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Home Remedies for your Kids

Check out simple yet effective home remedies to cure common cold, cough, fever, earache, congestion in small kids easily without having any side effects.

Every season has their merits and demerits and small kids always become sick with each turn and twist of season. Slight increase in heat or drop of temperature causes several health issues to your kids like a tummy ache or a stuffy nose. All these health issues can effect your kid’s steady growth. It might affect negatively on your kid’s health on long term if you go for high dose prescription frequently. Simple home remedy can easily handle any kind of routine health problems in small kids. Ingredients used for simple home remedies are easily available in our home like ginger, vinegar, baking soda, dry nuts, dates etc. Check out simple yet effective home remedies to keep your kids healthy.

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Honey and lemon juice: With small rise or fall into the temperature, many kids have cold and cough. Mixture of lemon and honey helps to resolve the viral infection of cold and cough. Lemon dries up congestion and honey soothes. As per the recent studies, one spoon of honey eased kid’s cough much better than cough medicine. Do not use this remedy for kid under one year because honey is not safe for them.

Baking soda: Baking soda has soothing effect on bugs bite. Alkaline based baking soda helps to counteract the acidic swelling caused by bug bite. Apply paste of baking soda on bite to soothe itching. Allow paste to dry out and wash it off. It acts better to resolve itching besides store-bought products.

Cayenne Pepper: It is a special spice that has power to clot blood. So, whenever your kid’s nose bleeds, keep head of your child upright and pinch his nostrils together for 1-2 minutes. Take one moistened cotton swab and sprinkle little ground cayenne pepper. Dab it inside the nose of your kid on area that bleeds. It will stop bleeding to resolve the nosebleed problem.

Contact lens solutions: If a child over 6 months have congestion problem, use contact lens solution as preservative-free saline solution. Fill a bulb syringe with saline solution and raise head of your child and slowly squeeze drop of solution in the nostrils at a time. It is easy solution to resolve nasal congestion issue in kids.

Ginger tea: Another home remedy for kids to get relief from the cold and cough is ginger tea. Prepare ginger tea least sweeten and make your 2-3 age kids to take 4-5 sips daily during winter to make sure he or she do not get common cold.

Cucumber: Kids easily get mild swelling while playing or doing any other work. Cucumber has soothing property to resolve swelling of eyes. If your kid gets little swollen skin, then simply put slice of cucumber. Repeat changing new slice of cucumber time to time until swelling reduces.

Stick of gum: If your kid is complaining fullness of stomach after big meal, then let her/him chew stick of gum for few minutes. Make sure that you use this tip only if your kid is above age of 4 or 5. Extra saliva helps to digest food easily and balance the amount of excess stomach acid.

Teething: It is painful while you have wisdom teeth. So, it is true that your kid also feel pain while having her first teeth. He will try to bite everything that he come across to soothe ache. Best method to cure aching when your kid has his first teeth, is cold applesauce in wash cloth. Take one small wash cloth and wet center of it with water. Spread little apple sauce on center surface and roll it up center so that kids can easily chew it. Now put it into the freezer for few minutes. Once it becomes cold, give it to your kids to chew and soothing ache while having first teeth. It is sweet, chewable and cold that will numb their gums easily.

Olive oil and garlic: Concoction of olive oil and raw garlic is best remedy to cure earache in kids. If your kid has pain in ear, then do not opt out directly for ear drops or other kind of medication. Simply put one or two drops of olive oil and garlic concoction in ear of your kid to ease the pain.

Salt: This remedy you should follow only when your kid know how to do gargle. If your kid knows how to do gargle and have itching in throat, then make your kid to gargle with lukewarm salty water. It will soothe the pain.

Raw onion: Kids easily get fever with drastic change in environment. If your kids have viral fever, then put slice of raw onion in his/her socks overnight to cure fever. Putting slice of onion at sole of feet, it acts as an inflammatory substance to resolve fever.

Simple tips to resolve common health issues of small kids at home:
  • Mix Boil water with pinch of turmeric powder, salt and small piece of jaggery. Make sure your kid take it daily to stay increase immunity and to resolve the common cold and cough problem.
  • If your kid is very thin and slender, then mix one spoon fresh spinach juice with honey and give it to kid. It will help your kids to become stronger.
  • If your kids have problem of vomiting due to milk, then give one spoon of fresh tomato juice to your kids before 15 minutes of milk.
  • Consumption of fresh tomato juice twice a day makes your kid’s immune system strong as well as body.
  • If your kids have problem of bedwetting, then give him sesame seeds daily to resolve problem.
  • To treat whooping cough, prepare small bundle of garlic in cotton cloth and tie it with thread around your kid’s neck.
  • Mix 7-9 drops of basil leaves in glass of water daily and give it to your kid. It will help your kid’s muscles and bones to become stronger and increase height.
  • Boil 2-3 garlic cloves in one glass of milk. Strain milk and make sure your kids drink it to reduce whooping cough.
  • Grate one date with rice water to make paste. Add little water and give it to your kids two times a day regularly to make them stronger and healthy.
  • Mix coriander seed powder and lump of sugar in rice water. Daily give it to your kids to resolve cough and breathing problem.
  • Spread castor oil on betel leaf and warm up it little. Put betel leaf on your kid’s chest and with the help of warm cotton cloth warm it time to time. It will help to split out mucus easily and kid will feel relief from nasal congestion and cough.
  • Take basil juice and warm it up. Apply it on chest, forehead and nose of kid. It will help to resolve whooping cough.


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