Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Natural Tips For Beautiful Lips

Eyes are the most beautiful and lips are the most attractive parts of the face. Every one wants their lips to look soft, smooth and beautiful. In today’s busy life, taking care of natural beauty is becoming very hard and if we find  any defect in our beauty, we try to solve it by using artificial methods like makeup, lipsticks and other stuff. Mostly, lips are found artificially decorated as they help to make our personality even more good looking and attractive. Most of the young girls use lipsticks for this purpose which may change the color of lips to black. If you want soft, smooth and luscious lips naturally, then below mentioned tips are just for you.
Natural Tips For Beautiful Lips
Tips for Beautiful Lips
  • If your lips' color has turned in to black, then stop the use of lipsticks. Combine white butter with saffron and apply it on your lips daily. By this way, you will notice difference in your lips’ color. Your lips will be pink again as before. Apply lipsticks only when you have to go for any party or function.
  • To maintain the pink color of your lips, crush fresh red rose petals and add a little ghee to make a paste. Apply this paste on your lips and remain it for about an hour. After that, wash it with water; you will get soft and beautiful lips by applying this paste.
  • Daily night massage your lips with a mixture of honey and almond oil to prevent the drying of your lips.
  • To retain natural moisture and softness of lips, spray little powder on your hankie, put it on your lips and apply little pressure with hand. By doing this, the natural moisture of your lips will be maintained.
  • If you have a problem of dry lips, then mix olive oil and vaseline and apply it on lips three to four times in a day. This remedy will help you to get rid of dry and chapped lips that make you more miserable.
  • Take two teaspoon of coco butter and half teaspoon honey wax. In a vessel, heat wax and add coco butter. Let this mixture to become cool. After then, apply it on lips with the help of lip brush. Beauty of the lips will be preserved by this way.
  • Take water, honey, glycerin, and almond oil in equal amount and place them in a bottle. Shake the bottle to mix them well. Apply this mixture daily to get luscious lips.
  • Apply a good amount of lip balm before going to sleep at night. You can also mix some crushed sugar with lip balm; this will not only give you soft and supple lips but also make them pink and pucker. As well, try to moisturize your lips by applying lip balm after every few hours.
  • If you are bothered about your dark lips, then combine glycerin with lemon juice and apply it on your lips. Keeping this mixture overnight on lips will help to lighten it.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stevia Herb: Natural Cure For Diabetes

Diabetes, a very common and severe disorder nowadays, is a complex hormonal disorder of protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Diabetes mellitus is mainly an outcome of defect of the insulin receptors or a complete or relative deficiency of insulin secretion by the Langerhans beta cells of the pancreas. Diabetes mellitus occurs when body doesn't fulfill the requirement of insulin to maintain the normal blood sugar levels. In insulin-dependent diabetes (type I diabetes mellitus), pancreas produces very little or no insulin at all. In non-insulin-dependent diabetes (type II diabetes mellitus), pancreas continues to produce insulin, many times even at superior than normal levels. Here are mentioned important details about Stevia Herb as it is a natural cure for diabetes.
Stevia Herb: Natural Cure For Diabetes

Monday, August 29, 2011

4 Tips that Cure Constipation for lifetime

If we have healthy body, we can do our work actively and vigorously as well as our mind remains enthusiastic. Healthy digestive system helps us to perform up to our potential. Almost everyone has suffered from the constipation once in their life but when it becomes chronic, it is difficult to deal with. In constipation, the bowel movement becomes irregular or infrequent and the stool remains for long time in the colon. Constipation is a painful and frustrating condition but countless remedies are available for relieving constipation - from senna pods to herbal infusions. Here, in this article we have provided some tips and natural remedies, which will effectively treat your constipation for lifetime.

4 Tips that Cure Constipation for lifetime

Many people suffer from chronic constipation due to their irregular life style and wrong eating habits, which produces “Vata” and “Pitta”. According to Ayurveda, Triphala is best remedy for relieving both Vata and Pitta. Triphala is a mixture of ‘Three Fruits'; Amla, Harde and Bahera (Bhibhitaki). It acts as a natural colon cleanser.

Daily take Triphala mixture with water before going to bed. Regular intake of Triphala mixture for about six months will help you to get rid of constipation for lifetime.


For a person who has very weak body or for children, apply crushed amla surrounding navel or belly button to make a wall and then fill it with ginger juice. The application of ginger juice around the belly button is one of the easiest remedies to cure constipation.

Constipation sufferer has to remain in such a position for about 2 hours for getting rid of it quickly. Without any purgatives or harmful medicines, months and years old constipation becomes clear.

Guggul powder

Add one pinch of guggul powder in warm water and drink it in the morning at an empty stomach. After drinking it, walk for about 15 minutes, you will surely get relief from constipation.

Changes in diet

In your diet, add guggul powder, juice of half lemon, pinch of asafetida, roasted cumin powder, and salad available according to season. By this way, you will get rid of constipation and all other digestive problems for lifetime.

Other remedies:

Water is a natural laxative and helps our digestive system to function properly. A healthy person should drink approximately 4 liters (quarts) of water in a day. If you have constipation, then start to drink water early in the morning at an empty stomach. It will be helpful to get rid of constipation.

At an empty stomach in the morning, take one glass of hot water containing 1 teaspoon honey and juice of ½ lemon. Continue taking this mixture for at least a week as it is a natural laxative which helps in maintaining your overall health for a lifetime.

