarf or stole to cover your mane, when get caught in a downpour. Obviously, your stole cannot prevent the water from reaching your tresses completely, but it will definitely reduce the harm caused by rain water.

Eat healthy

To keep your hair healthy and bouncy in monsoon, you need to eat foods rich in protein and vitamin E. Try to include seasonal fruits, dark green veggies, cereals, eggs, salmons, carrots, nuts, coconut water, low-fat dairy products, etc. in your diet. Also, make sure to drink plenty of water and fresh juice. And most importantly, avoid junk food like burger, pizza, chips, fries, sugar edibles, etc. as they contribute to hair thinning.



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