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Natural Homemade tips to make your White Hair Black

Looks play an important role in making impression on others… Along with face and figure, Hair is also a crucial part of our physical look and can play a key role in preserving our self-confidence. But there are many people around us, in whom the significant strands of white hair start to grow earlier then the time. This problem embarrasses the people and affects their self-possession. There are many factors which can play a role in arousing and increasing of the process of hair whitening; stress has a very significant role in it. Lots of people start to dye their hair, but it is not a long-lasting solution. Albeit there is no harm in dyeing your hair, but if you can get the naturally flawless black hair then there is nothing like that. Besides spending money on the hair products and hair color, you can try out some ingredients found in your household pantry, which can go a long way to reverse the white hair and endorse your natural hair color. Do you want to know about the natural homemade remedies which can help you to make your white hair black??? Go through this article…
Natural Homemade tips to make your White Hair Black
Natural Homemade tips to make your White Hair Black

Chop Ridge Gourd and let them desiccate totally. Then add as much coconut oil that the chopped Ridge Gourd dunks in it, and do this up to four days. After that, boil the mixture, cool it, filter it and fill in a bottle. Do a daily massage with this oil and your white hairs will turn into black.

Drink fresh juice of Indian gooseberry or prepare paste of dry amala powder with water and apply it in your hair. Wash it with cold water to get black and silky hair.

Prepare paste of roots of bhringaraja and Indian ginseng by mixing it with the coconut oil. Apply mixture in your hair by massaging in scalp. Leave it for an hour and wash it with warm water. It will act as a natural conditioner and make your hair naturally black.

Take one iron bowl and add 1 spoon of triphala, bhringaraja and iron rust. Now add bhringaraja plant juice in it and mix it well by leaving for whole night.

Apply mixture in your hair and after it get dried out, wash your hair. It will make your white hair black and also gives you gorgeous look.

Wash your hair daily with mixture of Chana flour (besan) and yogurt to get black hair.

Prepare paste of onion with water and apply it in your hair before an hour you go to wash your hair. It will make your hair black.

Take dried Ridge Gourd or its powder and soak it in coconut oil for four days. Now strain the mixture and daily massage in your scalp to have a naturally black hair.

Prepare paste of Indian gooseberry and hibiscus flowers. Add same amount of iron rust in it and apply it in your hair. Once it become dry, wash your hair with plain water. It will make your white hair black with shiny look.

Eating the sesame or massaging the sesame oil in hair will prove advantageous, if you have white hairs or if your hairs are fallen. Mix milk, sesamum oil and olive oil. Massage in your scalp with this mixture to get black and healthy hair.

Soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight. Consume these seeds and drink the marinated water on empty stomach in the morning for about 4-6 months. You will definitely see the difference.

Massaging the lemon juice on scalp will help to thwart the whitening of hairs as well as the hair fall. Make a paste by mixing the lemon juice with crushed dry Amla (Indian gooseberry) and apply on white hairs. It will aid to make your white hair black.

Consume ghee, as well as, massage ghee in the roots of hair. It will definitely prove beneficial for your white hairs.

Daily consumption of carrot juice is very beneficial for the healthiness of hairs, and it also prevents the hair from going white.

Drinking the juice made from the wheat sprouts also prevents whitening of the hairs.


Is it true that choped ridge gourd process really turns our white hair into black???? did any ane tried thz??? because i heard that there is no natural remedy to turn white hair to black....and the only method is dying....plzz reply me

I don't think anybody will do these things for about a week. They will get embraced in as long as in 2-3 days, So better u can try colouring your hair by Natural henna. Or you can try these as well if you are sure that you can do it.

If this is true, then most of the people from India should know this formula. Of course, no one knows about this formula so it bunch of BS. Every one knows about Amla and it's effect. It is a very slow process. Gray hair is part of life cycle. So, get it - have it - enjoy it. If you cannot enjoy it, then get it dyed.

hey guyz it really works try it...

Is that true guys? The white hair become black?
If is that really happen i wanna try asp. If theres also somebody try it pls.
Reply thnks

Hairs are natural
There is no method of converting white hair into black naturally
So don't be confused
Ok try the halthy food

Mixture of Crushed Amla and Lemon Juice is the best formula to stop grow of white hairs....
Try it... and don't confused.
Just do this formula..

it is wrong that white hair cannot turn black,I had so many white hair then I used 100% pure kashmiri oil (til gogul) and half of my hair are turned back black ,if anyone is having white hair,he should use kashmiri oil and I guarantee that white hair will turn black!!!!!!use it guyz it really works

i am very embaraced by white hairs and my nearby friends also suffering tese problems i will try my best to use these formula but it takes much time guys.

Can I do all these things on colored hair..will it work??? And how long it takes the time to reverse the grey hair into black by using this method? Do i need to do all the things together or any one out of all? Plz advise wisely..

Where I can buy this kashmirI oil in karachi pakistan n how to make sure its pure

take black strap molasses i hope this will be effective

Where do we get kashmiri oil

Where I can buy this kashmirI oil in karachi pakistan n how to make sure its pure my phone num 9094472722

plz tell me where i can getpure kshmir oil..........plz reply my mail

@unais bashir

Hie the kashmiri oil you mentioned can u tell about it ? Like what type of kashmiri oil , how to get it in other parts of worls how to make it in home ?
Reply asap

Hi can you please suggest easy method to get rid from white hair.

pls suggest the remedy with the available home products

Hello, could you please help me the name of oil or if jus possible paste the pic of bottel which u r using.

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