Consume 250-300 gms fresh grapes every day during its season. While in off-season, you can soak 12-15 raisins in water for about 24-48 hours and consume them early in the morning. The water in which you have soaked raisins should also be drunk.

Mix 2-3 teaspoon of Isabgol in warm water or in milk and consume it in the morning or at bedtime to get rid of constipation.

Drink a mixture of equal quantities of spinach juice and carrot juice at night before going to bed. It will effectively treat your constipation.

Soak about 6-8 dates (seed removed) in a cup of water overnight. In the morning, churn this mixture and drink it.

Add plenty of vegetables, fruits and salads in your diet. Try to chew food properly and consume them only when you're hungry.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Live in relationships vs Marriage: Pros & Cons

Live in relationships, also called as ‘cohabitation' is an alternative for marriage, by which two person of same or different sex can live together without any legal rights against each other. However it is more common in western countries than in India. It is a pure form of modern adultery which is formed purely on the pillars of fashionable and individual life style. Youth generation of today is more interested in cohabitation by which they can get a more friendly approach to their relationship. Youngsters accept cohabitation to flee from responsibilities and commitment or to explore each other’s life before marriage. Usually, it is accepted by the high classes’ society people.
Live in relationships vs Marriage: Pros & Cons
A proverb “marriage is happening in heaven” gives a very deep meaning of marriage. Marriage is one of the religious rituals by which two person of different sex gets committed for lifelong. Marriage can reinforce the family system and is very well accepted by the society. In Marriage system, even at the times of squabble, the couples are cooperated with each other. Due to the strong tradition and culture of India, it has the greatest family system all over the world as compared to the western countries. There is a very few good families in America, because they usually change their partners like changing clothes daily.
Live in relationships as well as marriages both have their own pros and cons.

Pros of Live in relationship over marriage

  • Freedom: This is the prime benefit of Live in relationship. In this, any of partners neither has to accept any obligations nor has to give up any rights. There is no commitment like marriage; relationship lasts longer if both of them are happy with each other. Live-in relationship offers personal freedom to partners compared to Marriage.
  • Responsibility: There is a very less load of responsibility as compared to marriage. Married people have to manage all the responsibility of family while cohabiters have only their own responsibility.
  • Easy to break-up: It takes a lot of effort and money to dissolve a marriage because it is a very strict and unassailable arrangement. Partners have to equally divide debt and family assets, to pay Lawyers and to make arrangements with respect to the children. But cohabiters can break their relation easily.
  • Rehearsal for a married life: Live-in is the perfect rehearsal of a married life. Partners know each other’s common interests and views on money, sex, religion, and politics.
  • Easy to change the partner: If partners could not satisfy or get bored seeing the same face every morning, then they can pack their bags any day and move out without doing any legal procedure.
  • No legal hassle: There are absolutely no financial complications, complex negotiations or legal hassle like marriages. The arrangements are similar to a dream come true, like have physical relations, live together, and move out when getting bored.

Pros of marriage over Live in relationship

  • Legal and Social recognition: It is the main benefit of marriage. Marriage is sheltered by the law and the society respects the relationship. While in Live in relationship, partners can not get this benefit and they don’t have their clearly defined obligations and rights. It is not fragile like live-in and can not dissolve at any point.
  • Emotional support and commitment: Married people give devotion and fidelity to their partners and they can share all their secrets with each other and also share their savings to buy possessions for the family. Live in relationships can not match the legal rights, social recognition and emotional support that provided by a marriage.
  • Unconditional sacrament: In Marriage, Husband and wife are compliant to each other and they prepare to die for each other so the depth of love is supreme. While Live in relationship is conditional compared to marriage.
  • Children’s development: If parents are cohabiting, then children’s emotional development is poorer compared to married ones. This is literally due to the high risk of parent’s break up. If they break up, the situation becomes complex with respect to their responsibility and custody of children.
  • Physical and sexual abuse: According to some estimates, aggression is at least two times more common among cohabiters then married, so cohabited women have to suffer more from physical and sexual abuse than married women.
  • Relationship with parents: Live in relationships may affect relations with parents. All parents give more support to marriage than the cohabitation. Many Cohabiters loose the support of their parents and family because some families consider that it is morally wrong.
  • Economic equality: Married couples are better in case of economic equality while cohabiters always try to protect their financial futures with separate bank accounts, personnel properties etc.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sleeping with Contact Lenses could invite blindness

Nowadays many different types of contact lenses are available in the market. Most of the people choose soft contact lenses compared to the spectacles. Users of the soft contact lenses must follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Any contact lens wearer, who use lenses for far longer than the recommend of manufacturer or left it overnight, can potentially invite infections and other problems of eyes. People who wear lenses while sleeping or wear lenses regularly are at high risk of a severe eye condition which can show the way to blindness. Today only a few brands of soft contact lenses allow the users to sleep with contact lenses. Orthokeratology lenses are the lenses that can be worn while sleeping.

Sleep with Contact Lenses could invite blindness

Friday, August 26, 2011

Coriander oil could be used to cure Food Poisoning & Superbugs

An aromatic plant, coriander is extensively used in Mediterranean and Indian cuisine. Oil extracted from the seeds of the coriander plant is the most used essential oil and has been shown to be deadly to a wide range of harmful bacteria. Coriander oil is already utilized as a food additive and offers numerous health benefits, including pain relief, cure of nausea, ease of cramps and convulsions, improves digestion and treats number of fungal infections. A recent study has found that coriander oil could be used to cure a host of infections including food poisoning and superbugs.

