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Acne triggering foods

To get gorgeous acne free skin, stay away from food items that are responsible for acne breakouts like bread, sugar, coffee, dairy products, and deep fried foods.

Acne is normal in teenage life phase, when everyone gets acne breakout due to hormonal changes in our body. But with essential skin care routine and right diet plan, we can control outbreak of acne. Acnes are considered as a result of clogged pore with skin oil. Due to blockage of dead skin and pollution, skin gets irritated and excess skin oil comes out from pores. With modification in your diet, you can reduce the excess production of skin oil and reduce occurrence of acnes to give you beautiful flawless skin. There are certain foods in our regular diet that increases the oil production to more than average. So, avoiding those foods can help you to stop acne. Check out some of the top acne triggering foods to stay away from.

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Dairy products:

Dairy products Acne triggering food to avoid

Dairy products like cheese, milk and butter can keep your skin oil levels higher. These dairy products also trigger acne building hormones. Access consumption of dairy products and especially milk cream make you more prone to acne. Besides cow milk, you can consume almond or coconut milk.


Sweet cause acne breakouts

Increased amount of sugar in your diet can lead you to have more acne. Sugar is considered as pro-inflammatory ingredient that increases the progress of inflammatory acne condition. To reduce the occurrence of inflammatory process of acne, person must lower the consumption of sugar. You can use honey, maple syrup or sweet fruits to satisfy your sweet cravings.


Coffee that causes Acne

A cup of aromatic coffee in the morning makes your day more than just good, as well as it also say good morning to acne breakout. Yes, research has proven that excess consumption of coffee can lead to acne. It stimulates sebaceous glands and increases the process of inflammation. So, you can replace your brewing coffee with green tea or yerba mate as good morning beverage.


Bread that can trigger Acne

Wheat products such as English muffin or bread are inflammatory food products that act negatively on your flawless skin. So, it is mandatory to stay away from bread to get desired acne free skin. Bread or English muffin insert three big triggers of acne: sugar, soy and dairy. So, bread will increase chances of having aggressive acne three times.


Peanuts that can trigger Acne

Peanuts consists of androgen that increases the production of sebum. Acne gets worse due to uncontrolled production of sebum. For acne free skin, you must avoid peanut butter and other products of peanuts to get flawless skin. You can switch to almond or cashews instead of peanuts to get relief from irritating acne.

Diet soda:

Avoid Diet soda to Prevent Breakouts

Artificial foods like diet soda and other cold drinks increase the chances of having worse acne. It reduces the pH levels in your body, and the production of sebum increases. It results into the clogged pores and acne. To improve the alkaline environment of your body, reduce the consumption of artificial foods for acne free skin.

Processed/Refined foods:

Processed/Refined foods as an Acne triggering food

Processed or refined foods have high glycemic index and more salt that increases the acne prone hormone levels. Processed foods offer a good environment for acne causing bacteria to grow. So, do not consume processed and fried foods too much. Avoid refined foods as much as you can to reduce outburst of acne in even teenage years.


Soy Acne triggering food to avoid

Tofu and other soy products are the main cause of building acne breakout around mouth and along jawline. Soy contains estrogens naturally into it that increases the sebum production. Stop using soy in your diet to say bye-bye to acne around mouth and jawline.


I must say your article is the best one i ever read on how to get rid of acne... In addition, preventions is the best way to avoid any future problem with acne. To prevent acne breakouts, it is important to know what causes acne in the first place. One of the easiest ways to prevent acne is to wash your face daily with a mild antibacterial soap and avoid using heavy lotions and creams in areas which are prone to acne.... keep on sharing such information!!!

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