Coriander oil could be used to cure food poisoning & superbugs
Use of coriander oil in foods could prevent food-borne illnesses and has a potential to be a natural alternative to common antibiotics, a study has found. The researchers of the University of Beira Interior in Portugal found that coriander oil is effective against many bacterial strains, including Salmonella enterica, Escherichia coli, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Bacillus cereus. When the researchers tested all these strains, all have showed reduction in growth, and most of them were killed, by the solution containing 1.6% coriander oil or less.

A study published in the Journal of Medical Microbiology not only illustrates that coriander oil also has an antibacterial property, but also provides a clarification regarding its working, which was not understood formerly. The coriander herb extract is resistant to an array of toxic bacteria which are responsible for infections. The researchers recommend that coriander oil could have essential applications in the medical and food industries.

Every year, more than one million people suffer from food poisoning in the UK, leading to around 500 deaths and 20,000 people requiring hospital care, as per the Food Standards Agency. The author of the study, Dr. Fernanda Domingues said that coriander oil could assist the millions of people who suffer from food-borne illnesses each year.

Coriander oil works by disrupting the barrier between the cell membrane and its environment and thus inhibits crucial processes including respiration, which eventually leads to the death of the bacterial cell. However, more research is required about how to develop it in a drug. We can predict the use of coriander in clinical form such as mouth rinses, lotions and even pills; to battle against multidrug-resistant bacterial infections. This would considerably improve quality of life of the people.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

High Fiber Fruits and Vegetables for Kids

Now-a-days kids like to eat cookies, fast food, pizzas, cake, chocolates, chips and burgers that are high in fat & sugars as well as low in fiber. These types of foods are not healthy and lead to obesity which is the main cause of several health problems. So these unhealthy foods should be balanced with healthy foods which are needed for a growing body. Fiber is vital ingredient for overall health of your child. It keeps the kids fuller for longer period of time so there are fewer chances that they will snack unhealthy foods all through the day. Fiber is found in many foods such as beans, nuts, lentils, fruits, seeds, vegetables and whole wheat grains. Here are listed some of the high fiber fruits and vegetables for kids.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Smart Kitchen Tips

Cooking becomes a field of competition nowadays and every woman is crazy to become a smart and perfect housewife. Each and every woman wants to do trouble free work in her kitchen. Some of them refer magazines, TV shows, internet etc. to solve day to day cooking related queries. Some handy tips to avoid trouble time in your kitchen are given below. Hope that by use of these tips you may solve some of your daily kitchen queries.
Smart Kitchen Tips

Smart Kitchen Tips

  • Add little amount of mint powder, while you are preparing chat masala, to make it more tasty.
  • Coat the inner base of pan with butter to make sugar syrup of good quality. And you can also add a few drops of lemon juice while preparing it to collect the impurities on the surface of the syrup which is easily removable.
  • To keep jaggery well throughout a year, fill it in old earthen pot and tie clean cloth over pot.
  • If the amount of salt is excess in your cooked vegetables, then add butter or pure ghee in it.
  • To make the green vegetables germ-free; wash them with water in which some drops of vinegar are added.
  • Add some sugar to crush the cardamom quickly and to make very fine powder of it.
  • If you are suffering from cold or headache due to cold, take a black tea with lemon for relief.
  • After boiling the milk, add crushed cardamom in it to keep it fresh for long time.
  • If you accidently made a salty curry then place the two halves of the washed raw potato in the curry and it will soak up the extra salt.
  • Always use a steel knife to cut the vegetables and fruits like guavas, brinjals, apples, mangoes, and bananas etc. to prevent them from discoloration.
  • Add one teaspoon of brown sugar to neutralize excess of salt in your dish.
  • Add few drops of vinegar in water while you are washing the cloths, it gives new shine to the cloths.
  • To keep cauliflower nice and white, add milk to the water when cooking it.
  • While cooking dal, add few drops of ghee to avoid overflowing of it.
  • One can remain safe from the problem of pressure by doing Corpse Pose (savasana) daily night before sleep.
  • To cut onion without crying, you should refrigerate it before chopping or you may chop onions either near a gas flame or under running water.
  • When you are cooking corn on the cob, add sugar to the cooking water rather than salt because salt toughens the corn. And also add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice in the boiling water just a minute before removing from heat to keep it yellow in color.
  • To avoid odor of cabbage while cooking, place a small tin cup half full of vinegar on the stove near the cabbage. The vinegar absorbs the odor!
  • Add a teaspoon of rice flour and a teaspoon of suji (rava) to the wheat flour while kneading. It makes puris crispy.
  • Avoid the sticky rice. 1) Wash it few times until the water remains clear and then remove all the water. Put aside for 20 minutes. By this all the starch will be removed and the rice remains separate. 2) You can also add a few drops of lemon juice while cooking the rice to keep them separate and also keep the color of the grains bright white.
  • For cooking easily digestible tuvar dal, add a few fenugreek seeds while pressure-cooking.
  • Roll up and wrap banana leaves in a muslin cloth and put in a polythene bag before refrigerating to keep them fresh for a week.
  • Microwave lemons, oranges or limes on high for thirty seconds and then keep aside for a few minutes before cutting to obtain more juice from them. Or soak lemons in hot water up to twenty minutes before pinching to obtain more juice.
  • To shorten the cooking process when making kheer, add sugar at the end, after the rice is cooked.
  • To bake potatoes more rapidly, soak them in salted water for about 20 minutes before baking.
  • To make the bhajias less oily and more crispy, add a little rice flour in to it.
  • To give a better flavor to the dal, add a teaspoon full of ghee and a pinch of turmeric powder before pressure-cooking it.
  • Soak the slices of potato in water containing salt and some alum crystals, then drain the water and deep fry to make potato wafers crispy and whiter.
  • Always defrost the refrigerator before putting the ice cream mix for frosting to make it faster.
  • Dip the Overripe tomatoes in cold water containing some salt and leave overnight. Next day, they will be firm and fresh to touch.
  • Soak the cauliflower in warm salted water for a few minutes before cooking it. By this you can get rid of any small insects which are not visible to the eye and may be present deep in the florets.
  • Rub butter at inside lip and all the top edge of the pot before pouring milk into a pot for boiling to avoid over-spilling of milk when boiling.
  • To give a fresh flavor to the frozen fish, thawing the fish in milk is the best way. The milk draws out the taste of frozen fish.
  • Add a little oil in the water to avoid sticking while boiling noodles and pasta.
  • Don’t dispose of the paneer water after making paneer from milk because you can use this nutritious water to cook dals or for making very soft dough for chapattis.
  • Add a teaspoon of sugar when the vegetable is nearly cooked, to cover bitterness from fenugreek leaves.
  • To remove the garlic skins easily, wash the garlic buds with water before peeling the skin.
  • Use semolina for coating if you have no breadcrumbs and you want to make cutlets in a hurry.
  • Coat the cut apples and such other fruits with lime juice or sugar syrup to avoid the discoloration.
  • Immerse potato quarters in soup to rectify it if it turns salty, because they absorb a proportion of salt. After then, discard the potatoes.
  • Pour the cake batter into the container by a slotted spoon to avoid Air bubbles in batter.

Spa Massages for Health and Beauty

Spa massages is all about relaxation as the main aim of the health spa therapy is to provide a human a spiritual well being. The main and basic parts of the spa therapy are natural cures, music, yoga, smooth surroundings, oils, plants and herbs, and gem stones. There are various therapies in a spa such as aromatherapy, massage, body wraps, etc., which helps to relax the body. Spa massage therapy provides a sense of relaxation to whole body as it is a treatment of entire invigorating in which the mind and the soul rejuvenates and also stimulates the self healing mechanism of body. Such massage therapy improves the circulation of blood by bringing more oxygen and other nutrients to the body. Thus, it beautifies the skin. As well, it provides relief from pain and tension; eliminates the lactic acid and other wastes from the body and increases mobility and flexibility of the body. So, cut off few hours from your working time and enjoy some ‘me’ time with spa massage therapy.
Spa Massages for Health and Beauty

Thai massage

Also referred as Thai yoga massage, Thai style massage includes stretching and deep massage techniques. Generally, Thai massage is performed on the floor in place of the massage table so it is also named as floor massage. Thai massage therapist makes the use of his/her hands, knees, legs and feet to massage you and to assist you to get into a series of yoga postures. Oil is not required in the Thai massage so the clients can wear full dress during the massage. However, they should wear loose fitting clothes to make the body movements easy.

Silk based products are used in the Thai massage for getting protein naturally. These products are full of fibres so ultra violet rays of the sun can not harm our skin. Body scrubs contain 18 natural amino acids, which have anti-aging property. For people, who can not perform exercise regularly, Thai massage is very helpful. Thai massage is carried out by hundreds of techniques; most of the techniques include yoga stretches and postures, rhythmic rocking, gentle soothing movement, joint compression and decompression, and motion work.

Lomi Lomi massage

The traditional Hawaiian massage, Lomi Lomi massage is also known as lolomi, loving hands, and milimili. The technique combines the prayer and energy, which are utilized to improve blood circulation, relax the nervous system, and relieve pain and illness. Generally, it starts with a silence between the client and the therapists. In this massage therapy, the client is made directly lie on the disc of the table that assists a lot to perform the full body and underbody strokes without disturbing the flow of the massage.

The Lomi Lomi massage is slow and relaxing at starting and when it goes a little bit faster, it is friskier to the body. The clients may feel an emotional relief at the same time because the massage liberates the negative emotions, beliefs and other stuff, which has been stocked in the body cells. Besides providing relaxation to the body, the Lomi Lomi massage helps to get shiny and flawless skin.

Hot Stone Massage

It suits everyone. This massage uses the stones that are smooth and heat. Frequently, the stones are basalt or a black volcanic rock, which are rich in iron and can easily absorb and retain the heat in the body. The therapist dips the stone in the water and then heats it in an electrical heating device up to a certain temperature that humans can withstand. Hot stone massage provides a deep relaxing feel and is usually used to release the tight muscles.

By the hot stone massage, the warm heat helps to improve the blood circulation and to calm the nervous system. The stones are placed in the palms, spinal chord, between the toes as well as in the belly. If client has any inflammation or injury, the therapist makes the use of cold stone.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a kind of massage which is used to realign the deeper tissue structures of the muscle, also named connective tissue. This massage is especially helpful to treat the chronically tense and constricted areas. It is recommended for an individual suffering from the constant pain, the patients having persistent physical damage and person involving heavy physical movements. As the name suggests, the massage is intended to focus on the muscles that are positioned below the top muscles.

During the massage, therapists use their knuckles, fingertips, hands, forearms and elbows. As Swedish massage, deep tissue massage utilizes many of the same techniques and movements, but the pressure will usually be more intense. When the deep tissue massage is carried out, it relaxes the muscle tissues by flushing out the toxins from the body and helps to circulate the oxygen and blood properly.

Bhajan Kaur, a snake woman teaches Kundalini Yoga

Hari Bhajan Kaur (Kwali Kumara) is a yoga guru who illustrates herself as a mad snake lady. She is the founder of snake yoga, the latest and most extraordinary yoga. Snake yoga is a form of Kundalini Yoga which includes physical positions along with breathing, meditating and chanting. In her yoga classes and workshops, she includes tamed snakes deserted by their owners at the Snakey Sue’s Serpent Sanctuary. She combined Kundalini yoga and handling snakes as involving snakes helps the people to connect to what is happening inside.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kundalini Yoga: Benefits & Dangers

More than 22 different kinds of Yoga are there in the world, which helps to improve health and shape of the body. Kundalini yoga is one of them. Kundalini word comes from Sanskrit word which means “coiling like a snake” or “coiled up”. This yoga is among the most powerful types of yoga that works with kundalini energy. Kundalini energy is untapped energy which is situated at the spine base. Kundalini yoga if performed in its truest form, this kundalini energy courses through the 7 chakras in human body and touches all the spheres of a person's life. Kundalini energy affirms the spiritual growth and enlightenment by cleansing the body and soul. There are many benefits of this yoga but it also has certain dangers as well. Here are provided the benefits and the dangers of kundalini yoga.

kundalini yoga poses benefits as well its dangers

Monday, August 22, 2011

Disadvantages of Painkillers

Pain relievers are among the most prevalent used drugs which give temporary relief from pain. Most of the people consume painkillers (pain medications) daily to deal with different types of pain from a headache to chronic back pain. Pain killers suppress the chemicals formation in body which cause pain or bind to Central Nervous System’s opioid receptors and thereby reduce the pain. Many people become dependent on these drugs to such an extent that even for mild pain they go for it. So they become addicted to painkiller. Painkillers suppress pain but also increase the risk of other disorders. They have many side effects which differ from person to person and from drug to drug. Read on the article to know the most common side effects of pain killers.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Easy Anti Stress Exercises

Almost every people have experienced little stress at some stage of their life. Stress comes from many external influences such as relationships, job, or physical environment. In an attempt to cope the condition, such kinds of external influences lead to a stress as a response to our mind. Excessive stress is a silent killer of the body; if it is not treated well, then it can be responsible for number of health problems such as depression, decreased immune system response, etc. Anti stress exercise is the best way to reduce the impact of stress in the life. There are a number of exercises which have been shown to reduce the stress but the best anti-stress technique is the one that relieves stress by attacking in several ways.
Easy Anti Stress Exercises
Effective stress management methods should be a part of everybody's armory for managing with the daily stresses of life. Daily exercising is very effective to cope stress and to improve mental as well as physical health. Anti-stress exercises are of two types: physical and metaphysical. Physical exercises include the actual exercise techniques while metaphysical exercises involve breathing, meditation and other relaxation techniques. While practicing physical exercise, body releases some chemical substances, called endorphins, which help you to feel good. Careful breathing and gentle stretching exercises help to decrease the stress effects on the body.

Physical Exercises

It is best to schedule physical activity every week - preferably 4 or 5 times in a week - when you are able to participate in an activity. Any kind of physical exercise can help to reduce stress as it triggers the release of endorphins.
  • Walking: Anyone can perform this one. Walking is the best anti stress exercise as reversed stress response in the most effectual way. You can take a walk in the morning previous to your shower, on your lunch break or in evening with little kids in a stroller. To walk along a nature trail is more relaxing than to walk in a busy street. Natural environment activate relaxation responses in the brain. You can also obtain this calming effect by mentally assuming that you are surrounded by trees, mountains or watching the waves roll in at the beach. If you have not enough time for a walk, then you can practice a rapid burst of exercises such as push ups, stairs, etc.
  • Swimming: Swimming is the best exercise to get in shape and feel great. It combines the benefits of exercise and the soothing properties of water. It naturally improves the mood of people and keeps the diseases such as anxiety and depression at bay.
  • Aerobics: Aerobic activities improve the pumping of heart and thus they help to increase the endorphins flowing and thereby relieve stress. Previous to starting any exercise program, you should consult your doctor to know that it is safe for you or not.
  • Yoga: Nowadays, many people are attracted toward yoga exercises as they involve the mind, body and also spirit. Such exercises are great for physical health because they improve flexibility and strength of the body. By including breathing techniques with yoga poses, you can aid in relaxation. Additionally, yoga has been proven to get relief from digestive problems such as constipation, abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhoea and flatulence.

Breathing Exercises

Exercises involving the regulation of breathing are the great way to calm mind and body as they help to reduce the stress levels to great extent. To perform such exercises, you don’t require any special equipment or special place; just fresh air is required. Whether you have a stressful situation or not, perform deep breathing exercises as it will turn into an anti-stress habit throughout your whole life.

To practice deep breathing, simply blank your mind and try to concentrate on your breathing, with the aim to breathe as slowly, deeply and gradually as possible. As well, feel expansion of your abdomen and contract with every breath while experiencing the movement of air in and out of your nose. Whenever you memorize, carry out deep breathing continually throughout the day.


Meditation is an effective anti stress relief technique but you need to perform it regularly. Practicing only 5 minutes meditation each day would help to calm your mind easily when you have a stress situation or when you are under pressure. Meditation is very simple; just find a comfortable environment and meditate in a proper situation that you feel most natural.

In a comfortable position, focus on your breathing and concentrate on one thing - to clear your mind from thoughts. You can continue this process as long as you can, to calm your mind effectively. Gently focus on your point of concentration when you find that your mind is drifting, and start breathing deeply over time. You can perform meditation as often as required for stress relief.

Benefits of recycling Christmas Tree

Everybody likes to decorate Christmas tree for Christmas. People who create a real tree must think about its usefulness after the season ends. After Christmas, millions of real Christmas trees are thrown out on the streets where it will only finish up in a landfill. Instead of throwing Christmas trees on the streets or garbage, try to recycle it. These Christmas Trees are eco-friendly which means they can be reused or recycled for various environmentally useful projects. There are many benefits of recycling Christmas tree from being converted into mulch for planting to becoming a habitat for wildlife. Here are provided the benefits of recycling a Christmas tree.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Advantages of Aloe Vera: One herb has many Cures

In any corner of garden or home, almost everyone has seen plant with spiny leaves but very few people are acquainted about its importance in life. This plant has been called as Aloe Vera which offers many astonishing health benefits. Aloe vera is a great way to improve health and beauty naturally. The herb, aloe vera is widely used in the preparation of many cosmetic products. Loaded with herbal properties, the aloe vera plant is available in more than 250 species. From which, Aloe Barbadensis is the most useful herb owing to 18 amino acids contained by it.
Advantages of Aloe Vera: One herb has many Cures

Exercises To Get Rid of Beer Belly

Beer Belly is among the most common problem that affects most of men. However women are also affected by this problem. Compared to women, men are more affected by beer belly as men's bodies have a tendency to deposit more fat in the belly while women's bodies spread fat around to the arms, hips, waist and chest. Beer belly is very easy to put on but very difficult to take off. Beer belly gives you bumpy look as well as hangs above the edge of pants. self-esteem of the person is also affected by it. Generally, beer belly is made up of visceral fat, a kind of fat. It is caused by consuming too much calories and leading a sedentary lifestyle. To get rid of beer belly, exercises are the best way. To know some of the exercises to get rid of beer belly refer the article.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Best Natural Oils for your Beauty

Natural oils have been used throughout the world since centuries to soothe, smooth & improve complexions of the skin and help to nourish scalp, hair and nail. Natural skin care is among the best skin care remedies as there will be no chemical agents. Natural oils are extracted from flowers, bushes, roots, trees and seeds. Most of the skin care products available in the market are loaded with chemicals but there are many natural remedies which help you to maintain youth and elasticity of your skin. By using pure and natural oils, you will get excellent benefits. Any type of problems related to scalp, skin, hair & nail can be treated by natural oils. Some of the natural oils are easily available in your own kitchen. Natural oils are cheap, chemical-free and don’t need entire change in your beauty regimen. Read on the article to know some of the best natural oils for your beauty.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Benefits You should Know About Morning Walk

In today's fast paced and busy life, people have to face many problems if they do not make any changes in their life style. Day by day, people’s fond about the eating is increasing and most of people’s lives are dependent only on the fast foods. To stay fit and remain healthy, the time requirement is just thirty minutes a day but mostly individuals find it difficult to adhere to a regular schedule. If you don’t give attention towards taking some simple exercise and morning walk, then your dream of living long and healthy life remains only a dream. According to many physicians, daily morning walk is one and only remedy for treating all diseases.

Benefits You should Know About Morning Walk

Monday, August 15, 2011

Kiwifruit: Health Benefits & Nutrition Facts

Kiwi fruit, one type of exotic fruit, is the national fruit of China and hence also referred as Chinese gooseberry. The name of the Kiwi fruit has come from a brown flightless bird kiwi, native of New Zealand. This extensively recognized and superbly unique fruit is the most nutrient dense of all major fruits and is indigenous to eastern Chinese "Shaanxi" province. In china, kiwi fruits are named "macaque peach". A sweet taste of the fruit, resembling a combination of banana, strawberry and pineapple, is liked by almost all people. These mouth-watering fruit offers wide variety of health benefits as they are fully packed with health promoting nutrients such as phyto-chemicals, minerals and vitamins.

Kiwifruit: Health Benefits & Nutrition Facts

Strange Benefits of Sirsasana (headstand)

In yoga practice, Sirsasana (headstand) is one of the most important yoga poses. Nicknamed as "king" of all the yoga poses or the "queen of all poses", headstand benefits the whole body when practiced safely. In the Sirsasana, the body is totally reversed and held on the crown of the head supported by the forearms. A very important group of asanas, inverted asanas reverse the gravity action of the body; in place of everything being dragged in the direction of the feet. In Headstand, the orientation moves in the directions of head and thus it gets ready the mind for meditation. Usually, this practice reduces anxiety and stress, improves health and boosts self-confidence.
Strange Benefits of Sirsasana (headstand)
The sirsasana imposes a lot of positive effects on the body but everyone should remember few essential things previous to practicing it as weight is carried on the neck and head. The inversion of the pose leads to increased and unimpeded blood flow to the brain, which carries raised oxygen and energy to the mind. In yogic terms, the raised blood flow to the brain helps to rouse the Sahasrara Chakra (energy center) that is considered as the most significant Chakra closely linked to, and influencing, all other Chakras. It is important to practice this pose with attention and proper care. Like many other challenging yoga poses, it is best to start learning the pose with an experienced teacher, particularly when working with injuries or limitations.

Sirsasana – Benefits

Mind Benefits
As sirsasana increases the blood flow to the brain, it stimulates pineal and pituitary glands to revitalize and calm mind. By this way, it helps to relieve stress, depression and insomnia. It regulates your metabolism, improves memory and concentration, and aids circulation. It also has strengthening effect on lungs and thus helps to cure cough, colds, sinusitis, asthma and sore throat.

Sirsasana raises the pressure on diaphragm and so it calms and deepens breathing. Some study has also concluded that even though this asana can decelerate the breath; more oxygen that absorbed by the blood benefits the brain and inner organs because it feeds tissues and cells.

Sirsasana also works on neck, abdomen, shoulders, back and arm muscles and thereby strengthens the core. As well as it helps to lengthen spine and relieve pressure on lower back. It carries attention to balance and alignment. To relax your vocal and jaw muscles, you can engage your neck muscles.

This inverted pose also helps to improve digestion, particularly if you are suffering from constipation.

Other benefits:
  • Relieves a fluid buildup in the legs and feet
  • Lets a healthy and freshly oxygenated blood flow to brain cells
  • Tones the abdominals and legs
  • Increases the production of sex hormones
  • Regular practice raises intellectual clarity, enhances will power and respiration
  • Stimulates the nervous system
  • Improves posture and strengthens the lungs
  • May reverse the effects of sleep loss, lethargy, and memory loss
  • Increases the glow of face and decreases the dark circles around the eyes by raising the blood flow to the brain
  • Helps to defeat problems of the kidneys, liver, intestines, stomach and reproductive organs by reversing the gravity pull
  • Aids in the treatment of headaches, sinusitis, hay fever, diabetes, depression and symptoms of menopause

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips for younger Look Naturally

Now-a-days, everybody desires to look beautiful and younger than their age. No one wants fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and crow's feet but aging is an important part of our lives. Skin starts aging because with the age, the production of collagen decreases and free radicals increase. Ageing cannot be reversed but its effects can be delayed. To delay the aging process and to encourage skin rejuvenation, your skin requires a regular anti aging skin care. Anti aging skin care means to use some discipline and to change bad habits. No overnight cure is there for aging but by following some little things, you can slow down the aging process. Here are some tips that help you to look younger.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tips to remain safe while using Escalators

Escalators are the best and most efficient mass transit system which helps the people to travel up and down floors safely. Escalators are used in shopping malls, offices, airports, condos, etc. They are safe but accidents can happen if they are not used properly. Small children and old people are at higher risk of escalator accidents so it is very important to help them while on an escalator and have knowledge of their actions while riding. Mostly escalator accidents take place with small children but over the past decade, there is a major increase in elder accidents. So here some Escalators safety tips mentioned for you.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cheap Superfoods for Healthy Life

Today, one of the major risks to our health and survival is the lack of appropriate nutrition. Luckily, nature has given us some superfoods; which are generally low in calories and contain some critically important nutrients in high amount. Due to presence of vital nutrients, these superfoods help to defeat the nutritional challenges. “You are what you eat”, the saying may be heard by you many a times and it’s true. The foods taken by you in large amount determine the type of life you live. Many superfoods are available today, which contain an inconceivable amount of nutrients that our bodies require. But many of them are hard to buy on a shoestring budget. Try to include these cheap superfoods for living a healthy life.

Cheap Superfoods for Healthy Life

Selecting the Right Bonsai Pot for your Tree

Bonsai trees are becoming more popular these days. Bonsai is a Japanese word which means a plant in a tray. To keep Bonsai tree, lots of work and dedication is needed as these trees must be trimmed and cared continuously. To give miniaturization effect to bonsai tree, it is essential to choose the right type of pot. Selecting the right bonsai pot for bonsai tree is not easy. It is an art in itself. Bonsai pots are available in different shapes and sizes so it very important to get the right size, shape and color of pot for bonsai tree. To know how to select the right bonsai pot for your bonsai tree read the following article.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Know Sweet Benefits of Sour Lemon

Sour taste of lemon juice adds distinctive flavor in various dishes and is loved by many people. Very popular fruit for its culinary and medicinal purpose, lemon is a part of citrus family. It is originated in India and very easily available throughout the year. Lemon juice contains about 5 percent citric acid which provides a sour taste to lemon. Lemons are used by the central and South American people to flavor and preserve the food. Though lemon is used in preparation of a range of food recipes like lemon chicken, lemon cakes and beverages such as lemon-flavored drinks and lemonade, it offers so many health benefits which are superior to its flavor enhancing property.

Know Sweet Benefits of Sour Lemon

Hidden Nutritional health benefits of Palm Oil

Palm oil, a part of the vegetable oil family, is actually the nutrition-packed beneficial fat source that can supply number of health benefits to the body. Palm oil is a rich source of saturated fatty acids and natural chemical compounds but it is good for the overall health and nutrition. Particularly, red palm oil has been well-known for its nutritional health benefits, which is obtained from the fruit of the palm tree and should not be perplexed with palm kernel oil that prepared from the palm kernel. Palm oil is a natural source of vitamin E & carotenoids in addition to fatty acids and other essential fat-soluble micronutrients. Palm oil is much healthier oil in its unrefined form than any hydrogenated vegetable oil.

Hidden Nutritional health benefits of Palm Oil

Monday, August 8, 2011

How to Lose Weight using Water?

Now-a-days weight loss has become a big issue throughout the world. People who are over weight always search for the fastest means to lose weight and spend billions of dollars every year. Many weight loss program, diet pills and slimming teas are available in the market, which promise weight loss in a short period of time. But all these methods of weight loss are not safe. An alternative method to lose weight is through water. Drinking water helps to lose weight without any side effects. Read on to know how to lose weight using water.
How to Lose Weight using Water?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

How to Measure Breast Cup Size at Home?

Believe it or not, 8 in 10 women are wearing the wrong size bra. Nearly all women make the common mistake - they wear a bra which is either too loose around the back or too small in the cups. If you select the cups that are too small then it compress the breasts and force them to swell out the sides and if you wear cups that are too big in size, it can pucker your breast. It doesn’t matter whether you are a student or any working women, the important thing is that you need to feel comfortable from inside so that you can put your energy in your regular work schedule. Here is provided step-by-step info regarding how to measure breast cup size at home.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bitter Bitter gourd's Sweet Health Benefits

Bitter gourd is one of the healthiest vegetables in the world but as the name suggests, this vegetable has a strong bitter taste. However, people who are fond of eating tasty food, avoid consumption of this vegetable due to its bitterness. Bitter gourd has unattractive appearance; it looks more like a cucumber with unsightly gourd-like bumps all over it. Bitter gourd is a staple food in a range of cultural cuisines and provides so many health benefits which are superior to its bitter taste. From many years, bitter gourd is used as an herbal agent to treat many conditions. Also, it is extensively used in their folk medical practices. Bitter gourd is indigenous to warm tropical areas such as the Amazon, Asia, Caribbean and South America.

Bitter Bitter gourd's Sweet Health Benefits

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Red Chili's Health Benefits

Everyone knows about the spicy nature of the red chili which adds on heat and flavor to any meal. Besides giving spicy flavor, chilies add some nutritive elements to the food. Chili pepper is belonging to the family of foods, Solanaceae. A culinary spice, red chili is a powerhouse of nutrition. It contains vitamin C and carotene in high amount. Green and yellow chilies contain a significantly lower amount of vitamin C and carotene. Red chilies are also packed with an assortment of vitamins A, B and minerals that can help to heal a variety of illnesses from having some antioxidant factors to cancer-fighting agents. Red chilies have so many health benefits.
Red Chili's Health Benefits

Easy Indian Tomato Soup Recipe using Fresh Tomatoes

Tomato Soup is among the tastiest soups, which is liked by everyone. It is the most popular dish in India and has taken the front page in Indian restaurants menu. Tomato soup has juicy and tangy flavor with a pleasant smell of ripe tomatoes. Tomato soup made with fresh tomatoes is very nutritious and healthy compared to canned soup. Homemade fresh tomato soup is also cheaper and tasty than canned soup. Tomato soup tastes great with toasted croutons. It can be made in variety of styles at home. Here are some of the simple, easy and delicious fresh tomato soup recipes which can beat canned soup.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ayurvedic Tips to Glow your Face and Skin Naturally

Glowing and healthy skin adds on to your personality as well as reflects of the inner healthiness of your body. Almost every person has a desire to have a flawless, shiny and radiating skin which can always make them noticeable in the crowd. To get beautiful and fair complexion, people attempt a lot of things and at last end up with a lot of expenses for nothing. Nowadays, many cosmetic products are available in the market, which promise to give fair and glowing skin but they are packed with chemicals which may be harmful for your skin and may give you early signs of aging. Naturally fresh and healthy skin is beauty of face. Our ancient science of medicine, Ayurveda has many herbal remedies and tips which increase the glow of face as well as protect our skin from acne, pimples, wrinkles, dark circles and marks. Here are some ayurvedic tips that can help you to glow your face and skin naturally.

Ayurvedic Tips to Glow your Face and Skin Naturally

Small Fennel Seeds have Big Health Benefits

Are you acquainted with how fennel seeds are beneficial for a healthy body? Fennel seed represents longevity, strength and courage. As well, fennel seeds have so many herbal properties which are beneficial for health of all. Fennel is an edible herb, bearing the scientific name Foeniculum Vulgare. Though fennel is popular culinary herb, it has number of other properties which make it a superb herbal remedy for many health problems. All parts of the fennel, including leaves, bulb, stalk and seeds are used in herbal medicines. Fennel seeds are used as spice in cooking. It provides sweet licorice taste to the food. Fennel seeds have fragrant odor and are widely used around the world in mouth fresheners, desserts, antacids, toothpastes and in culinary.
Small Fennel Seeds have Big Health Benefits

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How to Test Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder?

Generally, Borderline Disorder Personality is spread throughout the pattern of instability. BPD is a mental illness during which a person has an unclear self-image, unstable moods and he or she is unable to maintain healthy, stable and close relationships with others. As there is not any definitive test, diagnosing borderline personality disorder (BPD) is somewhat complicated. To recognize Borderline Personality Disorder, people require a working knowledge of the disorder as well as some insight into the past life of the person in a question form. What is going on in a BPD affected people’s mind and how they are acting; both things can be entirely different from each other.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Ayurvedic Uses of Ashwagandha Herb : Health Benefits

The ancient Indian herb, Ashwagandha has 4000 years old medicinal history. In Ayurveda, it is among the vital herbs as well as considered as the king of herbs. Ashwagandha is also recognized as Indian ginseng or Winter cherry. It is available in both cold and warm regions of India. It is used to treat number of diseases such as breath-related disease, female disease, fevers, insomnia, inflammation, etc. It also contributes overall health of the muscular, reproductive digestive and nervous systems. Read to know all the benefits of Ashwagandha.

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